May Calendar


Important School Dates:

May 1-5: College and Career Week

May 4: Family University

May 8-12: Staff Appreciation Week

May 8-10: Math SBA Testing in Math Classes


May 18-20: Annie Musical Performances

May 24-26: 8th Grade Science SBA Testing in Science Class

May 22-26: 6th Grade Camp

May 30: Choir performance at Seattle Storm Game

May 31: ASB Officer Elections



Did you know that May is Jewish American Heritage Month?

The month of May is officially recognized as Jewish American Heritage Month, which is a time to celebrate and honor Jewish American culture and the many contributions of Jewish Americans to American society, history, military, science, government, and much more.


Originally proposed by President George W. Bush, on April 28th, 2023, President Biden proclaimed the importance of observing this celebration, stating “we celebrate the enduring heritage of Jewish Americans, whose values, culture, and contributions have shaped our character as a Nation.”


Learning about Jewish American culture and figures who have made a huge difference is important to strengthening cultural understanding, sense of belonging, and shared civic life. There are numerous famous figures who have Jewish roots, including:

Albert Einstein (theoretical physicist)

P!nk (singer/songwriter)

Harrison Ford (actor)

Woody Allen (actor)

Shel Silverstein (author, cartoonist, illustrator)

Sue Bird (WNBA great)

Sasha Cohen (skater)

Emmy Noether (mathematician and theoretical physicist)

Max Weber (artist)

And many more!


If you are interested in learning more about Jewish American culture and famous figures, be sure to check out the website below!



Did you know that May is AAPI Heritage Month?

Under the administration of George H. W. Bush, the month of May was selected as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in 1992. May was selected by Congress to commemorate the immigration of the first Japanese communities in the United States in May of 1843, and to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad in May of 1869 (Golden Spike Day). The majority of the workers whose labor laid the tracks were Chinese immigrants.

According to the Bering Land Bridge Theory, Asians first migrated to what is now known as North America over 15,000 years ago through a land bridge between Asia and North America. Since then, Asian immigration to the United States has enriched communities from Louisiana (In the 16th century, Filipinos establishing a settlement in St. Malo, Louisiana), to California (During the California Gold Rush of the 1850s, a wave of Asian immigrants came to the West Coast). Japanese and Korean immigrants began coming to the United States by 1885 to farm, fish and construct. In the mid-1970s, refugees from Southeast Asian nations like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos came to flee war and violence in their home nations.




Below are some interesting resources we wanted to share with you all to learn more about Asian American and Pacific Islander and Jewish American Heritage!


AAPI Heritage Resources



Traditional Games:

Modern Games:




Jewish American Heritage Resources








We have a new superintendent, Dr. Kelly Aramaki! He graduated from Newport High School as part of the class of 1993 and is excited to rejoin our community to help serve the Bellevue School District. As part of our Asian-American Pacific Islander celebration, this section of the newsletter is dedicated to Dr. Kelly Aramaki’s family heritage. Dr. Kelly Aramaki’s family has been in Bellevue for one hundred and twenty-three years since the 1900s. As a Japanese American family, Dr. Kelly Aramaki’s family lived through World War II when the Executive Order 9066 took place. This executive order sent all Japanese Americans into internment camps including his family. They were one of the few lucky families during this time period as their land was kept safe by their neighbors during their time away, but they ended up having to rebuild and restore their damaged farm. Four generations of Dr. Kelly Aramaki’s family have now gone through the Bellevue School District.

The warmest of welcomes to our new superintendent!



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Fun Facts


  1. Jewish American Heritage Month was first proposed in 1979 by Representative Stephen Solarz, but it wasn’t officially established until 2006.
  2. The month of May was chosen because it coincides with several important Jewish holidays, including Shavuot and Lag BaOmer.
  3. Jewish Americans have made significant contributions to many fields, including science, medicine, entertainment, and politics. Famous Jewish Americans include Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, Barbra Streisand, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  4. Jewish American Heritage Month is celebrated with events and activities across the country, including lectures, film screenings, concerts, and cultural festivals.
  5. In 2022, President Joe Biden issued a proclamation recognizing Jewish American Heritage Month and encouraging all Americans to learn more about the history and contributions of Jewish Americans.



We wish you all the best of luck with SBA testing this month! 😊



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