Important Dates


  • October 24-Nov. 3: Registration for Winter Clubs & Sports
  • October 27: Principal’s Coffee: “Digital Learning”
  • October 27: Fall “Binder Blast” Event
  • October 30: BSD Consolidation Study Engagement Night @ Tyee
  • November 9: End of Quarter 1
  • November 10: No School – Veterans Day (observed)
  • November 13: Winter Clubs & Sports Season start
Tyee: Winter Sports & Jubilee Reach Club Registration Begins October 24 Jubilee Winter Clubs & Tyee Badminton will begin registration on Tuesday, October 24th. All students will be emailed the registration link Tuesday morning at 8am, and registration will be open through Friday, November 3rd. If we receive a high volume of registration requests, students will be placed by lottery, not in the order received. The Season Length is November 13-January 26. No meetings or practices on holidays or school breaks.


Competitive Badminton – Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (Matches fall on either Tuesday or Thursday each week). Students will be asked to note their level of experience. Attendance all three days a commitment requirement for the competitive team


Recreational Badminton – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays (no matches/travel). No experience required. Students will participate 1-2 days/week, depending on the number of registrations received


Jubilee REACH Clubs

Monday – Dance club and Ultimate Frisbee Club

Tuesday- Cooking Club and Board Game Club

Thursday-Debate Club

Friday- Open Gym


Registration Information:

Registration for Jubilee REACH Sports and Activities does not take place in FinalForms. Registration must always be completed by your student. The forms are sent to student e-mail accounts during the registration period.  This is to help us ensure that we don’t receive multiple registrations from the same student. For Jubilee REACH Sports and Activities, we often need to utilize a lottery system when the number of requests exceed our capacity. The lottery determines which students will be placed on the team or a waitlist. Students who are on the waitlist are given a random number to determine their order.  Please review the steps for registration below for more information.

Step 1: Emails and reminders are sent to students. All students will receive an email in their Outlook from one of our Jubilee REACH Site-Coaches with instructions on how to register as well as a link to the registration form. This link is to a Microsoft Form that is only accessible to those with a BSD email address (i.e. your students). Registration will remain open for 2 weeks to allow students from all backgrounds and economic statuses an equal chance to register for Jubilee’s Sports or Activities.

Step 2: Registration Closes/Lottery is performed. After registration has been open for 2 weeks the form will automatically stop accepting responses. Students may still register for activities by emailing their school’s Site-Coach directly (all late registrations will be automatically placed at the bottom of the waitlist, if applicable).

Step 3: Families are notified of placement. The Friday after registration closes all students who registered for a Jubilee REACH Sport or Activity (as well as the parent the student lists) will receive an email notification informing them of their placement as well as some important information about the season. If your student is initially on the team, they will automatically be added to the team in FinalForms.

Tyee: Principal’s Coffee October 27 Join us for the second Principal’s Coffee event of the year, our theme will be “Digital Learning”, with a specific focus on:

  • How to support students at home with online curriculum, textbooks, and assignments
  • How to better monitor student laptop use for Learning & Education
  • Strategies for reducing overall “screen time”

We will be joined by both Tyee Educators and Tyee PTSA Leaders to partner with parents and caregivers on success for students.


Time: 9:15-10:00

Location: Tyee Library


Coffee & Light Breakfast snacks will be provided courtesy of Tyee MS & our Tyee PTSA. Please RSVP by October 23 so we can plan:


Following the presentation, attendees are welcome to stay and view the Middle School Consolidation Virtual conference call at 10:00am.

Tyee: AVID Binder Blast Event October 27 Students – please join us to organize your binder and find missing work! Tyee’s AVID class is hosting the first “Binder Blast” of the year. ALL students are welcome to attend, there will be sessions during Tutorial and Activity periods – you may choose which one to attend. There are Otter Pops at the end!

  • Date: Friday, October 27th
  • Presented by: 6th, 7th and 8th grade AVID students
  • Location: Room 1313
  • Time: Session 1: Tutorial (3:25—3:55); Session 2: Activity time (4:00-4:45)

*Participants must arrive at the start time of their session.*

Tyee: MS Consolidation Study – Engagement Night October 30
Community engagement for the Middle School Consolidation Study will commence this month. The results of the two demographer reports will be released to the public by Friday, October 20 and we will be asking our community (students, families, staff, students, and community members) to review the results with these guiding questions in mind:

  • Will continuing to operate five middle schools provide enough students at each school to offer the quality of programming and services our community expects?
  • Will continuing to operate five middle schools allow an effective and efficient use of financial resources and facilities? 
  • What aspects of a middle school experience are important to you?
  • If we were to consolidate one middle school, what priorities, ideas and suggestions do you have?

Community members will be provided the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions in a survey.


Community Forums will be held at each of the five comprehensive middle schools (Chinook, Highland, Odle, Tillicum and Tyee). Participants will review the demographer findings, discuss the implications, and share thoughts with District leaders. The District is committed to deeply listening to the communities we serve. These meetings are open to all members of the public and ensure one meeting for the schools in each middle school attendance zone. Participants will have the option to attend smaller sessions for groups that will be impacted such as dual language, advanced learning etc. or groups that have been historically marginalized or underserved in our education system. Details on these concurrent sessions will be finalized posted on the Middle School Consolidation Study webpage and shared by each school. The schedule for these meetings is as follows:

  • All families – 10/27/23 On-line meeting @ 10:00 am
  • Tyee – 10/30/23 @ 6:00 pm


Tyee: Costumes on October 31 With Halloween approaching, please know that Bellevue School District’s Student Dress Policy 3224, will remain in effect October 31, promoting an inclusive learning environment.  Tyee will operate a typical school day, but school staff will regulate costumes and student dress when:

  • A health or safety hazard is presented
  • Damage to school property will result from the student’s dress, and/or
  • A material and substantial disruption of the educational process will result from the student’s dress or appearance (may exist when a student’s conduct is inconsistent with any part of the educational mission/learning of the district).


Additionally, the following are not permitted:

  • Full-face masks and full-face paint conceal the identity of persons, and pose a safety hazard – this are not allowed at school at any time, including Holidays.
  • Props/displays (fake or otherwise) of Weapons, Blood & Gore, or Drugs & Alcohol.
  • Dress that mocks/mimics another culture or race as costume


Families – please talk with your student about what they will be wearing ahead of time. If students are unsure whether their preferred costume is permitted at school, they should ASK a staff member at school before the 31st! Thanks in advance for your support of a positive school climate and culture.

BSD: Pre-Arranged Absences As the holidays and school breaks are fast approaching, we wanted to provide a reminder and guidance to families scheduling travel about pre-arranging absences with our Attendance Office. Bellevue School District provides students with 5 pre-arranged absence days per school year.  These are excused and can be used for family events, travel, extracurricular events,  private school tours, etc.  Days beyond the 5-day limit are marked as “unexcused”. Unexcused absences may impact students from receiving credit for missed coursework or exams.


Please complete the pre-arranged absence form prior to the absence for it to be excused.  Students must obtain teacher and parent signatures.  After they get all teacher signatures, your student will need to turn the completed form in to the attendance office.   This form should be submitted to the attendance office at least 3 days before the planned absence so we have time to process it.  You can find more information about pre-arranged absences on this page:

Tyee: Nurse News



Feeling Sick? We strongly recommend you and your student to stay home if you are having cold-like symptoms. Please visit: Giving a fever reducing medication just before returning to school does not make a student well. It may only mask the fever until the medication wears off. In this situation, a student needs to be home so others are not exposed to illness. Fever reducing medications include: Acetaminophen (Tylenol); Ibuprofen; Aspirin; Naproxen; Dayquil; Nyquil


Going Home Early? Students are to notify the office/clinic when checking out. If your student calls home directly to request you pick them up, please remind them to go to the clinic or office.


What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms:

If you have one or more of these new, changed, or worsening symptoms: ❑ Fever (≥100.4°F) or chills ❑ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing ❑ Muscle or body aches ❑ Loss of taste or smell ❑ Congestion or runny nose   ❑ Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea ❑ Headache ❑ Fatigue ❑ Sore throat ❑ Cough…Stay home and test for COVID-19 or see a healthcare provider


Medication at School? Please complete the Medication Authorization Forms with your provider and send it to [email protected]. Med Auth Form: All meds and health plans (Life Threatening Allergies, Asthma that require inhalers at school, Diabetics, Seizures..etc) are due on the first day of school along with their unexpired meds. Questions? Please contact your Tyee school nurse- Tammy Suen Phone: 425-456-6811 or Fax: 425-456-6801.

Tyee PTSA: Stay in the Know!


Tyee PTSA would like to build a strong and supportive community for our students, families, and staff. Stay up-to-date on latest news and events happening at PTSA, Tyee middle school and the BSD. Tyee times is a weekly newsletter sent out by Tyee PTSA.


Tyee PTSA Facebook page is also another way to keep all the information up to date. Please subscribe and follow us.

Community: Scholarship Opportunity! Washington Orthodontics, a local business, would like to promote to Tyee Middle School students and families a small scholarship opportunity. Here is the information website:
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.