Important Dates


  • December 1: Principal’s Coffee #3 – Counseling Services & Mental Health
  • December 20-January 1: No School – Winter Break
Tyee: Principal’s Coffee December 1 Join us for the third Principal’s Coffee event of the year, our theme will be “Mental Health & Counseling Services”, with a specific focus on:

Academic Stress; Anxiety & Depression; School Avoidance; Self-Harm/Suicide Prevention; Social-Emotional Strategies; followed by a Parent Q&A session.


We will be joined by our Tyee Counseling Team (Michael Johnson, Jaime Hoener, Lindsay Verschueren), and our Mental Health Assistance Team Counselor, Emily Rohrdanz. Our aim is to partner with parents and caregivers on success for students.


Time: 9:30-10:30

Location: Tyee Library


Coffee, Tea & Light Breakfast snacks will be provided courtesy of Tyee MS & our Tyee PTSA. Please RSVP by November 29 so we can anticipate how many guests we’ll have: Microsoft Forms

Tyee: Gifts for Staff Every year when the holidays approach, we see grateful and thoughtful parents and community members want to express their appreciation to our teachers and other employees for their work with gifts.  While Board Policy 5255 does not prohibit all gifts, gifts should still be of a nominal value.  Often parents are not aware that such gifts to publicly-paid employees are not permitted.   In the past we have advised that gifts be no more than $25 of value. Although heartfelt, gifts of significant monetary value or cash place the employee in a position of conflict of interest and may be in violation of our Conflicts of Interest Policy 5251 and will be graciously declined or returned.
Tyee: 6th Grade Counseling Lessons “Learning Styles” Do you ever wonder why your student likes to eat while studying?  Do they always prefer a certain place or chair?  Do they twirl their pencil or jiggle their leg while going over the days homework?


This month, Tyee Counselors visited 6th grade classes with a lesson about learning styles and productivity. The goals was to help students figure out how they learn best.  In this lesson 6th graders took a quiz in Naviance (an online college & career planning tool BSD students use through 12th grade).  Naviance has many features that allow students to learn more about themselves, plan for high school and their future beyond high school.  According to the post lesson data, students strongest learning areas were the following:

  • Roughly 30% reported being high visual learners
  • Roughly 30% reported being high tactile learners
  • Roughly 25% reported being auditory learners
  • Roughly 15% reported being kinesthetic learners


Students gained many insights regarding best environments for them to learn in and strategies to increase their learning.  The majority of students said they would use the knowledge they gained from the lesson and apply it to their current studying habits both in school and in the classroom.  Be sure to ask your 6th grader about their learnings!

BSD: School Funding 101 – Understanding Our Money Sources Learn more about the district’s sources of money and how we can spend them. In school districts, we have multiple buckets of funds where our money is accounted for — General Fund, Capital and Technology Fund and Building Fund. Each of these funds has designated uses and we as a district are limited in how we can transfer money between these funds based on state law.School Funding 101 – Understanding Our Money Sources – Bellevue School District (
Tyee: Arrival & Dismissal Reminders As the days become darker, and a new activity season begins, we wanted to share a few reminders for our families driving to school!


Arrival: Tyee is open at 8:00am every morning. We strongly encourage families driving to drop students off before 8:15am. Our families dropping students off between 7:55 and 8:05 face very little traffic! Earlier arrivals lessen traffic jams, and better ensure our buses to get in. Our building is open for students to eat breakfast, catch up on homework, and visit the library!


Dismissal: Students participating in after school clubs & activities must be picked up by 4:50pm. The Activity Bus will continue running through the year. It is very dark, so it is important families ensure students are picked up right after practice.

Tyee: Inclement Weather and Potential Closure Reminders Winter is approaching and may bring unpredictable weather. If there are severe conditions, BSD will communicate any schedule changes or closures through direct messages, including email, text message, phone call, social media, FlashAlert, local media and posts to While these decisions are made for the district at large, conditions may vary in certain neighborhoods. We encourage families to make personal decisions based on their specific circumstances.


Tyee: Pre-Arranged Absences As holidays and school breaks are fast approaching, we wanted to provide a reminder and guidance to families scheduling plans and travel about pre-arranging absences with our Attendance Office. Bellevue School District provides students with 5 pre-arranged absence days per school year.  These are excused and can be used for family events, travel, extracurricular events,  private school tours, etc.  Days beyond the 5-day limit are marked as “unexcused”. Unexcused absences may impact students from receiving credit for missed coursework or exams.


Please complete the pre-arranged absence form prior to the absence for it to be excused.  Students must obtain teacher and parent signatures.  After they get all teacher signatures, your student will need to turn the completed form in to the attendance office.   This form should be submitted to the attendance office at least 3 days before the planned absence so we have time to process it.  You can find more information about pre-arranged absences on this page:

Tyee: Nurse News



Feeling Sick? We strongly recommend you and your student to stay home if you are having cold-like symptoms. Please visit: Giving a fever reducing medication just before returning to school does not make a student well. It may only mask the fever until the medication wears off. In this situation, a student needs to be home so others are not exposed to illness. Fever reducing medications include: Acetaminophen (Tylenol); Ibuprofen; Aspirin; Naproxen; Dayquil; Nyquil


Going Home Early? Students are to notify the office/clinic when checking out. If your student calls home directly to request you pick them up, please remind them to go to the clinic or office.


What to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms:

If you have one or more of these new, changed, or worsening symptoms: ❑ Fever (≥100.4°F) or chills ❑ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing ❑ Muscle or body aches ❑ Loss of taste or smell ❑ Congestion or runny nose   ❑ Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea ❑ Headache ❑ Fatigue ❑ Sore throat ❑ Cough…Stay home and test for COVID-19 or see a healthcare provider


Medication at School? Please complete the Medication Authorization Forms with your provider and send it to [email protected]. Med Auth Form: All meds and health plans (Life Threatening Allergies, Asthma that require inhalers at school, Diabetics, Seizures..etc) are due on the first day of school along with their unexpired meds. Questions? Please contact your Tyee school nurse- Tammy Suen Phone: 425-456-6811 or Fax: 425-456-6801.

Tyee PTSA: Stay in the Know!


Tyee PTSA would like to build a strong and supportive community for our students, families, and staff. Stay up-to-date on latest news and events happening at PTSA, Tyee middle school and the BSD. Tyee times is a weekly newsletter sent out by Tyee PTSA. Tyee PTSA Facebook page is also another way to keep all the information up to date. Please subscribe and follow us.

Community: Scholarship Opportunity! Washington Orthodontics, a local business would like to promote to Tyee Middle School students and families a small scholarship opportunity. Here is the information website:


The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.