The following are specific arrival and dismissal procedures to keep our students safe, and provide an efficient entrance and exit route to school.

K-5 Bus Riders: Students riding the bus will get off/on the bus at Location 1.  This area is to be kept open for buses.

K-5 Arrival: Students who are being dropped off by a car need to use the main parking lot.  Cars will enter off of Main Street and continue north around the perimeter of the parking lot, then follow south, where students will be dropped off at Location 2.  Please ALWAYS pull forward and NEVER park in this lane.  To keep the traffic flowing and the students safe, drop them off at the sidewalk by Location 2 where they will walk up the sidewalk and enter the building at the main entrance.  Never drop your child(ren) off on the street/drive lane side.

K-5 Dismissal:  Students who are being picked up will be walked out to Location 2.  Students will stand along the south side of the building and wait for their car to pull forward.  Adults will be present to make sure all students are safe.  Please pull your car forward and stay moving around the circular drive until you reach the students on the right hand side (Location 2).  Your child will then safely enter your car.

Note: This circular drive is a FIRE LANE and there is NO PARKING in a FIRE LANE.  Vehicles that are stopped and unattended can be ticketed by the Bellevue Police at any time during the day.  To ensure the safety of our students in case of an emergency, please park in the designated parking spots around the school and NOT in the fire lane.

K-5 Walkers: Walkers can use the walkways and enter the building at the Main Entrance (location 2).  Adults who are walking and picking up their students can wait outside of the school at Location 3 for their student(s).  Reminder:  For safety, always use marked or attended crosswalks on-site and off-site with your child(ren).  Please DO NOT wait by the front doors or in the main walkways from the school at dismissal time.

K-5 Off-Site After-School Program pick-up: Off-site after-school program participants will wait at Location 4 for pick-up by their program in the main parking.

Pre-School:  Please use the Early Learning parking spots.  Then, walk your child into the early learning center (across the parking lot from parking spaces by the early learning playground) and sign your child in/out for arrival and dismissal.

**If you drive your car and want to meet your student at Location 3, please park your car in a designated parking spot and use one of the parking lot crosswalks.  The circular drive is ONLY for those staying in their cars and picking up students.