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Attendance Area

During the 2015-16 school year, a committee of parents and teachers from Clyde Hill, Enatai, Woodridge, Chinook, Odle, Sammamish High and Bellevue High came together to create three options for the Wilburton Elementary attendance area and middle/high school feeder pattern. The community was then asked to provide input.

The committee produced three final options for the school board review. The Bellevue School Board voted on and approved the final attendance area and middle/high school feeder pattern in September 2016.

The following map shows the final attendance area for Wilburton Elementary School as well as the middle/high school feeder pattern. The thick block line depicts the boundaries of the attendance area.

Student who live within the red portion will attend Odle Middle School and Sammamish High School. Students who live within the blue portion will attend Chinook Middle School and Bellevue High School.

Transition Plan

A Transition Plan was part of the plan voted on by the school board.  Students who will be fifth graders during the inaugural year of Wilburton Elementary (2018-2019) may finish their fifth grade year at their original school with district transportation, if they so desire. Siblings of students receiving a fifth grade exemption will also be allowed to remain at their former school in order to unify families. Currently enrolled students in grades K-3 at schools affected by the Wilburton attendance area will need to submit a Request to Remain to the BSD School Placement Department.

Students will be admitted to stay at their current school on a space available basis.  As the 2018-19 school year draws closer, more information will be available on this process.

The district will provide dual transportation to the affected area for one year.

Families living in the areas know as Auto Row and Bel Red Corridor, as of September 1, 2016 will have the choice to be grandfathered into the current secondary feeder pattern for those areas.

Students of the families will be able to attend Chinook Middle School and Bellevue High School as long as these families remain at their current address. If these students decide to attend Chinook Middle or Bellevue High, transportation will be the responsibility of the family.

Early and Extended Learning Programs

This coming school year at Wilburton Elementary School, before and after school programs are available for children kindergarten through 5th grade, as well as preschool programs for children ages 3-5. Please follow the link below or contact the Early and Extended Learning Office at 425-456-4030