In honor of this year’s Earth Day, one of Woodridge’s fifth graders was inspired to write her own poem intended to inspire us all to pause, reflect and act in support of, and to care for, our Mother Earth.

A World in Repair 
By Woodridge 5th Grader, G.G.

The Effects of Pollution

 Air flows, smoke surrounds, water suffocates

Smoke flows from top to ground quiet but strong

Cluttered heavily without ground

The way of life needs to change

The Senator We Needed

Without him it would be a long road

With him we got to the destination.

Fighting is not right unless for change

Protesters gathered minds

Making light more visible

  The Change

A day was remembered

In honor it stands

This day will help us change

As humans

As a global community

For the light we see will not back down


The future stands bold and bright

For younger generations

Us we now become older than the last

“When wrong is done to your planet, we will always fix it “