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The Bellevue School District Virtual Academy is for students who reside in the district.

The Bellevue School District Virtual Academy is an online K-12 program for students during the 2021-22 school year.  Enrollment is open to any student enrolled in a BSD school who needs access to online learning. Students are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Students new to BSD can choose the Virtual Academy.

We recognize that there are families who do not yet feel comfortable sending their students back to in-person learning due to health and safety concerns.  Starting in 2021-22, Bellevue School District Virtual Academy will offer a fulltime 100% online program for students in grades K-12.  Courses will be taught by Washington State Certificated teachers using Edgenuity Instructional Services. Bellevue School District teachers serve as mentor teachers for students in the program.

Scroll down to learn about important considerations for families, how to enroll, and frequently asked questions.

Important Considerations for Families:

  • Students may return to in-person learning in the school/program they were previously experiencing when a parent makes the request. Students in middle school may experience quite an adjustment due to differences in instructional content, so they may want to wait until a term ends to make the transition.  For high schoolers we suggest that return occurs at the semester to assure grades and credits are transferred.
  • The BSD calendar will be followed with holidays, breaks and grading periods.
  • Online access 24/7 with limited scheduled real-time sessions provides flexibility for students and families.
  • BSD Certificated staff will mentor and track progress of secondary students and will work with families to assure students are on track to successfully complete courses.
  • BSD Certificated staff will mentor and support elementary students, track their progress, provide social-emotional lessons and host virtual grade level Team meetings to build community among students and provide peer-peer interaction.
  • BSD Certificated Counselors and staff will provide the full range of support services for students.

To enroll: Send an email requesting enrollment with the name(s) of the student(s) and their BSD ID#(s) to You will receive an email confirming enrollment and information regarding next steps for the start of school.

Questions? Send email to | (425) 456-4045

Frequently Asked Questions for the 2021-2022 school year

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What is the Bellevue School District Virtual Academy?

The Bellevue School District Virtual Academy is a new K-12 program that serves students who cannot attend school in-person due to personal or family concerns. We realize that returning to in-person learning is not an option for some families and are offering this fully online learning opportunity to maintain the health and safety of our students.

How can I learn more about Edgenuity and Pearson?

Where can my virtual student(s) get tech support?

Students attending the Virtual Academy in the 2021-22 school year may get tech support by phone, email, or in-person. Visit the Tech Support for Students and Families page for details.

What is the difference between the Bellevue School District Virtual Academy starting in Fall 2021 and the distance/remote learning that occurred in late winter of 2020 through spring of 2021?

The Bellevue School District Virtual Academy has been approved by OSPI as a fulltime online program offered to any student enrolled in the Bellevue School District.  The online program provides students and families the flexibility to create their own schedule for learning.   In addition, real-time synchronous sessions are scheduled for peer-to-peer and teacher interactions.

Unlike the “remote learning” program that has been offered in BSD since the start of the pandemic, the Bellevue Virtual School will not require students to login at a specified time each day to experience live instruction by a local teacher.  Instead, secondary students will interact with Edgenuity online courses that provide video of a teacher providing instruction, tasks for the student to complete on-screen, guided practice, assignments that students complete offline and submit to the teacher for review and evaluation.   Elementary students will experience on-screen instruction and will have workbooks to guide the completion of their independent work along with hands-on activities using supplied materials.

A Washington certified teacher will manage the student work, evaluate assignments, provide progress reports and will be available to answer student and parent questions.  Every two weeks teachers will contact families to provide a progress report.  Additionally, BSD elementary teacher(s) assigned to the program will provide support to families, hold Team meetings with grade level cohorts for peer-to-peer interaction, provide social-emotional lessons, and track student progress.  A part-time counselor will also be available to families enrolled.

Can students receiving Special Education services and English Language Learner students enroll in the Bellevue School District Virtual Academy?

Yes, students in Special Education and/or students that are English Language Learners (ELL) can enroll. BSD Special Education staff will provide guidance for accommodations and modifications as described in the IEP that can be provided virtually.  ELL staff will also provide support. Translation services are provided within the Edgenuity platform.

Are there any costs involved?

No. As a program offered by Bellevue School District, the Virtual Academy is tuition free. Students access their online learning platform with a District supplied laptop. There are no additional fees.

Can students transfer back to their neighborhood schools at any time (for example, once they get their vaccine)?

In general, students may return to in-person learning at their previous school and program when a parent makes the request. Parents of students in elementary grades will be granted a return to in-person learning when they feel it is safe to do so and a request is submitted. Students in middle school may experience quite an adjustment due to differences in instructional content upon return, so they may want to wait until a term ends to make the transition. For high schoolers we suggest that return occurs at the semester due to grading and credit reporting requirements.

Will there be opportunities for students to work with peers?

Yes, there will be opportunities for students to interact with peers.

Will there be an International Baccalaureate program?

We will have Advanced Placement (AP) courses, but we will not have International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.

How will Advanced Learners be placed in classes?

The general approach will be to place elementary students in one grade ahead of their grade in-person.  Junior Great Books will also be distributed so that students continue to experience the same literature as their in-person peers.  The BSD teacher will also schedule Team meetings to provide opportunities for peer interaction related to their studies.  5th grade Advanced Learners will be placed in 6th grade classes and will choose from electives offered to middle school students. Middle school Advanced Learners will be placed one grade ahead and assigned to the math course appropriate to their level.  They may select from a wide range of electives to fill out their 7-period schedule.

Can students from choice programs such as Dual Language Spanish, Dual Language Mandarin, Spanish Immersion, Big Picture and International School enroll?

Yes, but students will only be able to choose from the standard list of courses offered in Edgenuity. This means that they can continue to make progress toward grade level standards while enrolled but will not be offered any aspects of the choice programs that make them unique. Students are guaranteed return to their choice program/school when parents request.

Can students from outside of the Bellevue School District enroll in the Bellevue School District Virtual Academy?

No, the Bellevue School District is not accepting Inter District transfer (Choice Transfer Request) into the Bellevue School District Virtual Academy.

How much time do students have to spend each day interacting with the computer to stay on track in courses?

This will vary for each student, depending on how quickly they can process the material. There is an expectation that students will spend as much time on schoolwork as they would in a regular school program. Some students will be able to progress through material more quickly, while others may take more time.

Can students participate in programs at my neighborhood school that are not offered in the virtual academy?

Students may participate in extra-curricular sports at their neighborhood school.

Do I have to be online during school hours or can I interact with the courses at any time of day?

Yes, there is a requirement that students participate in the program on a daily basis, this requirement varies by grade level.

My student is a senior, which school will award their diploma?

Because this is a one-year program, students will participate in graduation exercises and be awarded a diploma from their attendance area high school.

How do I enroll my student(s)?

Send an email requesting enrollment with the name(s) of the student(s) and their BSD ID#(s) to  You will receive an email confirming enrollment and information regarding next steps for the start of school.

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