The Bellevue School District Virtual Academy is a new one-year program being offered for the 2021-22 school year to serve students who cannot attend school in-person due to personal or family health concerns.  Unlike the “remote learning” program that BSD has been offering since the start of the pandemic, the Bellevue Virtual School will not include live instruction by a local teacher.  Instead, students will interact with Edgenuity online courses via a computer platform that provides video of a teacher providing instruction, tasks for the student to complete on-screen, guided practice, assignments that students complete offline and submit to the teacher.  The platform will track student progress, provide feedback to students and parents, provide tutoring support via chat or text message if requested, and provide weekly progress conferences as required by Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for online school programs.  Progress reports and grades will be provided to BSD for inclusion in school records/transcripts.

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What are the options for students at K-5th grade?

If your family has health concerns due to COVID that make it unsafe for your child(ren) to return to K-5 classrooms in the fall, we are offering the Bellevue Virtual Academy as an online option for K-5 students.

Elementary students enrolled in the Virtual Academy will interact with online curriculum that is aligned to Washington State Standards and supported by highly qualified certificated teachers. We are considering using Edgenuity as the platform for delivery.  Students will be able to continue to progress toward grade level standards in the major subject areas.

Learn more about K-5 Edgenuity by watching this video

Is the Bellevue Virtual Academy right for my K-5 student?

For elementary students, daily parental and/or family support is necessary for success. An adult at home must be present to supervise, support, and monitor student progress. If students do not have access to an onsite adult who can monitor and support their daily learning, the K-5 Bellevue Virtual Academy is probably not the right choice.

Does the K-5 Virtual Academy offer the BSD Choice Programs?

No. Bellevue Virtual Academy does not replicate any of the BSD Choice Programs, i.e. Spanish Immersion, Mandarin Dual Language, Spanish Dual Language, Advanced Learning.

How do I enroll my student in the K-5 Bellevue Virtual Academy?

For information about enrollment email

Questions?  Contact us at

What are the options for students at 6-12th grade?

The program is a fulltime online option for up to 500 students in grades 6 through 12 for whom returning to in-person instruction poses safety risks. Students will interact with curriculum that is aligned to Washington State Standards and supported by highly qualified certificated teachers using the Edgenuity platform for delivery.

While the curriculum is not strictly aligned with Bellevue School District course objectives and assessments, the transition back to a Bellevue School in 2022-23 should be relatively seamless.

View the 2021-2022 Bellevue School District Virtual Academy Course List (PDF)

Who is the Virtual Academy intended for?

Bellevue School District Virtual Academy is an online public-school option for Bellevue students who are looking for an alternative educational option due to safety concerns generated by the continued transmission of COVID-19 in the community.  The program will be available for the 2021-22 school year.

Are there any costs involved?

No. As a program offered by Bellevue School District Virtual Academy, the academy is tuition free. Students are issued a District laptop to access their online learning platform and there are no additional fees involved.

Will the Bellevue School District Virtual Academy be connected to my student’s current school?

Students will still be able to participate in extra-curricular sports at their neighborhood school but will not have access to any instructional services at the school since they are a fulltime Virtual Academy student.

Is online learning right for my student?

Before considering an online experience, carefully review the following prompts adapted from The Community for Accredited Online Schools:

  1. It is not important for my student to have face-to-face interaction when learning.
  2. My student is an independent learner – classroom discussions are not as critical to my learning success.
  3. My student enjoys discovering things on his or her own.
  4. My student is comfortable with flexible schedules.

If you and your secondary student can answer yes to most of these prompts, online learning may be an option to consider for the 2021-22 school year.

Do you have questions about enrollment? Please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this virtual program be similar to the remote learning that Bellevue teachers delivered earlier this year using the Teams platform?

No.  We are implementing a platform called Edgenuity.  There are instructional videos for students to watch, text to read onscreen, independent practice, assignments and assessments, all delivered to the student online.  The teacher will be available for questions and support of students and can also customize the presentation of materials.  The materials are available to students to interact on their own schedule.  The teacher may schedule a virtual face-to-face time with students, but it is not the primary mode of delivery of instruction.

How much time do students have to spend each day interacting with the computer to stay on track in courses?

This will vary for each student, depending on how quickly they can process the material. There is an expectation that students will spend as much time on schoolwork as they would in a regular school program. Some students will be able to progress through material more quickly, while others may take more time.

Can students participate in programs at my neighborhood school that are not offered in the virtual academy?

Students can participate in Running Start but may not be dually enrolled at another school. Students may participate in extra-curricular sports at their neighborhood school.

Will Special Education and Multi Language Learner services be provided?

Services for special education and Multi Language Learner will be planned by staff in collaboration with families.  A plan based on the student’s needs will be developed.

Can I transfer back to my neighborhood school if I don’t like this option?

Students may transfer at the semester, if the virtual school is not a good fit.

Do I have to be online during school hours or can I interact with the courses at any time of day?

There is no requirement that the student be online at the same time everyday. The core instruction will be delivered through Edgenuity, an online learning platform that can be accessed at any time of day.   Live virtual instruction opportunities include small group and individual support. There will also be virtual sessions with staff and students that may be scheduled by the teacher.  These sessions will be recorded.

Who may enroll in the Bellevue School District Virtual Academy?

Program capacity will be limited to 500 students in grades 6-12 enrolled in the Bellevue School District whose concern for whom returning to in-person instruction poses safety risks – for more information about enrollment email

My student is a senior, which school will award their diploma?

Because this is a one year program, students will participate in graduation exercises and be awarded a diploma from their attendance area high school.

Are the Advanced Learning Program and other BSD Choice Programs replicated on the Bellevue Virtual Academy platform?

The BSD Choice Programs, including the Advanced Learning program are not replicated on the platform we are using for the Virtual Academy.  That said, students in the AL program in BSD will find courses that allow them to continue to make educational progress if safety consideration preclude them from attending in-person.  Course selection would be the same as it is for students choosing differentiated services.  Please see the Advanced Learning website for information on differentiated services.  Students will be able to transition back to the Advanced Learning program in-person in 2022.

A counselor will work with the family/student to provide guidance for course selection.

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