**Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year is now open.
Visit the Registration Hub**
**Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year is now open.
Visit the Registration Hub**

James Peterson


[email protected]

Susie Q Challancin

Dean of Students

Supporting Student Last Names A-K

[email protected]

Rachel Belcastro

Assistant Principal

Student Last Names L-Z

[email protected]

Support Staff

Linda Harter
Office Manager
[email protected]

Saori Suzuki
Assistant Principal’s Secretary
[email protected]

Kim Smith
[email protected]

Rekha Subramanium
[email protected]

Giang Nguyen
Counseling Secretary
[email protected]

Chinook Middle School Staff

Abolotia, LynnKitchen Assistant[email protected]
Ahten, JanPara Educator[email protected]
Atkinson, Sam Social Studies[email protected]
Bailey, TammyPara Educator[email protected]
Baughn, SeanSpecial Ed[email protected]
Belcastro, RachelAssistant Principal[email protected]
Bigelow, AlliePsychologistbigelowabsd405.org
Boscolo, KateMental Health Team[email protected]
Brooks, LaurenPhysical Education[email protected]
Campeau, MireilleFrench[email protected]
Cari, CathyScience 8[email protected]
Challancin, SusieDean of Students[email protected]
Cole, GwendolynPara Educator[email protected]
Cui, XoeyKitchen[email protected]
Dadural, CamilleScience[email protected]
Deme, BizuCustodian[email protected]
Durant, DenoPara Educator[email protected]
Erickson, KatyScience[email protected]
Felder, LeeDay Custodian[email protected]
Floyd, BillSocial Studies/AVID2[email protected]
Gardner, SteveHead Day Custodian[email protected]
Gehrke, ShariMath[email protected]
Glinsmann, SamCounselor (A-H)[email protected]
Gonzalez, BertaCustodian[email protected]
Griffin, BenBehavior Tech[email protected]
Harter, LindaOffice Manager[email protected]
Hay, RonSpecial Ed[email protected]
Herron, LindseySpanish/AVID[email protected]
Hillary LeonardCTE[email protected]
Hummel, ShannonPara Educator[email protected]
Jancola, MeganOrchestra[email protected]
Jason EwertCTE[email protected]
Jenkins, GerrodPara Educator[email protected]
Jie TangMLL[email protected]
Johnson Vindiola, KevinLanguage Arts[email protected]
Johnson, Carol (Ms. Carol)Counselor (I-N)[email protected]
Johnson, JamieCounselor (O-Z)[email protected]
Johnson, Susan (Yan)Kitchen Manager[email protected]
Jonas, AnthonySocial Studies[email protected]
Jonas, KrissySocial Studies[email protected]
Karnick, AnnaChoir[email protected]
Kawaguchi, KarinaLibrary[email protected]
Krafton, KalenaITCL [email protected]
Kraus, LisaDrama/Spanish/LA[email protected]
Li, HelenKitchen Assistant[email protected]
Lincoln, NickJubilee Reach Coach[email protected]
MacDonald, EricSocial Studies[email protected]
Mackintosh, ChristianPE[email protected]
Mata, AshelyFamily Engagement[email protected]
Mahale, MeghaOccupational Therapist[email protected]
Mangum, MeaganBand[email protected]
Mattila, KathrynScience[email protected]
Mattson, KjellSpanish[email protected]
Mavenkurve, GeetanjaliPara Educator[email protected]
McCartney, AnnaSpanish[email protected]
Metz, JulieMath[email protected]
Middleton, JanePara Educator[email protected]
Moreno, KarlaArt[email protected]
Nelson, GeoffPara Educator[email protected]
Nelson, SamPhysical Education[email protected]
Newhouse, HelenMath[email protected]
Nguyen, GiangCounseling Secretary[email protected]
Noga, MariaMath[email protected]
O'Neil, CarolLanguage Arts[email protected]
Ontiveros, AllisonLanguage Arts/Leadership[email protected]
Palic, MelikaPara Educator[email protected]
Parker, MelodySpecial Ed[email protected]
Pasley, BrianLanguage Arts/Debate[email protected]
Ponder, CarolynLanguage Arts[email protected]
Sperring, MichaelBuilding Tech Specialist[email protected]
Steven HamadaCTE[email protected]
Stuart, MiyukiJapanese[email protected]
Subramaniam, RekhaRegistrar[email protected]
Suzuki, SaoriSecretary/Building Use[email protected]
Tari, BarbaraScience[email protected]
Tsialpuk, VolhaSpecial Education[email protected]
Ugelstad, CathyPhysical Therapy[email protected]
Wax, MelissaSpecial Education[email protected]
Wells, ScottMath[email protected]
Werth, ArmanScience/Robotics[email protected]
White, IanJubilee Reach Coach[email protected]
Ying, TiffanySpeech and Language[email protected]
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.