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 Route 13-888 for Interlake High School has changed to Route 60-888. Please take note of the change of times and additional stops along the Parkway. Route 62-249 has updated times. This will begin on Monday, May 3. If you need further assistance, please contact transportation. Please remember to sign up for Parent Portal. You can go to our website to download the program.

Elementary School Routes

Middle School Routes

High School and Choice School Routes

View the 249 and 800 Bus Routes: 887, 824, 886 and 888 (PDF). These routes have traditionally been provided by King County Metro but will be provided by BSD district transportation, via the yellow school buses, for the time being.

Meeting Your Child at the Bus Stop

The Bellevue School District does not require that a parent or guardian meet regular program students (including kindergartners) at the bus stop, with the exception of the first week of school, when all Kindergarten students must be met by an adult or an older sibling.

If a parent or guardian would like their child to be met throughout the school year, the parent or guardian should make special arrangements with the bus driver.

If you have made special arrangements with the bus driver to meet your child, it is the parent’s responsibility to train their children to notify the bus driver if their parent is not at the stop. Please make sure your child completely understands this. In the event the parent or guardian is unable to meet the child because of unforeseen circumstances it is important that your child let the driver know. If your child is not met they will be transported to the Transportation Department located at 12025 NE 5th ST, Bellevue where they will be supervised by a trained district employee.

Would you like to know when your student’s bus is going to be late? Bellevue School District Transportation is using the Edulog Parent Bus Tracking Program to notify parents and students if there are bus delays. For more information, or to sign-up and start receiving notifications, please visit the Edulog Parent Bus Tracking page.

If the District Changes Your Route

Routes change periodically throughout the school year.  Current changes may not immediately appear online. You will receive notification from the district if there is any significant changes to your route.  If the change is insignificant the driver will tell the student verbally.

If You Want to Change Your Route

When first starting to ride the bus, we allow parents to choose whichever route and stop are most convenient to get their child to and from school each day. However, once your route and stop are selected, parents are required to submit an Alternate Bus Stop Request Form if they wish to make any changes.