Right At School, is a provider of extended day enrichment programs in Washington and across the nation, and a long-time partner of many Districts in Washington.

  • Starting on June 28, Right At School will provide a full-day summer program for K-5th grades at Stevenson Elementary School.
  • On September 1, Right At School will provide Before and After School programs at all of our elementary schools that have space.
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Right At School, is a provider of extended day enrichment programs in Washington and across the nation, and a long-time partner of many Districts in Washington– including Puyallup, Edmonds, Federal Way, Renton, Bethel, and Auburn – with significant experience serving diverse communities including: hiring and managing multilingual staff, providing informational materials in multiple languages, employing multilingual customer service representatives, and tailoring curriculum and program activities to local priorities in culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As you may know, our self-operated program has encountered challenges over the past year. This new option will provide more access to on-site childcare in more schools with added benefits such as extended-day enrichment and social emotional learning outside of the classroom and a discount to BSD staff. Right At School is also going to provide opportunities to former BOOST staff who have been furloughed as a result of pandemic-related program cuts. Our new partner has committed to providing first interview opportunities to any former BOOST staff who may be interested in working in the Right At School program.

In alignment with BSD’s strategic priorities, Right At School is committed to providing equitable access to their programs in the following ways. Right at School will:

  • provide all families on the free and reduced lunch program with a 50% discount on tuition. Furthermore, Right At School accepts state childcare subsidies and the military Childcare Aware subsidy, and even has a dedicated team and online resource to help parents understand how to apply for subsidies and fill out the correct forms.
  • work with BSD to facilitate grants for students in families experiencing financial inability to pay tuition.
  • provide all BSD staff with a 75% tuition discount.
  • ensure there are no enrollment caps or location restrictions, space permitting, meaning our families will be able to sign up for Right At School in their child’s school building without having to worry about busing, transportation to another school, or wait lists.
  • be able to offer rates in line with our current childcare options and provide flexibility for our parents with 1,2,3,4 or 5-day enrollment options and no change or cancellation fees.
  • help us offer more students opportunities to benefit from extended social emotional learning aligned with our core competencies by leveraging daily SEL activities. Right At School has been recognized as an inaugural member of AASA’s SEL Cohort.
  • help us better accommodate and support special needs students in our childcare programming. Right At School employs a Master’s-level therapist who will work with our staff to develop and accommodate plans for our special needs students.