The preschool application link is now available for the 2024-2025 school year.

The 2024-2025 registration for childcare will open on March 13th and is done through Right at School on their website –
Please see details and pricing on

Phone Number

(425) 456-4030


[email protected]  

Preschool Office

12011 NE 1st Street
Bellevue, WA 98005

Preschool Registration

The preschool years are a special time in a child’s life. During these years, children become more independent, begin to develop self-control and learn to assert themselves in socially accepted ways. They also begin to use thousands of words and complex sentences to express their ideas. The district’s preschool curriculum provides opportunities for your child to practice these skills and more. Our teachers believe strongly in the importance of discovery through play and imagination, as well as routine and structure throughout the day.  The preschool teachers also work with kindergarten teachers in the district to target behaviors and skills that they feel are important for kindergarten readiness. Our goal is to prepare your child to be successful kindergartner in the Bellevue Schools. BSD preschool will prepare your child for a successful Kindergarten experience.

Preschool student and teacher

What is the teacher/student ratio?

There are 10 students per one teacher.

How many students are in a classroom?

There is a maximum of 20 students in a classroom.

Are students going to be separated by age?

Classrooms have a mix of 3- to 5-year-olds. They may be separated by age in their small groups for more thorough age-appropriate instruction and tasks.

Is lunch or breakfast included?

Lunch and breakfast are available at a cost. Please note that not all schools offer breakfast. Please visit our nutrition services website to learn more about cost and how to deposit money into your child’s account.

Once my child turns 3 years old, can I enroll in the middle of school year?

Students need to be three years old before August 31st of the current school year to be enrolled. Students who turn three on or after September 1st need to wait for the following school year for enrollment.

How do I pay for tuition?

Every family enrolled into our program has a Procare account. You can log onto your account with the emails that were used in your child’s enrollment confirmation emails. If you would like to set up autopay, please call our office at 425-456-4030. You may also come in person to the BSD accounting department to pay by cash or check. Their address is 12111 NE 1st ST – Bellevue WA 98005.

Is transportation provided by the district?

Parents/guardians must provide transportation for preschool programs.

Will tuition be less the months school is on break?

Tuition is charged from September through June regardless of the number of actual days of service per month. The monthly tuition has been calculated for the entire school year and divided up into the ten months of the school year. The tuition remains the same for the months including breaks.

Do you offer programs during school breaks?

Currently, we do not offer programming during school breaks. Please check our website for any changes.

Can I have a tour of the schools?

We are having four upcoming Open House events that you can attend. Families will be able to come to a short presentation about our program and then will be able to tour a classroom and ask questions. The Open Houses are:

  • Monday, January 29th at 5:30-6:30 PM at Clyde Hill Elementary
  • Tuesday, January 30th at 5:30-6:30 PM at Bennett Elementary
  • Wednesday, February 7th at 5:30-6:30 PM at Woodridge Elementary
  • Thursday, February 8th at 5:30-6:30 PM at Phantom Lake Elementary

How can I apply for preschool?

Please apply here:
If there is an issue with applying online, please visit us in person:

12011 NE 1ST ST Suite #209

How do I know if my application submission was successful?

Our system automatically sends an email with a copy of the forms with a time and date stamp after a parent applies.

How do I know if my application was approved?

Our office will send either an enrollment confirmation email or a waitlist email within the two weeks after.

My child is attending Jing Mei’s preschool, does that give my child a priority when applying for kindergarten admission?

No, our preschool enrollment does not carry weight with the lottery system for Choice Schools. Please see the Choice Schools website for more information:

I don’t live in Bellevue; can I enroll my child in the program?

Yes, families do not need to live in Bellevue to be enrolled in the preschool program.

I live in Bellevue; how do I know what my home school is?

Please visit our Find Your School page and utilize the Online School Finder.

What are the preschool locations?

  • Ardmore
  • Bennett
  • Clyde Hill
  • Enatai
  • Jing Mei
  • Lake Hills
  • Medina
  • Newport Heights
  • Phantom Lake
  • Puesta Del Sol
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Stevenson
  • Woodridge

I don’t see my neighborhood school on the list of preschool sites. Why can’t preschool be at all elementary schools?

The two main reasons are:

  1. Space – K-5 students get priority in elementary buildings. Some schools have higher enrollment and are not able to provide preschool classrooms.
  2. Cost – Preschool must generate its own revenue to cover costs and does not receive tax dollars. To grow, we need to know we have revenue to cover operational costs.

Can I withdraw my child anytime?

No, we have a 30 days’ notice policy of withdrawal. Please let us know 30 days before your child’s last date in attendance.

My oldest already attends a BSD school, does that give my preschooler priority?

We process applications in the order in which they are received. It is a first come first serve process.

My child is currently attending preschool within Bellevue School District, do I have to register again for the upcoming school year?

Yes, we require an application for each student for every school year they attend preschool. Every year we restart the enrollment process.

I’m new to the district and my preschooler has an IEP

Please read about the transfer process here.

What will my child learn in preschool?

Students in Bellevue preschool learn literacy, math, social studies, science, and social emotional learning through a variety of curriculums. Many of our preschool curriculums are also used in kindergarten and first grade classrooms in the district.

What is the benefit of attending Bellevue preschool program?

Students gain exposure to different curriculums and instructional strategies they will learn from in kindergarten and first grade. Students get to become a part of a school community. Families feel connected to their Bellevue school community earlier.

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