Upcoming Events

Eastside Pathways – Partnering Convention and Open House: Dec. 9 at 2:00 p.m. Learn about each Collaborative Action Network (CAN), get insights into current campaigns to inform your work individually and in the CANs and connect and network with fellow collaborators in the community and understand more deeply the intersections of that work and share your learnings along the way. Register here.

Bellevue LifeSpring

By addressing a child’s basic needs, Bellevue LifeSpring helps students focus on their education and break the cycle of poverty. Their wraparound approach includes the programs and services for food, clothing, education and emergency assistance.

Website info@bellevuelifespring.org

Bellevue Schools Foundation

The Bellevue Schools Foundation provides essential community support for the Bellevue School District.  An independent, private, non-profit organization, the Bellevue Schools Foundation promotes and helps fund the best possible learning opportunities for all students in the Bellevue School District.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation raises funds to help pay for an array of programs that support student learning and provide training opportunities for teachers.  For more than 30 years, the Foundation has gathered a wide range of parents, community leaders, and other volunteers to focus support and funding for quality public education in Bellevue.

Website info@bsfdn.org

Eastside Pathways

Eastside Pathways is a nonprofit organization utilizing a collective impact approach to address the needs of Bellevue students from cradle to career. A partnership of many organizations and individuals, Eastside Pathways helps to coordinate projects to improve school readiness, creating engaging summer and extended learning opportunities, supporting good attendance, and enhancing career readiness opportunities.

Founded in 2011, the goal of Eastside Pathways is to help each student achieve a productive and fulfilling life. Eastside Pathways’ partnership includes the Bellevue School District, the City of Bellevue, social service nonprofits, community based organizations, parent groups, businesses, funders, families, and youth.

Website info@eastsidepathways.org

Jubilee REACH

Jubilee REACH is a non-profit focused on Relationships, Education, Assistance Community and Hospitality, serving the deeper needs of students and families in Bellevue School District through a commitment to Love, Listen, Learn, build relationships and earn trust. Site Coaches build community in and around our schools through a collaborative of wrap-around services, activities and athletics ensuring every child is known, loved, affirmed, belongs and believes they can achieve their academic and personal potential.


How Can I Help?

We thank you for inquiring about how to support the students and families of our Bellevue School District community. At this time, we are asking that financial donations be given directly to our partner organizations. Each of these organizations provide direct support to BSD families with food and/or emergency assistance.

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