Mascot Change Evokes Mixed Emotions for Sammamish Staff, Students and Alumni

Sammamish High School administration embraced the April 26, 2021 state law, HB 1356, “prohibiting the inappropriate use of Native American names, symbols, or images as school mascots” and moved quickly to include the students and community in the deciding on a new mascot. Student leaders along with the student body overcame mixed emotions about the change, and the student body voted for the “Red Hawks” to start this school year after 62 years as the “Totems.” Read More

student with mask at computer

Hour of Code School Activities Complement BSD’s STEM Initiatives This School Year

STEM initiatives at BSD this school year were complemented by Hour of Code activities at our schools during Computer Science Week. The one-to-one computer initiative, made possible by levy funding, gives every student the opportunity to participate, even from home. District-wide initiatives included BSD science teachers implementing a STEM pilot program using robots and critical thinking.Read More

New Third Grade Social Studies Unit Analyzes Change Over Time Through the Perspectives of Japanese American Families in Bellevue

A new third grade social studies unit, “The Japanese American Experience in Bellevue Before & After World War II,” has been developed to capture the experiences and tell the stories of ten pioneer families in Bellevue through examining census records, oral histories, newspaper articles, letters, maps and more. Read More