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Sherwood Special Education Class

The vision of Special Education in the Bellevue School District is that students are, first and foremost, general education students. Our students:

  • Achieve their potentials and are as independent as possible in determining and living out their preferred futures.
  • Are prepared for their next step in continuing their education, career, and life.
  • Are supported in achieving their preferred futures by a cohesive network which includes their family, school district staff and resources, and a wide array of community partners and services.
  • Become self-fulfilled, self-determined, and productive members of the community.

When a child or young adult is identified as eligible for special education, the district provides education that is specially designed to meet the student’s unique needs and ultimately aimed at preparing the student for a post high school academic setting, employment and independent living. Special education is provided at no cost to the student or parent.

Special education must conform to the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). An IEP is a written plan for a child with a disability that includes specific information about areas needing additional or special support, and the services that will be provided. The IEP may include instruction conducted in the classroom, in the home, in hospitals, institutions and other settings.


Special Education Records

The Bellevue School District retains special education records six years from separation of services. If the student has not received services from BSD in more than 6 years, those records are no longer available.

Students currently enrolled:
Please contact your school for records.

Students no longer enrolled:
Please contact or (425) 456-4155

Special Education

Special Education Staff

All phone numbers begin with (425) 456-
All email addresses end with

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Last NameFirst NamePositionEmailExtension
AustinMeganData Coordinatoraustinm@bsd405.org4155
CrookBeckyCoordinator Special Education Support crookr@bsd405.org4149
EdlundHeatherExecutive Director of Special Educationedlundh@bsd405.org4156
FarriaYasminAdministrative Assistant to Directorfarriay@bsd405.org4156
FryRebeccaPACIFIC Coordinatorfryr@bsd405.org5742
GagnerMelissaOlympic Coordinatorgagnerm@bsd405.org4133
GilkeyKayCascade Coordinatorgilkeyk@bsd405.org4144
KhanSaminaAdmin Secretarykhans@bsd405.org4144
MayesRebeccaResource Room Coordinatormayesr@bsd405.org4623
OdegaardMelissaBehavior Specialistodegaardm@bsd405.org5173
SmallwoodLaurenResource Room Coordinatorsmallwoodl@bsd405.org4605
StrehleJenniferTransition Programstrehlej@bsd405.org7316
TaylorJaredBehavior Specialisttaylorj@bsd405.org4676
TobaElizabethPALS Preschool Coordinatortobae@bsd405.org5649