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Board Policies are set by the Board and impose legal requirements on the district and define the parameters within which district programs should operate. Policies normally go through a public reading and comment process before they are adopted or revised. Significant changes to policies require Board approval as does the adoption of new policies and the deleting of policies that have become obsolete or redundant. Administrative Procedures are established by the district administration and do not require board approval. Procedures that are expected to be controversial may go through a public comment process, but is not required.

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Policy Updates

1st Readings for Policies 3205, 3207, and 5011; 2nd Reading for Policy 3120

The following policies require readings by the Bellevue School District School Board at the June 5, 2018 meeting.

1st Readings

  • 3205: Prohibition of Sexual Harassment – Students (New Policy)
  • 3207: Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (Revisions)
  • 5011: Prohibition of Sexual Harassment – Staff (To Replace Current Board Policy 5011: Sexual Harassment)

2nd Reading

  • 3120: Enrollment – Resident Students

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