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School Board Members

The Bellevue School District’s board of directors is comprised of five community members, one from each of the five geographical districts. Each board member is elected to their post by registered voters for a term of four years.

The school board employs and empowers a professional staff of administrators led by a strong superintendent of schools to carry out the district’s daily functions and to pursue its short and long range goals. The school board has fundamental governance responsibilities that fall into four major areas: vision, accountability, structure and advocacy.

Board Priorities

Culture of Service

The school board has committed to a multi-year effort to foster a culture of service across the district focused on exceeding expectations in the areas of proactive leadership, competency, friendliness, timeliness and clear communications. Ultimately, this culture of service will be embedded into all departments and schools, guiding all district operational practices.

Racial Equity and Inclusion

The Bellevue School District is a high-performing district with a district-wide curriculum focused on providing all students with rigorous coursework. Students also receive support or acceleration opportunities based on need. However, while district-wide student performance on standardized assessments continues to exceed that of peers at the state and national levels, we have not yet reached 100 percent proficiency for all students in:

  • Reading by 3rd Grade
  • Math by 5th Grade
  • Writing by 7th Grade
  • Science by 8th Grade

To reach 100 percent, the district will focus on empowering staff to identify and develop the learning potential of each and every student. Part of this effort includes an emphasis on equity and inclusion for individual students and sub-groups of our larger student population who are underserved.

Instructional Initiatives

In the fall of 2013, as a part of its new strategic plan, the district unveiled three Instructional Initiatives, a set of priorities that closely align with the district’s mission and guide our work:

  • Academic Success: 100% of students proficient in literacy, math and science.
  • College & Career Readiness: 100% high school graduation rate
  • Positive and Productive Life: Social emotional knowledge and skills; A sense of connection to the community; Responsibility for the community


The Bellevue School District has implemented a paperless eGovernance system called BoardDocs. This system allows for easier public access to board information, increases collaboration between board members, and lowers cost by creating a more efficient and effective method of managing board documentation.

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