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Public Comment Times – Public comment can be made at both regular board meetings. At the first meeting of each month, public comment will begin at approximately 6:00 pm or later. And, at the second meeting public comment will begin at approximately 4:05 pm.

We invite all community members to address the Board on an issue or topic. Individual remarks are limited to 3 minutes. Please appoint a spokesperson if the concern is a group concern. If desired, you may provide written documentation to the Board Secretary to be included as part of the official meeting record.

While the Board will listen to all public comments carefully, the Board will not respond to comments spontaneously or without further deliberation. The Board may direct the Superintendent to respond to the issues expressed at a later date.

Complaints about specific personnel will not be heard in open session and will not be part of the record of any public meeting. Harassing or derogatory statements about any persons or groups of persons will not be heard.

Those who are attending a board meeting may fill out the public comment forms available as they enter a board meeting.

Those who are unable to attend a board meeting may also submit a public comment by emailing Public comments submitted through email will be included in the official record for the next regular board meeting following receipt of the comments. Please add “Public Comment” to the subject of your email.

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