Plan Approved:

In August, we presented our draft Strategic Plan to our Board of Directors. The plan includes our district’s updated vision, mission, values, and priorities. The board approved the Strategic Plan at the Oct. 16, 2018 board meeting.

Our Vision:

To affirm and inspire each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world.

Our Mission:

To serve each and every student academically, socially, and emotionally, through a rigorous and relevant education that is innovative and individualized. As a learning community that values one another’s humanity, we provide courageous support for an equitable and exceptional education for all students.

Our Values:


We seek to understand our students, meet their needs and those of our families and community, and to serve each other.


We earn trust through consistently and accountably following through on our commitments, and by acknowledging and addressing our shortfalls.


We pursue and nurture the exceptional achievements of our students, teachers, and staff through hard work and growth.


We are mindful of and respond to the thoughts and feelings of others, and are kind, authentic, and self-aware in our interactions.


We welcome diverse ideas and contributions, assume each other’s best intent, and honor each other’s strengths and traditions.


We build inclusive teams of students, families, staff, and community partners, and engage each member’s contribution on behalf of our students.

Our Strategic Priorities:

High Quality Instruction

Student Well-Being

Exceptional Staff

Culture & Climate

Family & Community

Organizational Alignment


In March, the Bellevue School District launched our Strategic Planning work. Through creation of a new Strategic Plan, we will set the course for the district for the next three to five years, defining our vision and values, refining our mission, solidifying our priorities, and providing a framework for aligning our work with those priorities.

The Strategic Plan will build on the Entry Plan that Dr. Duran completed during his first nine months in the district. What he learned through his Learning and Listening tour provided a good picture of our district’s strengths and opportunities for growth. Our strategic plan will build on that work.

Our goals for the Strategic Planning process are:

  • To create an actionable 3-5 Year Strategic Plan
  • To build shared understanding of our vision, values and priorities
  • To align our resources, programs, and initiatives to our priorities, with a focus on improving outcomes for ALL students
  • To incorporate input from multiple stakeholders – both internal and external


February – March
Strategic Planning Prep

  • Select strategic planning consultant and finalize contract
  • Identify planning team and steering committee
  • Develop high-level milestone schedule
  • Hold steering committee kick-off meeting

March – April
Conduct Needs Assessment

  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data, including interviews and focus groups
  • Analyze data
  • Administer survey to test findings

April – May
Develop Strategic Plan

  • Share findings from needs assessment
  • Articulate our vision and values
  • Steering committee to develop:
    • Theory of action
    • Priorities
    • Measurable goals
    • Begin to align initiatives to priorities

June – August
Conduct Community Meetings

  • Share draft plan with board and community
  • Hold series of community meetings to invite feedback on strategic plan
  • Revise and finalize plan
  • Launch plan and initiatives at Leadership Institute

Team Members

Planning Team

  • Dr. Duran, Superintendent
  • Eileen Harrity, Chief of Staff
  • Eva Collins, Deputy Superintendent of Student Academic Performance and Instructional Leadership
  • Melissa deVita, Deputy Superintendent of Finance & Operations
  • Jeff Thomas, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
  • Melanie McGee, Project Manager

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Duran, Superintendent
  • Eileen Harrity, Chief of Staff
  • Shomari Jones, Equity Lead
  • Judy Buckmaster, English Language Learners (ELL) Lead
  • Heather Edlund, Special Education Lead
  • Sharon Kautz, Curriculum & Instruction Lead
  • Patty Siegwarth, School Support (Exec Director) Lead
  • Jeff Thomas, Human Resources Lead
  • Dina Davis, Parent representative – student receiving special education services
  • Monica Webster, Parent representative – Black scholars
  • Alma Gonzalez, Parent representative – NISO
  • Melissa Young, Parent representative – student receiving gifted services
  • Jess Garcia, PTSA member
  • My-Linh Thai, Board Director
  • Nicole Hepworth, Elementary Administrator
  • James Peterson, Middle School Administrator
  • Scott Powers, High School Administrator
  • Allison Snow, Elementary Teacher
  • Kim Hay, Middle School Teacher
  • Rob Wood, High School Teacher
  • Torry Gower, Classified Staff