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All 27 schools have achieved Level 3 of the King County Green Schools Program “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink”.  King County has recognized Bellevue School’s as a Level 3 District.

Green Genius is a program, in cooperation with the City of Bellevue, to help students/schools sustain a high level of conservation.  Teams work throughout the year in:

  • Recycling & Composting
  • Energy & Water Conservation
  • Education & Outreach

Bellevue School District follows the Washington State Sustainable Schools Protocol as a guide to building healthy, sustainable schools. Each new school that is built incorporates more features that encourage efficiency and provide a productive learning environment for our students.

School Gardens

The District not only supports, but encourages the use of school property as outdoor learning environments.  School gardens are one way to use this space.  The following are things you must know before getting started:

Download Garden Handbook

Gardens are voluntary and not District maintained areas.  It is up to the school staff and community volunteers to develop plans to sustain it throughout its use.

There are many types of gardens, all with benefits for outdoor learning; solar, earth, water conservation, wildlife, food and/or beautification.  Garden committee/team should be engaged in all phases of garden design, implementation and maintenance.  Plans should be easy to implement and sustainable.  Gardens are not a single year commitment!

A team of adult individuals must be established with at least one school administrator as part of that team.  The school administrator is the volunteer’s contact, liaison and advocate for all requests and purchases (using District funding.)

Getting Approval for Your Garden

Facilities must approve a suitable site for the garden/outdoor learning environment.

Schools/Garden Teams should familiarize themselves with school building plans; think water, sun, shade, hills (water run-off,) accessibility, visibility, bus zones and schedules prior to meeting with Facilities.

Responsibilities and follow-thru to the project should be explained clearly.

  • How the garden will be maintained during and outside the school year.
  • Identification of school staff supervising/maintaining garden.

Facilities does not build, seed, feed, weed or water school gardens.  Gardens are the responsibility of the garden team!

If it is ever deemed that a garden is no longer feasible, it is the school administrator & garden team’s responsibility to dismantle and remove all garden contents.  Contact Facilities to resume regular grounds maintenance in that area.