In the summer of 2018, the VIBES volunteer application system was replaced with a new online approval system for adult volunteers and mentors. Below are questions and answers that can help you navigate the process for approval to become a volunteer at any BSD school.

Please note that each school will manage its own volunteers and the central office will manage the mentoring program.

What is Verified Volunteers – Background checks for adult volunteers?

The Bellevue School District contracts with Verified Volunteers to provide online background checks. All volunteer opportunities for adults in the Bellevue School District require a background check. You will be directed to create a Verified Volunteers account and submit to a background check during the sign-up process as a volunteer. Verified Volunteers takes up to 48 hours to complete a background check, with a follow up email confirming your background has been cleared.

What happens if my email indicates a background check needs to be reviewed?

The Human Resources department will review background checks that require consideration. You will be contacted should this be required.

When do I have to renew my background check?

Parents/Guardians need to renew every three years and will be automatically notified. Non-parents must submit an online background check because we have no online system with previous background check data. They will need to renew every three years.

Will it cost me anything to apply to Verified Volunteers to submit to a background check?

No. The Bellevue School District will pay. Volunteers do have the option to pay the background check to defray the costs from the district, which is entirely optional.

I have children at multiple schools, do I have to apply for each school?

Your background check date is associated with all of your children and recorded in Synergy. You only need to submit one of their Student ID numbers during the application process.

I no longer have children in the Bellevue School District, can I still volunteer?

Yes. You can complete the Non-Parent Volunteer Application.

As a PTSA Board Volunteer coordinator, how do I know if a potential volunteer is approved for volunteering?

Please check with the School Office Manager to see if a volunteer is cleared for volunteering. As a PTSA Board member or volunteer coordinator, it is the responsibility of the PTSA Board to make sure all candidate volunteers have completed the Volunteer application before accepting help from those individuals.

Can Parent/Guardians without social security numbers apply for the background check?

Yes. There is an option in the application.