Drop Off / Dejar

School doors unlock at 7:30 AM. Students are to enter the school and proceed to the cafeteria where they may eat breakfast or wait for classroom doors to open at 7:55 AM.

Las puertas de la escuela abren a las 7:30A.M.  Los estudiantes deben de entrar a la escuela y proceder a la cafetería donde pueden desayunar o esperar a que las puertas de las aulas abran a las 7:55A.M.

Please follow the below procedures when dropping your student(s) off in the front of the school:

Por favor sigan los siguientes procedimientos cuando dejen a sus estudiantes en el frente de la escuela:

  • Pull all the way forward before letting your child out of the car.  Doing this ensures no blocking of traffic in both the parking lot and on adjacent streets.
  • Do not park in the fire lanes or block cars attempting to park.
  •  Do not drop off students until you have reached the drop off zone.
  • Once you have dropped off your student please pull forward until at the front of the line, do not pull out into the lane of traffic as this causes a safety hazard for those people attempting to park.
  • Students may only cross the parking lot at designated areas with crossing guards.
  • No students may cross the driveway entrance, please use the walkway at the east end of the parking lot.

Pick Up

There are 3 ways parents can pick up children each day.  Please follow the procedures below when picking up your children.  Our number one priority is the safety and security of our students.

Car Pick Up

  • Pick up children in the loading zone only.
  • Pull forward in the loading zone and after your child is in the car please do not pull out in front of other drivers.  Move through the line.  This will ensure the safety all students and patrons using the parking lot.

Waiting Outside

  • Stand clear of doorways as teachers are escorting children outside and smaller ones may get separated from the teacher if these areas are blocked.

Waiting Inside

  • Please wait inside the gallery area between the concrete dividers and the stairs.  A number of chairs have been placed there for your comfort.
  • Hallways must be kept clear for students and staff going to the bus or other areas at the end of the day.
  • Please do not pull your child out of line as this causes confusion for students and teachers, wait until they are dismissed.