There are many opportunities to join a club or play a sport here at Tyee. Every quarter a list will be posted with all the clubs and activities that are offered for that season. Some clubs run all year round while others are only offered for one or two quarters.


Activity Time and Bus Information

Clubs and activities meet during activity time right after tutorial from 3:40pm – 4:25pm. Students must attend tutorial in order to participate in activities that day. Activity busses are available after activity time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays that will take students close to their normal bus stops. Students must attend an activity in order to ride the activity bus. Most clubs do not meet on Wednesdays, with the exception of Jubilee sports that play games on Wednesdays.


Jubilee REACH
Jubilee REACH is a nonprofit organization that partners with the Bellevue School District and provides after school clubs and activities for all middle school students. Each middle school has at least one site coach that runs activities and finds volunteers to coach sports and run specific clubs. Sports that are offered by Jubilee are recreational and every student and all skill levels are welcome. There is no fee to participate. An online registration must be completed once a year for participation in clubs and sports offered by Jubilee.


Please click here to see the list of activities offered by Jubilee Reach (Each school is different and Tyee may not offer some of the sports listed on this list)

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