Talent Show

Talent Show – Save the Date!

Talent Show is here on Friday, May 17th, 5:30pm – 7:00pm. Are you ready?

We are looking for talented performers of all grades from our school to showcase their talents on stage, and volunteers to help! More info and signups coming soon in upcoming Byte issues.

Medina Family University

Medina Family University on May 10th – Calling our 5th Graders for Student Panel!

Join us on May 10th, 6-8pm to learn about how family can support education for your loved little ones! We’ve invited Dr. Laura Kastner from UW for keynote and structured breakout sessions.

We’re seeking our proud 5th graders for a panel at 7:30-8pm, 4 to 6 in total, to share learning experiences with younger families. Email [email protected] for any thoughts or questions. Thank you!

STEM Night

Save the STEM Night Date! April 26, Friday, 5-7pm!

Join us on April 26th, 5-7pm to have an amazing STEM experience right at the school!

This year we will have STEM programs from Burke Museum, Pacific Science Center, Woodland Zoo, Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, Insect Safari and more!!

All we need from you is 1 hour of your time to help, please sign up to volunteer!