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Attendance: (425) 456-5609
Early Learning: (425) 456-5657

Start & Dismissal

M-T-T-F: 8:40 am – 3:10 pm
Wednesday: 8:40-12:55pm


(425) 456-5606

Abraham, BethSPED[email protected]
Archuleta, Alexis1st Grade Teacher (LTS)[email protected]
Arita, ShariOT/PT PreK[email protected]
Banerjee, KakoliKindergarten Teacher[email protected]
Barajas, CarmenLead Teacher[email protected]
Bartley, NicoleParaEd[email protected]
Bauman, Barb2nd Grade Teacher[email protected]
Blue, LarryNight Custodian[email protected]
Brakebush, KelliPreschool Support[email protected]
Bramzel, KathleenKindergarten Teacher[email protected]
Carey, AlysiaCounselor[email protected]
Chen, StephanieSubstitue Admin. [email protected]
Chibazakura, NancyMusic Teacher[email protected]
Chien, LichenSpecial Needs Asst.[email protected]
Chou, BerthaLead Teacher[email protected]
Conner, HollyKindergarten Teacher[email protected]
Conte, AliceSpecial Needs Asst.[email protected]
Crist, LisaSLP[email protected]
Cristy, Samantha5th Grade Teacher[email protected]
Dar McClellandArt Teacher[email protected]
Davis, LizSLP[email protected]
De Carvalho E Branco, MichelleSpecial Needs Asst.[email protected]
Dermody, Melissa Lead Teacher [email protected]
Dunning, DarrellSpecial Needs Asst.[email protected]
Eng, KarenMath Facilitator[email protected]
Estrella, EvelynSpecial Needs Asst.[email protected]
Faletto, AaronMusic Teacher[email protected]
Faried, DinaAssistant Teacher[email protected]
Faulkner, DougPE[email protected]
Fraga, CindyParaEd[email protected]
French, KrystaLAP Facilitators[email protected]
Fretz,ColleenOrchestra[email protected]
Garcia, LulyLead Teacher[email protected]
Gillespie, AnnisaITCL[email protected]
Gordon, DebbieOffice Manager[email protected]
Hansen, JoleneParaEd[email protected]
Hensler, LydiaSLP[email protected]
Hernandez Casillas, SofiaParaEd[email protected]
Higa, ChisakoCook[email protected]
Hunsberger, JudyFCC[email protected]
Johnson, MeganPT[email protected]
Kamaili, FloraParaEd[email protected]
Koelle, AnnaLead Teacher[email protected]
Lai, Kristina2nd Grade Teacher (LTS)[email protected]
Ling, Michelle1st Grade CoTeacher[email protected]
Loofburrow, Pauline Lead Teacher[email protected]
Mansaray, IsataSpecial Needs Asst.[email protected]
McGaffey, Lisa3rd Grade Teacher[email protected]
McGlocklin, Karen5th Grade Teacher[email protected]
Mellon, JimPT[email protected]
Merta, RachelSLP[email protected]
Meyering, JuliaMusic Teacher[email protected]
Mon, KimSPED[email protected]
Moore, Jerry ParaEd[email protected]
Morrissey, ChristineGSA[email protected]
Murowchick, Alicia4th Grade Teacher[email protected]
Newman, HeatherLibrarian[email protected]
Niemann, Darci1st Grade Teacher[email protected]
O'Connor, Rebecca4th Grade Teacher[email protected]
Orellana, GabyELP Engagement[email protected]
Orzulah, Adele GSA[email protected]
Pallat, Sarah1st Grade CoTeacher[email protected]
Pearson, RachelAssistant Principal[email protected]
Pennewell, MatthewELL Teacher[email protected]
Pfretzschner, CurriePsych[email protected]
Pham, JeanieAssistant Teacher[email protected]
Rengarajulu, HemaKitchen Assistant[email protected]
Richards, SondraBT[email protected]
Rodgers, KristiLibrarian[email protected]
Rooney, ShawnaSecretary/Attendance[email protected]
Russell, MallieParaEd[email protected]
Samson, AngelaOT[email protected]
Sanchez, Andrea3rd Grade Teacher[email protected]
Sankaran, LathaSpecial Needs Asst.[email protected]
Schleiff, AlexaLead Teacher[email protected]
Schneider, TanyaOrchestra[email protected]
Shtutina, YuliaGSA[email protected]
Simon, Kim Assistant Teacher[email protected]
Sin, JackieParaEd[email protected]
Smith, Kim Special Needs Asst.[email protected]
Snookal, HeatherPrincipal[email protected]
Strawn, AndriaGSA[email protected]
Tang, Hong hongAssistant Teacher[email protected]
Thompson, Ashley2nd Grade Teacher[email protected]
Thompson, JamesNight Custodian[email protected]
Udris, ErynnNurse[email protected]
Wang, SusanAssistant Teacher[email protected]
Williams, JonTech Specialist[email protected]
Williamson, JennyPreschool Paraed[email protected]
Wong, JacquelineOT[email protected]
Woodworth, DougELP EA[email protected]
Yap, JessieGSA[email protected]
Yeung, FaithTeacher of Visually Impaired[email protected]
Zalameda, DennisLead Custodian[email protected]
Zanatta-kline, ChiaraAssistant Teacher[email protected]
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.