Davonia Bryant



July 5, 2022 


Greetings Tillicum Middle School Community, 

It is with boundless joy that I accept the role of principal of Tillicum Middle School. I am excited to uphold the legacy of academic excellence, courage, inclusivity, and collaboration within this beacon of academic excellence. I would like to thank the Board of Education, Superintendent Dr. Jarvis, and central office leadership for entrusting me with this opportunity. I would also like to take this time to congratulate Mr. Peterson on his new professional endeavor and thank him for his leadership and service to the Tillicum Middle School community.  

I am honored to join the Bellevue Public Schools Community as I embark on the next chapter in my professional journey. I will be transitioning from a rewarding career in the state of Maryland where I have served in various roles as a teacher, instructional leader, and administrator. The highlight of my career is the work that I have done to support English language learners and families over the past 15 years. Specifically, I take pride in the work that I have done to leverage my leadership and help found an International Academy which was strategically designed to address the social, emotional, and academic needs of this student group. My professional body of work reflects my core values as well as my mission to use education as a tool for empowerment. As principal, I hope to foster instructional innovation, encourage intellectual risk-taking, teach resilience, and champion equity.  

I look forward to working collaboratively with all stakeholders in the Tillicum Middle School community in the upcoming school year. I embrace feedback and will always value your input in our fundamental responsibility to do what is best for our children. Thus, I hope to model that of a reflective practitioner, and I cannot do that without your authentic feedback. Please look for communication regarding an upcoming meet and greet, as well as other collaborative opportunities as we prepare for the upcoming school year. Thank you for your support in advance. 


In Partnership, 


Davonia D. Bryant, Principal – Tillicum Middle School 


Chris Jones

Assistant Principal


Suzanne Murphy

Office Manager


Support Staff

Molly Schladetzky
Attendance Specialist
(425) 456-6708


Alison Parish
AP Secretary
(425) 456-6701


Leslie Astudillo
(425) 456-6707


Peggy Ruehr
School Nurse


Tillicum Staff Directory

Aggarwal, SimmiMathaggarwals@bsd405.org
Andrews, JaneyITCLandrewsj@bsd405.org
Askew, TomSpecial Educationaskewt@bsd405.org
Astudillo, LeslieRegistrarastudillole@bsd405.org
Barkman, GwynBandbarkmang@bsd405.org
Barna, KristenLAbarnak@bsd405.org
Batres, MelodySpanishbatresm@bsd405.org
Benshachar, AndreaSLPbenschachara@bsd405.org
Bieler, KristenSocial Studiesbielerk@bsd405.org
Blair, CelesteMathblairc@bsd405.org
Cerelli, BobTech Specialistcerellir@bsd405.org
Chiu, Yi HanMDLchiuy@bsd405.org
Colleran, AndrewMathccollerana@bsd405.org
Curtis, IanSciencecurtisi@bsd405.org
Damjanovic, AnitaISAdamjanovica@bsd405.org
Daulton, AnneOrchestradaultona@bsd405.org
Davis, MaryBanddavism@bsd405.org
Dimond, MaryPsychologistdimondm@bsd405.org
Dodgson, JaneReadingdodgsonj@bsd405.org
Genoway, JenniferHealth/PEgenowayj@bsd405.org
Hargreaves, McCallLAhargreavesm@bsd405.org
Haverstick, JoySocial Studieshaverstickj@bsd405.org
Hay, KimSpecial Educationhayk@bsd405.org
Hopkins, BobbyParaeducatorhopkinsr@bsd405.org
Hu, ZhilingMandarin DLhuz@bsd405.org
Huang, EricMandarin DLhuangp@bsd405.org
Hunsberger, JeffCTEhunsbergerj@bsd405.org
Jensen, DaveLAjensenda@bsd405.org
Johnson, KendallCTEjohnsonken@bsd405.org
Jones, ChrisAssistant Principaljoneschr@bsd405.org
Kimzey Linker, AliceScience/Mathkimzeya@bsd405.org
Kravanh, ChunneathCounselor (L-Z)kravanhc@bsd405.org
Lamb, HeatherParaeducatorlambh@bsd405.org
Laprade, KristenSciencelapradek@bsd405.org
LeGuennec, AgnesFrenchleguenneca@bsd405.org
Longie, FraniJubilee Reach Coach
Martin Chitturi, LindaArtmartinchitturil@bsd405.org
Matwiejow, NatalieCounselor (A-K)matwiejown@bsd405.org
Meyering, JuliaChoir/ Dramameyeringj@bsd405.org
Murphy, SuzanneOffice Managermurphysu@bsd405.org
Nash, CarinLAnashc@bsd405.org
Nord, RebeccaMathnordr@bsd405.org
Ocampo, MariaISAocampom@bsd405.org
Parish, AlisonAP Secretaryparisha@bsd405.org
Peterson, JamesPrincipalpetersonj@bsd405.org
Peterson, LizSocial Studiespetersonel@bsd405.org
Proctor, JamesCascadeproctorj@bsd405.org
Rabitoy, ValMathrabitoyv@bsd405.org
Reyna, AlbertoHead Custodianreynaa@bsd405.org
Ruehr, PeggyNurseruehrp@bsd405.org
Rulon, ScottPErulons@bsd405.org
Saeteurn, ClaraPBISsaeteurnc@bsd405.org
Sampson, ChrisPEsampsonc@bsd405.org
Sarkisyan, RenaParaeducatorsarkisyanr@bsd405.org
Schladetzky, MollyAttendance Specialistschladetzkym@bsd405.org
Simpkins, SandyPEsimpkinss@bsd405.org
Sowl, MarissaLAsowlm@bsd405.org
Stoddard, JustinSciencestoddardj@bsd405.org
Storz, PaulSciencestorzp@bsd405.org
Suresh, JillELLsureshj@bsd405.org
Thomas, HeatherISAthomash@bsd405.org
Tsuchiyama, KathyLibrary Specialisttsuchiyamak@bsd405.org
Von Destinon, ValerieSpecial Educationvondestinonv@bsd405.org
Wang, RuihuaWorld Languagewangr@bsd405.org
West, RuthParaeducatorwestr@bsd405.org
Williams, TraceySciencewilliamst@bsd405.org
Young, RebeccaArt

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.