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Main Office: (425) 456-6700
Attendance: (425) 456-6708
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Office Hours

7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Start & Dismissal

M-T-T-F: 7:45 am – 2:35 pm
Wednesday: 7:45 am – 1:25 pm


(425) 456-6770

Tillicum Staff Directory

Aggarwal, SimmiMath[email protected]
Askew, TomSpecial Education[email protected]
Astudillo, LeslieRegistrar[email protected]
Barker LayneMHAT Counselor[email protected]
Barkman, GwynBand[email protected]
Benshachar, AndreaSLP[email protected]
Blair, CelesteMath[email protected]
Burke Elizabeth MHAT Counselor[email protected]
Chiu, Yi HanMDL[email protected]
Colleran, AndrewMath[email protected]
Crow, NatalieCounselor (A-Le)[email protected]
Curtis, IanScience[email protected]
Daulton, AnneOrchestra[email protected]
Davis, PJJubilee Reach[email protected]
Dimond, MaryPsychologist[email protected]
Flores, EllenSpanish[email protected]
Freese, MichelleCascade[email protected]
Genoway, JenniferHealth/PE[email protected]
Gillespie, PaulBand[email protected]
Grasing, VanessaArt[email protected]
Hall, MixsiSpanish[email protected]
Hargreaves, McCallLA[email protected]
Haverstick, JoyPBIS[email protected]
Hay, KimSpecial Education[email protected]
Hu, ZhilingMandarin DL[email protected]
Huang, EricMandarin DL[email protected]
Jensen, DaveLA[email protected]
Jones, ChrisAssistant Principal[email protected]
Kallay, AliciaITCL[email protected]
Kravanh, ChunneathCounselor (Li-Z)[email protected]
Laprade, KristenScience[email protected]
Martin Chitturi, LindaArt[email protected]
Meyering, JuliaChoir/ Drama[email protected]
Michelet, LisaFrench[email protected]
Molina, ElianaSpanish/Spanish ISA[email protected]
Murphy, SuzanneOffice Manager[email protected]
Nash, CarinLA[email protected]
Nishiwaki, KimikoCTE/Math[email protected]
Nord, RebeccaMath[email protected]
Ocampo, MariaISA[email protected]
Pan, BrianCTE[email protected]
Parish, AlisonAP Secretary[email protected]
Peterson, LizSocial Studies[email protected]
Pickering, MariaSocial Studies[email protected]
Rabitoy, ValMath[email protected]
Rasal, JyotiSecretary[email protected]
Reese, DerrickSocial Studies[email protected]
Reyna, AlbertoHead Custodian[email protected]
Romero, JordynCTE[email protected]
Rusyniak, JessicaSpecial Education[email protected]
Ruehr, PeggyNurse[email protected]
Sampson, ChrisPE[email protected]
Schladetzky, MollyAttendance Specialist[email protected]
Siddiqui, JamiReading Lab/MLL[email protected]
Sneckner, BarbaraPE[email protected]
Sowl, MarissaLA[email protected]
Stoddard, JustinScience[email protected]
Storz, PaulScience[email protected]
Tsuchiyama, KathyLibrary Specialist[email protected]
Vazquez, AmySocial Worker[email protected]
Von Destinon, ValerieSpecial Education[email protected]
Wang, RuihuaWorld Language[email protected]
West, RuthParaeducator[email protected]
Williams, TraceyScience[email protected]
Young, RebeccaLA
[email protected]
Andrijecs DenissTech Specialist[email protected]

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.