On April 26th Tyee will hold our first Makers Market.  Students can register for tables to sell handmade items, or food or drinks they have created.  Each product should have at least 4 items or 4 ingredients the students have together to create their own unique product, unless it’s individually crafted, such as origami, crochet, face painting, caricatures, pottery, photography, braiding, etc.  There will be a rental fee of $30.00 (deducted from their sales) which will go towards Redecorating The Staff Lounge.  Each vendor will also choose a charity of their choice to donate a percentage of their sales.  We encourage students to hold tables in groups of 2 or 3.

Students can also showcase their talents on the Performance Stage during the Makers Market. You can play an instrument, sing, perform magic or juggle, a comedy routine – or other!  You can receive donations just like a busker at Pike Place Market. Each slot is 10 minutes long.  You can also have a vendor table at the event, just have someone to cover your table during that time.  Those playing musical instruments must be in groups of 2-4.

We are holding three workshops for students to prepare them for the Makers Market.  They will be held in the library the last 15 minutes of each lunch in the library.

Friday, March 22nd at 11:25am, 12:20pm and 1:15pm focusing on brainstorming and fine-tuning sales ideas and what to take into consideration.

Friday, April 5th at 11:25am, 12:20pm and 1:15pm focusing on discussing profit and price point, as well as choosing a charity of each student’s choice, and specific planning for food and drink sales.

Friday, April 19th at 11:25am, 12:20pm and 1:15pm to discuss marketing and advertising the products around school.


Students may sign up using this link! https://forms.office.com/r/MtAZp9zACt

Interested in performing during Maker’s Market? Sign up here https://forms.office.com/r/ZE2RmjXZSu

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