Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

Below is our current homeroom teaching roster. * indicate partner teachers.  You will be notified of your homeroom teacher assignment at the end of August.

Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Ms. Qilin Bi

Ms. Elaine Yin

Ms. Cui Sun

Ms. Xi Sun

Ms. Shengnan Li

Ms. Jiayin Yu

Ms. Bing Liu

Ms. Sophie Huang

Ms. Molly Xi

Ms. Ying Liu

Ms. Zhiyin Jin* (English)/Sub teacher from Sep to Jan.: Ms. Mariola Madejczyk

Mrs. Jo Sung* (Chinese)

Mr. Eric Shyu** (English)


Ms. Han Zhang** (Chinese)

Ms. Kaige Zhang-Gantz*** (Chinese)

Ms. Kristine Guadiz***(English)


Ms. Hui-Chen Hsiung**** (Chinese)

Ms. Tiffany Jan (English)****

Ms. Chen Ling(Chinese)/Ms. Lisa Okahata(English)

Ms. Dongmei Tan 谭校长– Principal


Eric Shelton– Assistant Principal





Naomi Yen  颜如玉辦公主任 – Office Manager








Ms. Vera Pan-Office Secretary







Ms. Elaine Ling Yin  – Kindergarten Homeroom 幼儿园








Ms. Cui Sun- Kindergarten Homeroom 幼儿园








Ms. Qilin Bi-Kindergarten Homeroom 幼儿园








Ms. Xi Sun- Kindergarten Homeroom 幼儿园







Ms. Jiayin Yu-1st Grade Homeroom一年级






Ms. Bing Liu 刘冰-First Grade Homeroom 一年级






Ms. Shengnan Li-1st Grade Homeroom一年级









Ms. Ying Liu-2nd Grade Homeroom 二年级







Ms. Sophie Yu-Hsuan Huang 黄韻璇老师 – Second Grade Homeroom 二年级








Ms. Molly Qinqin Xi 奚沁沁-2nd Grade Homeroom 二年级








Ms. Zhiyin Jin   靳知吟– 3rd Grade Homeroom(English) 三年级(英文)








Ms. Mariola Madejczyk – 3rd Grade Homeroom(English) 三年级(英文) – Substitute for Ms. Jin for Sep 2023 to Jan 2024. Ms. M will sub for Ms. Wei from Feb. 2024 to June 2024. 










Ms. Chunghui Jo Sung (Ms. Shan) 單忠慧老師 – 3rd Grade HomeroomChinese 三年级(中文) 








Ms. Han Zhang张涵老师 – Third Grade Homeroom Chinese 三年级(中文)


Mr. Eric Shyu – 4th Grade Homeroom (English) 年级(英文)








Ms. Kristine Guadiz – 4th grade Homeroom Teacher (English)-四年级(英文








Ms. Kaige Zhang-Gantz- 4th Grade Homeroom (Chinese) 四年级 (中文)








Ms. Hui-Chen Hsiung 熊慧珍老师 – 5th Grade Homeroom (Mandarin)  五年级 (中文)








Ms. Tiffany Jan– 5th Grade Homeroom (English) 五年级 (英文








Ms. Lisa Okahata- 5th Grade Homeroom (English) 五年级 (英文)








Ms. Chen Ling 凌老师 – 5th Grade Homeroom (Mandarin)  五年级 (中文)










Ms. Zhi Geng 耿智老师 – ITCL (Instructional Technology & Curriculum Leader)


Ms. Xing Wei 魏星老师 -Multilingual Learner Facilitator多语言学习者促进者


Mr. Peng-Hsu ‘Eric’ Huang-Mandarin Dual Language Curriculum Developer









Ms. Rui Gu – Resource Room Teacher 特殊教育资源教室老师









Ms. Ling Liu – Paraeducator 特别教育助教



Ms. Alexis Aquino – Paraeducator 特别教育助教


Ms. Jiangnan (Nancy) Zhao-Paraeducator 特别教育助教


Ms. Nicole Marshalek-Paraeducator 特别教育助教


Ms. Lihua Wu吴丽华-Paraeducator 特别教育助教


Ms. Alicia Rowe– LAP(Learning Assistant Program) Facilitator

Ms. Reeta Kundu –  LAP (Learning Assistant Program) Facilitator – Sub for Ms. Rowe


Ms. Andrea Hanson– Guidance Counselor








Ms. Tracey Garza Westman – Technology Specialist 技术支持专员





Ms. Kuang Chieh Radford-Speech Language Pathologist 語言治療師









Ms. Meng Ping Ku- School Nurse









Ms. Chen-Ju Chen 陳貞汝老師 – Art Specialist美术


Ms. Carrie Lin 林玲秀老師 – Library Specialist  图书馆老师


Mr. Rob Lindfors – Music Specialist, Orchestra Teacher


Ms. Tanya Schneider – Music Specialist, Band Teacher


Mr. Daniel Shin-PE (Health and Fitness) Specialist (Tue, Thur, Fri)










Ms. Marnie Kazarian Olson -PE (Health and Fitness) Specialist (Mon.)








Mr. Mike Ngo – Head Custodian (Day)



Mr. Jackson Kwan – Custodian (Night)



Ms. Li-Chuan Miau- General School Assistant


Ms. Esther White-General School Assistant








Ms. Tina Xia-General School Assistant


Ms. Joanna Liao- General School Assistant


Ms. Christy Wu -General School Assistant


Ms. Zhiqi Chen -General School Assistant


Ms. Menglu Huang-General School Assistant


Ms. Zhang Qiu-Xian-Kitchen Manager


Ms. Alice-Kitchen Assistant


Zoe Frazier (Ya Tang Chan)-Preschool Lead Teacher


Christie Huie-Preschool Teacher


Dongdong Zhang-Preschool Teacher


Fan Xie-Preschool Teacher




Lisa Wood-Preschool Assistant Teachers 



Ju Chen Yao-Preschool Assistant Teachers 



Roya Khosravi-Preschool Assistant Teachers 



Ping Li-Preschool Assistant Teachers 


Maj Jet Anchisa – Preschool Assistant Teachers 


Yajie Jessica Xiong – Preschool Assistant Teachers 

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.