Anecia Grigsby
Principal – Administrative Support

Kris Hagan
Acting Principal

Tomoe Anderson
Office Manager

Immediate Support Staff

Karen Ruby

Erica Bowens

Jessica Ramos

Staff NameTitleEmail
Myers, Michael (Mr.)Transitional
Christian, Vincy (Mrs.)0-
Reimergartin, Tiffany (Mrs.)0-
Balph, Cory (Mr.)1st
Hess, Amy (Mrs.)1st
Friesen, Michal (Mrs.)1/2
Friesen, Jason (Mr.)2nd
Leja, Anastasia (Mrs.)2nd
Babani, Kris (Mrs.)AL 2nd
Graybeal, Colette (Mrs.)3rd
Wong, Rechelle (Mrs.)3rd
Haney, Margaret (Mrs.)AL 3rd
Baser, Jessica (Mrs.)AL 3rd
Abbott, Dawn (Mrs.)4th
Frederick. Heidi (Ms.)4th
Nivinskus. Laura (Mrs.)AL 4th
Okuri, Kaliya (Mrs.)AL 4th
Ray, Jenn (Ms.)5th
Ropposch, Erin (Mrs.)5th
Heady, Tessa (Mrs.)AL 5th
Frieden, Amy (Mrs.)AL 5th
Gegwich, Megan (Mrs.)AL 5th
Anderson, Tomoe (Ms.)Office
Bagley, Melissa (Ms.)Special Education,
Bickel, Emily (Ms.)Special Education (Resource)
Bowens, Erica (Mrs.)
Caudill, Holly (Ms.)Occupational
Flood, Lauren (Ms.)Multi Lingual Language
Fretz, Colleen (Ms.)
Gill, Jupinder (Dr.)Health and Fitness (PE)
Grigsby, Anecia (Ms.)
Hagan, Kris (Mr.)Acting
Holmes, Stephen (Mr.)Music/
Jensen, Angela (Ms)Speech and
Johnson, Megan (Ms)Physical
Korenovsky, Nicole (Ms)Speech and
Matsumura, Chiwa (Ms.)Assistant Office
Naness, Mette (Mrs.)
Neil, Dani (Mrs.)Instructional Tech/Curr.
Peterson, Diane (Mrs.)Special Education,
Peterson, Linda (Mrs.)
Ray, Gina (Ms.)
Roschy, Elana (Mrs.)Social Worker (Cascade)
Ruby, Karen (Ms.)
Sanchez, Vanessa (Mrs.)Family Connection Center
Ramos, Jessica (Ms.)
Soreno, Vilma (Ms.)
Tripp, Jake (Mr.)Tech
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.