Community Bulletin #3 – April 20, 2024

Below is an update on our efforts to more deeply implement the ten Big Picture Learning distinguishers.  The School Success Study has been completed and we have a Steering Committee established to guide the process!

THE SCHOOL SUCCESS STUDY"Throughout this process, we heard much evidence of devotion to the school, the students, the staff, and the greater Bellevue community. There is strong evidence of a culture of belonging and effective leadership which leaves us excited about the future design." - 2024 School Success Study

In late February our partners from the national Big Picture Learning Network conducted a School Success Study with participation from many of you.  This has helped us identify the ways our school is implementing the 10 Big Picture Learning (BPL) distinguishers while also identifying gaps that can be improved.  The leadership team is currently digging into the results.


big picture learning 10 distinguishers


The Steering Committee has been formed and will have its kickoff meeting later this month.  Thank you to the 22 students, parents, teachers, and administrators who have committed their time and expertise to this work!  Assisted by professional facilitators, the Steering Committee will review data and community input, evaluate design options, and prepare a recommendation for Sup. Aramaki by winter 2025.

Middle School students

Kazuki Castillo

Bean Garcia

Diego Zayas Collazo


High School students

Nate Bauer

Arushi Sinha



Middle School teachers

Emily Rio

Kelly Clark


High School teachers

Kevin Roberts

Anna Morin

Clinton Stellfox



Special Education

Brendan Schimpf



Amy Stephens


BBP Leadership & Support staff

Bethany Spinler

Matt Stokes

Judy Hunsberger

Tony Granito

Suzanne Reeve


Tracy Ritzau

Angie Di Loreto

Anne Underwood


District Administrators

Scott Powers

Shomari Jones


In April and May, Bethany Spinler will share the results of the School Success Study with students, families, and staff. Look for communication about upcoming meetings to find out more! Through these meetings, we will build understanding of the 10 Big Picture distinguishers and seek feedback on the possible priorities to focus on for our innovation process.


The updated design will be completed in winter 2025.  Phase 1 implementation will start in fall 2025. There may be multiple implementation phases which will depend on what the new design components entail.

  • February 2024 – School Success Study
  • April/May 2024 – Community connection learning about distinguishers
  • May-Aug- Design options v1
  • September/October 2024 – Feedback on design v1 with community
  • Nov/Dec 2025- Refine design based on community input
  • January 2025 – Plan for implementation
  • September 2025 – Phase 1 implementation

Contact Us

Contact Bethany Spinler at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

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