One-to-One Laptop Program

One-to-One computing offers many benefits to our modern day classroom and learner.  Bellevue’s expectation is that the student will have their computing device (laptop) with them for use in all their classes and for continued use at home.  The laptop will allow students to access learning materials and engage in real-time inquiry as their questions arise.  Adaptive learning software has evolved to a point that students can track their own learning and have confidence in their progress. Laptops also support Problem-Based Learning, allowing students to research, collaborate, and produce a final product to share with peers, teachers and parents. Learn more…

The Student Use Agreement will be given to students the first week of school and will need to be signed and returned before students receive a laptop.

Student Use Agreement

Student Use Agreement (Spanish)

Information for students and parents:

Student and Parent Laptop Handbook

Student and Parent Laptop Handbook (Spanish)

District Procedure 2022.P – Student Acceptable Use of District Network