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Big Picture Clubs

Please contact a Club Advisor with any questions using email links below.

Club Middle / High School Advisor(s) Meeting Time and Location How to Join the Club – attend a meeting or contact the advisor below
Indie Game Club Middle School Jenelle Wyler Friday 3:40-4:40, Room 117 wylerj@bsd405.org
Dungeons & Dragons Club  Middle School  Kelly Clark Thursday 3:40 PM, Great Room CLARKK@bsd405.org
Engineering Club  Middle School Sally Gordon Monday 3:40 PM, Room 114 GordonSa@bsd405.org 
Art/Digital Media Club Middle & High   Trina Cooper Monday 3:40 PM, Room 121 coopert@bsd405.org 
HS Green Team High School  Karen Ho Mon & Tues HS Lunch, Rm 213 hok@bsd405.org


Music Club High School Kevin Roberts Wed 1-1:30, Rm 211 robertske@bsd405.org 
Gender and Sexuality Alliance High School Rebecca Davis, Dustin Abrahamson Mon HS Lunch, Rm 307 Davisr@bsd405.org, abrahamsond@bsd405.org
Newspaper Club High School  Amanda MacLeod Tues HS Lunch, Rm 306 macleoda@bsd405.org
National Honor Society High School  Jessica Geib Contact Jessica for details geibj@bsd405.org 
Prom Committee  


High School  Amanda MacLeod, Anne Findlay Every other Friday, HS Lunch, Rm 306 macleoda@bsd405.org 


Ramen Robotics  High School  Hillary MacDonald, Karen Ho Friday 3:30-5 PM, Library MacDonaldH@bsd405.org


HS SOAR  High School  Dustin Abrahamson Friday HS Lunch, Room 307 abrahamsond@bsd405.org
ASB (student government) Middle & High   Suzanne Reeve Tuesday 3:40-4:40 PM, Rm 207 reeves@bsd405.org


High School Sports

High school students may play sports on teams for their home schools. Students are responsible to ensure that they satisfy academic and physical requirements for sports eligibility, and to provide transportation to and from practices and games. Visit the High School Athletics website for information about registering for High School Sports.

Middle School Sports

Visit the Middle School Athletics website for information about registering for Middle School Sports.

By reinforcing positive behavior, we will ensure all learners have equitable access to educational opportunities.

These are our expectations for building Positive Relationships, OWnership of Learning and Leadership at Bellevue Big Picture School.

Join the Panther to PROWL at Big Picture! Classrooms Walkways & Passing Time Cafeteria & Lunch Office PMU Bathrooms Locker Rooms After School
Positive Relationships
Treat each other well.
Use positive and supportive language (be kind)

Actively listen

Practice kindness by looking our for others

Respect other’s personal space

Respect other’s belongings

Be inclusive and welcome others Use respectful language

Enter the office quietly

Participate, stay engaged, and encourage others

Help build a positive community

Encourage others to be efficient and return to class quickly Respect peer’s personal space and privacy

Respect everyone’s belongings

Leave campus without disrupting others

Stay on campus only for tutorial or clubs

Ownership of Learning
Self-management and making good choices.
Advocate for yourself

Manage class time wisely

Use appropriate volume

Walk between classes

Wait calmly in your spot in line and use appropriate voice volume

Lunch first, then activities

Stay in supervised areas on the campus

Office business only

The best time for office errands is before school, after school or at lunch

Listen and respect speakers

Inspired by a speaker? Apply it in your life!

Return to class ready to participate Use your locker and remember your combination

Dress down and be ready in 5 minutes or less

Enter tutorial calmly and ready to learn

Leave campus promptly (within 5 minutes)

Doing what’s right to take care of physical space around you and your school community – no matter who is or isn’t watching!
Use tools, materials and workspace in a safe and responsible manner

Use digital devices responsibly at appropriate times

Play sports/be active in a responsible manner

Leave it cleaner than you found it

Clean your table and throw out all garbage Set an example by bring polite, quiet and respectful Electronics off and away

Help set up and put away chairs

Leave it cleaner than you found it

Always flush toilets and wash hands

Take care of equipment

Wash clothes weekly

Show your BP pride and keep our campus clean as you leave
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.