Enrollment is done through a lottery process. Applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 1, 2019.

Families applying are encouraged to attend an Information Night in the Big Picture Cafe’. Information nights start at 6:30 pm on:

  • January 9, 17 and 23 for grades 6-12
  • January 15 for grades 9-12 (high school information only)


Big Picture School offers students a tight knit, personalized, non-traditional learning environment where students have a voice in determining what and how they learn and how they demonstrate understanding. This is a different environment from most district schools, and as such, Big Picture School is not the right fit for all students. Big Picture School requires each applicant to demonstrate motivation and commitment to the Big Picture program and learning philosophy.

Application Period

The Big Picture enrollment period typically runs from January 7 to February 1. During that time we will host information sessions for families who are interested in attending.

Enrollment Procedure

Admission to Big Picture is granted on a space available basis to those students selected under District Procedure 3120.1P. Students are primarily admitted at 6th grade. However, students in grades 7-12 may apply and be placed on a waiting list. If space is available, admission in grades 9-12 will only be offered for the beginning of the next school year at the discretion of the principal in conjunction with the Student Placement Office. Students admitted after grade 6 may need to complete extra courses to fulfill the Bellevue Big Picture graduation requirements.

Once admitted into Big Picture, students may remain through graduation, unless the student moves out of the Bellevue School District.

If a student is withdrawn from Big Picture for any reason, the student may forfeit his/her place at the school. Should the student wish to apply for readmission at a later date, the family must establish residency in the District and, if there is no waiting list and there is capacity in the requested grade, the student may be readmitted at the principal’s discretion.

New to the District?

All students new to the Bellevue School District must first register at their neighborhood school before they can apply to Big Picture. Learn how to register…