Taking the Bus to School

The Bellevue School District uses Metro Transit services for student transportation to and from Big Picture School. The initial issuing of new cards will be at our Taking Care of Business Day in August. During the school year, an ORCA Card administrator visits each school once a week to issue cards. Students will be issued their first ORCA Card each year at no cost. Learn more…

Driving to School

  1. All fines must be paid prior to purchasing a parking permit. Fines may be paid before or after school or during lunch.
  2. Students must possess a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance for a permit to be issued.
  3. The student parking fee is $100 for a single driving permit. Permit fees may be paid with cash or check.
  4. Parking fees are non-refundable.
  5. Students and parents must read, complete, sign and date the parking application.
  6. Once capacity is reached, a waiting list will be started, and permits will be issued at the approval of the principal. The Carpooling Contract must be completed in order to share a permit. Public transportation is also encouraged.
  7. Before filling out the application, please read the Bellevue School District Parking Policy and the Bellevue Big Picture School Parking Policy. Obtain the required signatures on the application.

Parking Policy

Parking a student car on the Big Picture School campus is a privilege. To gain and maintain this privilege a student must register his or her car in the office, obtain a parking permit, and drive safely! Parking permits cost $100.00 per year. Students who choose to purchase a parking permit are not eligible to obtain a Metro bus pass.

Student parking areas are open to all students with valid parking permits. During the hours 6:30am- 4:00pm all staff and visitor parking areas are off limits to students. Additional restrictions in staff areas may occur during school events.

By issuance of a permit, the Bellevue School District and/or Bellevue Big Picture School do not assume liability for any property damage to any private automobile parked on its property. The owner-operator(s) of all private vehicles accepts responsibility for their own property and agrees they are parking at their own risk.

Vehicles must be operated in a safe and legal manner at all times on the Bellevue Big Picture School campus. Because it is necessary to maintain emergency and business access to the campus, cars blocking fire lanes, emergency exits, delivery areas, bus, handicap or motorcycle zone, etc., will be towed and/or driver fined and parking privileges removed.