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Transportation for high school students will begin on April 26.

High School Transportation

View the 249 and 800 Bus Routes: 887, 824, 886 and 888 (PDF). These routes have traditionally been provided by King County Metro but will be provided by BSD district transportation, via the yellow school buses, for the time being.

ORCA Cards

Students living outside the school’s 1 mile eligibility boundary will be eligible to receive an ORCA Card. (No longer a Radial Mile. Changed to walking or driving mile.) Bellevue School District ORCA Cards will only work on King County METRO and local Sound Transit buses. Students must scan/tap their ORCA Card on the fare card reader each time they enter the bus.

BSD Student ORCA Cards are activated the first day of school and expire the last day of school each year. Students are issued a new ORCA Card each year at the school’s August Back-to-School Day or at BSD Transportation any day after the second week of August or at school starting the first day of school each year.

Download Orca Card Application