Hello Families,

Purchasing school supplies is optional for families.  While we welcome your support in purchasing supplies for our classrooms we will be providing essential items for our students throughout the year.  Here are the K-5 supply lists for your reference.

2022-2023 School Supplies List_Jing Mei

Items you may choose to send with your child will be shared with the rest of the class and help us stretch school resources further. Thank you in advance for sending any or all of these suggested supplies to school.  It is completely optional!

If you decide to purchase supplies here are some options:

  1. Order the whole list of supplies through the PTSA.  Supplies will be delivered to the school directly (see below)
  2. Purchase the supplies and bring them to school either at the Back to School Ice Cream Social in August or on the first day of school.
  3. If you can only purchase a few items or if you are unable to purchase any of the items on the list please do not worry!  School will provide additional items to each classroom that fall short of supplies.

Ordering bulk School Supply Kits through the PTSA:

  1. Go to https://www.shopttkits.com/, and enter in Account # 98344 by June 25th.
    (The ordering portal will automatically close after the deadline. Late orders cannot be accepted. Thank you for understanding.)
  2. Choose the correct kit for your student/students.
  3. Check out, leaving the shipping address as Jing Mei’s address.
  4. You are done! Your student’s supplies will be shipped directly to the school and will be available to them on the first day of school.

PTSA will need help unloading and delivering supplies. Keep an eye on ParentSquare for notifications in August on how to help.

 您可以在以下的链接看到文具清单: 2022-2023 School Supplies List_Jing Mei



  1. 通过 PTSA 订购整个文具清单。当你订购以后,清单的用品将直接送到学校(见下文)
  2. 您可以购买清单上的文具并在 8 月或开学第一天的返校是的“”冰淇淋社交活动中“ 将文具带到学校给老师。
  3. 如果您只能购买清单中一部分的文具或无法购买清单上的任何文具,请您不要担心!学校将为每间教室供应不足的物品还有提供额外的文具。

通过 PTSA 批量订购:批量订购是比较节省时间的选择。您可以在线订购,并将文具直接运送到学校。 www.shopttkits.com 请用景美学校账号 # 98344. 采购时间是6月25日以前。





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