Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at Jing Mei Elementary!

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful summer in the greater Seattle area. We are looking forward to welcoming back our students and seeing how much they’ve grown over the summer.  We want to hear about their summer adventures!


This communication is intended to provide some general information including a few important dates.  There will be additional emails and information coming out in the future.


Throughout the year each week, we will send Principal Messages via the classroom newsletters so please pay attention to your homeroom teacher’s emails.  We often announce time sensitive events and sign-ups so please pay attention to our school emails!


Prek-5th Grade Families’ Hopes and Dreams

This is an invitation for all Prek to 5th Grade families to share your hopes and dreams for your child. Your comments will inspire us as a community! Our staff will review your comments at our training on 8/28. Thank you for your partnership! Click here to share–> My Hopes and Dreams 我对新学年的期望

This is an anonymous questionnaire to gather students’ learning experiences so that teachers can know how to make learning more enjoyable for students. There are 6 questions in total, all open-ended.

The Bus route is out today:

Dismissal Survey: please let us know how your child is going home for the first two weeks: Microsoft Forms


We were happy to see many of you on Saturday with our first open house. We look forward to seeing you again and meeting our new families.  Jing Mei is a very special community because you are a part of it!



Ms. Tan,Principal 谭校长

Mr. Shelton,Principal 副校长
























欢迎和我们一起迎来了景美小学 2023-2024 新学年!








这是对所有家庭的一次邀请,从学前班到五年级,分享你们对孩子的希望和梦想。您的意见和评论将会激励我们!我们的工作人员将在 8 月28 日的培训中审核您的意见。感谢您的合作!点击这里分享–>My Hopes and Dreams 我对新学年的期望



开学前两周放学计划调查问卷:Microsoft Forms




Ms. Tan 谭校长,Mr. Shelton 副校长

Important Dates

8/23 (Wednesday) 10am-4pm Unpacking Day with Jubilee Service Support, sign up to help:
8/26 (Saturday) 8am-noon Jubilee Service Day @ Jing Mei
8/31 (Thursday) 4om-6pm Back to School Social @ Jing Mei (for Prek to 5th Grade students and families)
9/4 (Monday) All Day Labor Day (No School)
9/5 (Tuesday)


1st-5th Grade FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

1st-5th Grade Parents Welcome Coffee @ 9am-10am

9/1, 9/5, 9/6  (Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday) Kindergarten WAKids Parent-Teacher Conference

See Ms. Naomi’s email for sign-up links.

9/9 (Friday)



Kindergarten Parent Welcome Coffee @ 9am-10am

9/11 Pre K students’ first day
10/12 Curriculum Night for all Jing Mei Families (More info will come on grade level’s specific time.)



8/23 (周三) 10am-4pm Jubilee 服务日支持一起开箱,注册即可获得帮助:

8/26 (周六) 8am-noon Jubilee 服务日支持一起开箱和布置教室
8/31 (周四) 4pm-6pm 返校见面会@Jing Mei(为学前班至五年级的学生和家庭开放)
9/4 (周一) All Day 劳动节(不上学)
9/5 (周二)



一到五年级开学家长小聚_共享咖啡@ 9am-10am

9/1, 9/5, 9/6  (周五, 周二, 周三) 幼儿园WAKids家长会

请参阅 Ms. Naomi 的电子邮件以获取注册链接。

9/9 (周五)



幼儿园开学家长小聚_共享咖啡@ 9am-10am

9/11 学前班开学第一天
10/12 课程之夜, 对所有景美家庭(具体时间会在之后公布。)
Back to School Social

We are eager to see you and the students back on campus!

Please join us for our back to school social and get excited about returning to school.

This will be a good time to walk around the campus, meet your teacher, enjoy cold treats from the PTSA, and take care of back-to school business such as:

-see our new campus/classroom and be familiar with the building

-meet your teachers and classmates

-meet other parents from your class

-connect with staff and PTSA leaders

-if your student is new to school bus ride, we have a bus at 5:00 to take students to a neighborhood ride!

-receive important documents-such as pick-up procedures, attendance, photo consent forms, etc.

-donate funds to school supplies

-Verify your student data on ParentVue or in person

Who:  Jing Mei parents, staff, and students (Prek to 5th Grade)

Where:  Undercover area behind the school

When:  Thursday 8/31 at 4pm-6pm



您可以在校园里散步、与老师会面、享受 PTSA 准备的冷餐,也可以处理各种返校事务,例如:

– 参观我们的新校园/教室并熟悉整个建筑

– 认识你的老师和同学

– 认识班上的其他家长

– 与员工和PTSA 领导建立联系

– 如果您的学生是第一次乘坐校车,在下午五点会有一辆校车,为学生在学校附近提供一次亲身体验!

– 接收一些重要文件-如接送程序、考勤、照片肖像权的同意书等。

– 捐款购买学校用品

– 在 ParentVue 上或亲自验证您的学生数据



时间:8 31 日星期四下午4 点至6 点(校车于下午5 点前到达,提供校车体验)

First Day of School: 

1st-5th Grade students’ first day is 9/5, it is a full day.

REMEMBER, the first day for kindergarteners is on 9/9.

September 11th – First day of preschool for full day (school day/working day) students

School day preschool is from 9:10-3:40 for Sep 11th.

Work day preschool is from 7-6pm for Sep 11th.



特别提醒,幼儿园孩子的开学日是 9 月 9 日。

9 月 11 日 – 是学前班学生(学生日/工作日)的开学日

9 月 11 日学生日学前班的上课时间为早上9点10分至下午3点40分。

9 月 11 日工作日学前班的上课时间为早上 7 点至傍晚 6 点。

Jing Mei’s Daily Blocks (K-5th Grade)

Start of Day 9:00am (Students should arrive at school by 8:55. Classrooms open at 8:55, main door unlock and Hallway supervision starts at 8:45.)

End of Day(M, T, TH, F) is 3:30 pm (1:10pm pick up on Wednesdays)


For details about your student’s grade level schedule please look here:

2023-2024 Jing Mei Daily Time/Bell Schedule (as of 6/30/2023)

8:45 First Bell – Front Doors Open to Building
9:00 Tardy Bell – Instruction Begins


Grade (# of classes) Lunch Recess
Kindergarten (4) 11:05-11:30 11:30-11:45
1st Grade (3) 11:20-11:45 11:45-12:00
2nd Grade (3) 11:35-12:00 12:00-12:15
3rd Grade (3) 11:50-12:15 12:15-12:30
4th Grade (3) 12:05-12:30 12:30-12:45
5th Grade (3) 12:20-12:45 12:45-1:00
PreK (4) 12:35-1:00


1:45-2:00 Afternoon Recess: Kindergarten and 1st Grade


2:00-2:15 Afternoon Recess: 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade




Afternoon Recess: 4th Grade and 5th Grade



Wednesday Early Dismissal @1:10

Preschool Schedule 

Regular School Day Schedule (M, T, Th, F)             9:10 am – 3:40 pm

Regular School Day Schedule (Wednesday)          9:10 am -1:20 pm

Extended Day/Work Day Schedule (M-F)              7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Pre K Lunch                                                                 12:35 pm – 1:00 pm


Preschool families will use the right-side entrance to Early Learning to drop off and pick up students.

景美的日程安排 (幼儿园到五年级)

学校上课时间是早上9点整 开始(学生应于 8:55am 之前到达学校,同时大门会解锁,教室门会打开 ,学校走廊监管于 8:45 开始。)

学校结束时间(周一、周日、周四、周五)为下午 3:30(周三下午 1:10 结束)


2023-2024 景美每日时间表/打铃时间安排 (截至到6/30/2024

8:45 第一个铃声–大楼前门打开
9:00 迟到铃– 上课开始


年级 (# of 班级) 午餐 下课
幼儿园 (4) 11:05-11:30 11:30-11:45
一年级 (3) 11:20-11:45 11:45-12:00
二年级 (3) 11:35-12:00 12:00-12:15
三年级 (3) 11:50-12:15 12:15-12:30
四年级 (3) 12:05-12:30 12:30-12:45
五年级 (3) 12:20-12:45 12:45-1:00
学前班 (4) 12:35-1:00


1:45-2:00 下午下课: Kindergarten and 1st Grade


2:00-2:15 下午下课: 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade




下午下课: 4th Grade and 5th Grade



周三放学时间(半天/提前) @1:10


普通上学日(周一,二, 四和五)             9:10 am – 3:40 pm

普通上学日 (周三)                                        9:10 am -1:20 pm

延长/工作日 (周一到周五)                         7:00 am – 6:00 pm

学前班午餐                                                               12:35 pm – 1:00 pm


Before/After School Care @ Jing Mei for K-5th Grade students

The Bellevue Boys and Girls Club will be offering before/after school care on our campus for the 2023-2024 school year.  To register please visit their website:

Before School: 7:00-8:45 a.m.

Afterschool – 6:30 p.m.

Please note that the program is currently full but you can join the waitlist. I am working with BGC to add more spots to the current placement.

First day of BGC before and afterschool care is 9/5/2023 and last until 6/14/2023.

景美的 K-5 年级学生课前/课后托管服务

贝尔维尤男孩女孩俱乐部将于 2023-2024 学年在我们的校园提供课前/课后托管服务。如需注册,请访问他们的网站:

课前: 7:00-8:45 a.m.

课后 – 6:30 p.m.

请注意,该服务目前已满,但您可以加入候补名单。我正在与 BGC 合作,致力于添加更多名额。

BGC 课前和课后托管的第一天是 2023 9 5日直至2024614日。


If your child is taking the school bus home, please check out the updated bus route information here:

The Bus route is out today:

Returning students who ride BSD buses may continue to use last year’s scan cards for boarding the bus this school year. Please contact us at [email protected] to replace lost cards. Scan cards will be sent to your student’s school for distribution.




过去乘坐 BSD 校车的返校学生本学年可继续使用去年的扫描卡乘车。请通过[email protected] 联系我们补卡。校车卡将发送到您学生的学校进行分发。

Kindergarten Families:  Parent-Teacher Conference 9/1, 9/2, 9/6

The Washington State WAKids initiative recognizes that success at school means a strong home-school connection.  We would like to invite kindergarten parents for a start-of-school-year virtual conference with their teachers to learn about each child’s strengths and home support.  Ms. Naomi has emailed kindergarten parents with information as well as links to signing up for the 20-minute conference.  You have the option of meeting in person or online.  If you are a kindergarten parent and you haven’t signed up for a conference slot, please check for the email Ms. Naomi sent on 8/17. Call or email Naomi if you did not receive her email for Kindergarten conference sign up.

幼儿园家庭:家长会9/19/2 9/6

华盛顿州 WAKids 倡议人认识到,学生在学校取得成功意味着家庭与学校有着牢固的联系。我们想邀请幼儿园家长与老师一起参加开学的会议,以了解每个孩子的优势和家庭支持。 Ms. Naomi 已通过电子邮件向幼儿园家长发送了信息以及报名参加 20 分钟会议的链接。您可以选择亲自或在线会面。如果您是幼儿园家长,并且尚未报名参加会议,请查看 Ms. Naomi 于 8/17 发送的电子邮件。如果您没有收到幼儿园会议注册电子邮件,请致电或发送电子邮件给她。

Class Placement:  I will share the staff information next week. You will be notified of your child’s final teacher/class placement via email on August 31st before 4pm. Anything before august 31st can be changed as we are still testing new students in to balance classes. If you do not receive an email from your child’s teacher on 8/31, feel free to come by on 8/31 4-6 for our Back to School Social event to find out your child’s placement. Also, you can call or stop by Jing Mei office beginning on August 31st. Here is our main office’s number 425.456.4300. 班级安排:下周我将分享员工信息。您将在 8 月 31 日下午 4 点之前通过电子邮件收到您孩子的最终教师/班级安排的通知。在8月31日前我们还在招收新学生和安排考试,所以在8月31日前的安排都不是最后的分班计划。如果您在 8 月 31 日那天没有收到孩子老师发来的电子邮件,您也可以参加8 月 31 日 下午4点到6点参加我们的返校社交活动,以了解您孩子的老师和班级情况。另外,从8月31日起,您可以致电或前往景美办事处咨询相关信息。办公室的电话号码为 425.456.4300。
School Supplies


School Supplies Donation

      • Please confirm that the recipient is “Bellevue Mandarin Dual Language PTSA, Bellevue, WA” with the email address of [email protected]
      • Enter “School Supplies” in the Memo
      • Enter your contribution amount.  Suggested amount is $25 or more per student.







• 请确认收件人是“Bellevue Mandarin Dual Language PTSA, Bellevue, WA”,电子邮件地址为[email protected]

• 在备注栏里填写“学校用品”

• 输入您的捐款金额。建议金额为每位学生 25 美元或更多

2023-2024 School Meal Benefit Application

The online application, available in English, Spanish and Chinese, only takes a few minutes and is the fastest, easiest way to get approved. Complete only one application per household. List all students enrolled in a BSD school and all household members on the application. Families may reapply during the school year if financial or household size changes occur.


Families may also print and complete a paper application to apply for school meal benefits.  Completed applications should be mailed to Nutrition Services at 12037 NE 5th Street, Bellevue WA  98005.

*For applications in other languages, please go to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service website.  Disregard the application reference to 2016-17.


Parents/guardians will receive written notification when the application has been processed. Please retain a copy of the eligibility letter as it may be needed at later times during the year for discounts on programs offered in your community such as internet or sports club participation. Applications may take up to 10 days to process.


Families that qualify for Basic Food/SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), TANF, FDPIR, ECEAP, Foster Care, Homeless, or Migrant are automatically enrolled in the school meal program as “Directly Certified” for free meals.  Some Medicaid programs through DSHS may directly certify your student for free or reduced price school meals.

Families that are directly certified do not need to complete the annual application for school meal benefits.

If your student(s) are directly certified, family/guardians must complete the “consent to share” form so that your student’s eligibility status can be shared to access resources offered by the Family Engagement Specialists or to have fees waived for IB, AP and World Language tests; extracurricular activities such as ASB dues, event registrations, field trips, performances, social event/dances, sporting events, transportation fees, athletic fees, required uniforms; discounted summer school tuition.


在线申请有英语、西班牙语和中文版本,只需几分钟,是获得批准的最快、最简单的方式。每个家庭只需完成一份申请。在申请表上列出就读 BSD 学校的所有学生所有家庭成员。如果财务或家庭规模发生变化,家庭可以在学年期间重新申请


家庭还可以打印并填写纸质申请表来申请学校膳食福利。填妥的申请表应邮寄至 Nutrition Services,地址为:12037 NE 5th Street, Bellevue WA 98005。

*对于其他语言的申请,请访问USDA Food and Nutrition Service 网站忽略2016-17 年度的申请参考


申请处理完毕后,家长/监护人将收到书面通知。请保留一份资格函副本,因为在本学年晚些时候,您可能需要使用它来享受您所在社区提供的其它项目(例如互联网络或参与体育俱乐部)的折扣。申请的处理时间可能长达 10 天。

有资格获得基本食品/SNAP(以前称为食品券)、TANF、FDPIR、ECEAP、寄养家庭、无家可归者或移民的家​​庭将自动加入学校供餐计划,作为“直接认证”的免费餐食。 DSHS 的一些医疗补助计划可能会直接向您的学生证明免费或减价校餐。


如果您的学生直接获得认证,家人/监护人必须填写“同意分享”表格,以便可以分享您学生的资格状态,以获取家庭参与专家提供的资源或免除 IB、AP 和世界语言测试;课外活动,例如 ASB 会费、活动注册、实地考察、表演、社交活动/舞蹈、体育赛事、交通、运动费、所需制服;夏令营学费折扣。

同意分享 – 中文 (PDF)

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.