Schedule Change Guidelines:

**Any request for a schedule change must be submitted to the counselor before the 3rd day of the beginning of the marking period. Changes to student schedules create an impact on many other courses, and therefore can only be made on a limited basis**

Acceptable reason for a change: Unacceptable reasons for a change:
Student is missing a required class. Student prefers a different teacher.
Student was inappropriately placed based upon grade level. Student wants to be with friends/wants a different lunch.
Student is scheduled in a class he/she did not request. Student is not earning an A or B, or is earning low grades in a class.

Please speak directly with the classroom teacher before requesting a schedule change. Teacher communication should be the first step in any resolution.

Physical Education and Health Requirement:

The Bellevue School District believes strongly in the PE/health curriculum we offer and that every student should have the opportunity to experience it. Middle school students must be fully enrolled in 7 courses and there is no provision for waiving middle school PE or Health in the Bellevue School District. 

Support Class Placement:

Students placing below standard on the SmarterBalance assessment and placing below the 50thpercentile on the STAR assessment may be placed in a math or reading support class. This support class would replace and elective.

Accelerated Course Placement:

Students in accelerated tracks of study; beyond the courses offered at the middle school level need to be aware of the following:

  • Based upon enrollment, these courses may be taught off campus at a BSD high school or other BSD middle school. Families may be required to provide transportation.
  • Tillicum tries work with geographically close schools, though we cannot guarantee which the school at which the course would be available.
  • Tillicum works to have these courses scheduled at a time that is convenient, though we cannot guarantee the time of day the course is offered.
  • While we will make it a priority to make sure students placed in all of their required courses and requests, given the constraints in scheduling with other schools, and the fact that accelerated students may have other singleton courses, we may run into additional scheduling conflicts for 8thgrade which we cannot be anticipated.


International Spanish Academy (ISA) Course Options:

Our goal is to support each ISA student for successful completion of the ISA program. Prior to any schedule changes the counselor should schedule a meeting with the student, family, and ISA program teacher(s) to create a Language Improvement plan and determine steps that can be taken to support the student. It is also important to note that ISA is a choice program for students and families, and they can opt out and attend their home middle school at any time.

If a student continues to struggle in one or more of the ISA program courses, there are the recommended options.  These are not required of any student, each family can make their own decisions based on what they believe is best for their student.

  1. Take the Language Literature and Culture (LLC) Class in Spanish, and take SS in English.
    • This is a good option for students who want to maintain and strengthen their basic language communication skills in Spanish. The LLC coursework is rigorous, and the student will be expected to keep up, but they will have only one Spanish course to focus on.  (student is no longer officially in the ISA Program, but will be able to maintain their Spanish Language class)
  2. Take SS in Spanish only.  Do not take a Spanish Language class.
    • This is a good option for strong native speakers who want to have more elective options, but would like to have one of their classes in Spanish. (student is no longer officially in the ISA Program, but will be able to maintain a Spanish Language class)

Decisions should be data based and include assessment results (DELE, STAMP, SLA) and input from the student’s ISA program teachers. Changes should occur only after initial steps to support the student have occurred (language improvement plan, regular attendance during tutorial, grammar tutorials, lunchtime grammar groups, match with GEM tutor, etc.).

Timeline: ISA course changes should coincide with the beginning of a marking period.