Email parking questions to BHS Parking Support.

Bellevue School District Student Parking Policy:

“By issuance of this permit, the Bellevue School District does not assume liability for any property damage to any private automobile parked on the property. The owner/operator(s) of all private vehicles accept responsibility for their own property & agree that they are parking at their own risk.”

Bellevue School District administrators have the right to search your vehicle upon request if it is on Bellevue High School property. The vehicles are also subject to random sweeps by canine units trained in detecting illegal substances.

Purpose of Parking Fees
The purpose is to assure the safety & security of Bellevue, and to deter students from violating safe driving & parking practices. Funds generated by parking fees are used to pay for supervision of all parking lots on BHS campus, upgrades, maintenance, costs related to parking registration & maintenance of ticket records, parking facility, & other school-related costs.

Bellevue High School Parking Permit Guidelines:

Student parking areas are open to all students with a valid parking permit during the hours of 6:30 am – 3:30 pm. Parking without a permit may result in your vehicle being towed.

  • All fines must be paid prior to purchasing a parking permit. This includes parking fines accumulated in previous years. Fines may be paid online.
  • The student parking fee is $100. For students on Free/Reduced lunch, the fee is $50 (contact Parking Specialist).
  • Running Start & those attending WANIC classes at other schools must have a permit to park at Bellevue. Non-Bellevue WANIC students may park for free after a parking application has been completed and a permit has been issued at home school and shown to the parking specialist.
  • Students must complete the online application, which acknowledges they/parent or guardian have read the rules and regulations. Public transportation is also encouraged.
  • Priority will be given to carpools, then seniors, then juniors. Any remaining spots will then be awarded to licensed sophomores.
  • Students may request to be put on the waitlist if they get their license after all permits are sold. Please note that being waitlisted does not guarantee you a permit, and you will not be allowed to park on campus while on the waitlist.

Rules & Consequences for Violations:
Parking/Driving citations carry a $30 fine. Failure to pay fines and/or repeated violations will result in loss of parking permit and/or your vehicle being towed:

Reasons for parking violations include:

Parking in spaces at ANY TIME listed below will be subject to towing without notice

  • Fire lane
  • Bus zone
  • Handicap
  • Staff
  • Visitor
  • Reserved

Improper parking:

  • Over the line
  • Blocking access
  • On grass areas

Reasons for moving violations include:

  • Speed
  • Unsafe driving
  • Running stop signs
  • Misuse of vehicle (doing doughnuts, riding on sidewalks, cutting people off)

All tickets received for moving violations and for areas listed above will not be rescinded.

  1. Permits must be clearly displayed.
  2. No Falsification, misrepresentation, reselling, or possession of another student’s parking permit. Parking privileges may be suspended or revoked for these acts & additional fees imposed.
  3. If you wish to dispute a parking ticket you receive, you must do so with the parking supervisor, within five (5) school days. No changes will be made for tickets older than five school days. Disputing a parking ticket does not necessarily result in a reduction or elimination of the fine.
  4. For a student without a permit, with three or more parking violations, a tow warning letter will be issued. Continued violations after receiving a tow warning will result in the violator’s vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. Towed vehicles will be assessed a fine from Bellevue High School in addition to fees charged by the other agencies.
  5. All fines must be paid by the end of each quarter, or the parking permit may be suspended until the fines are paid.No reimbursement will be given if the parking permit is suspended. If you park on campus while your permit is suspended, you will receive a tow warning letter. Subsequent violations will result in your vehicle being towed at owner’s expense.

Lost parking tags will not be replaced.

Email parking questions to BHS Parking Support.