Metro Transit

Students living outside the school’s walk boundary will be eligible to receive an ORCA Card. The ORCA Card should be kept secure and in good condition. A lost, stolen or damaged ORCA Card may be replaced at a cost of $25. The old card will be deactivated and the new card activated. The ORCA Cards are active from the first day of school and will be good through the last day of school. Students and/or guardians are required to sign an initial issue form or a reactivation form which outlines district transportation’s rules of use for ORCA Cards.

Learn more about transportation and view the routes here.

Bellevue High School Parking Policy (2022-2023)

  1. All fines must be paid prior to purchasing a parking permit. This includes parking fines accumulated in previous years. Fines may be paid before or after school or during lunch or online.
  2. The student parking fee is $100. Running Start & those attending WANIC classes at other schools must have a permit to park at Bellevue. Non-Bellevue WANIC students may park for free where assigned with a parking permit once they have paid for parking at their home school. Everyone needs to turn in a signed parking contract. Permit fees may be paid at the Accountant Office or online. Parking permits may be picked up during yet to be determined August dates prior to the start of school, or after said dates in the Main Office by appointment. You must present a receipt to receive your parking permit.
  3. All students & parents must read, complete, & initial the online parking application.
  4. Students must complete the online application, which acknowledges they have read the rules and regulations. Public transportation is also encouraged.
  5. If a student has a parking pass, they cannot get a district provided Metro Pass.
  6. Priority will be given to carpools, then seniors, then juniors. Any remaining spots will then be awarded to licensed sophomores.

Bellevue School District Parking Policy:
“By issuance of this permit, the Bellevue School District does not assume liability for any property damage to any private automobile parked on the property. The owner/operator(s) of all private vehicles accept responsibility for their own property & agree that they are parking at their own risk.”

Please Note: Bellevue High School administrators have the right to search your vehicle upon request if it is on Bellevue High School property. The vehicles are also subject to random sweeps by canine units trained in detecting illegal substances.

Purpose of Parking Fees
The purpose is to assure the safety & security of Bellevue, and to deter students from violating safe driving & parking practices. Funds generated by parking fees are used to pay for supervision of all parking lots on BHS campus, upgrades, maintenance, costs related to parking registration & maintenance of ticket records, parking facility, & other school-related costs.

What are the Rules & Consequences for violations?
Parking citations carry a minimum $30 fine depending on the severity and/or frequency, additional penalties and/or discipline consequences up to & including temporary or permanent loss of parking privileges, and will be issued for the following:

  1. Parking without a valid & visible permit. Permits must be clearly displayed on the rear-view mirror or on the dash.
  2. Improper parking of vehicle, including not properly parking in the stall (taking more than one place or blocking accessibility), parking in restricted areas (fire lanes, bus lanes, handicap only, staff or visitor parking areas, the bus zone, grass etc.) or not parking in assigned parking area.
  3. Moving violation (speed, unsafe driving, running a stop sign, misuse of vehicle). The speed limit in the parking lots is 10 MPH.
  4. Falsification, misrepresentation, reselling, or possession of another student’s parking permit.
  5. Students may not borrow, loan, or resell parking permits to other students. Parking privileges may be suspended or revoked for these acts & additional fees imposed.
  6. No student may park in the Staff Lot nearest the main office without prior administrator approval. This includes all Reserved, Visitor, Staff and Handicapped parking spaces.
  7. A fine will be issued for parking in a handicap space without a valid & visible state handicap parking permit, issued to the driver of the car. Car is subject to ticket and/or impound from the Police Department. (minimum $450 ticket)
  8. Bellevue PD will issue a ticket for parking in a Fire Lane (minimum fine is $100) and/or impoundment.
  9. If you wish to dispute a parking ticket you receive, you must do so with the parking supervisor, within five (5) days. No changes will be made for tickets older than five school days. Disputing a parking ticket does not necessarily result in a reduction or elimination of the fine. Please note that no fines for parking in Staff, Reserved, Visitor, Handicapped, or Fire Lane spaces (Regardless of Lot) will be rescinded.
  10. For a student with more than three violations, a referral will be written, & parents will be contacted. A towing warning letter may be issued.
  11. Parking fines must be paid by the end of each quarter, or the parking permit may be revoked until the parking fines are paid. No reimbursement will be given if the parking permit is revoked.
  12. A student may not have a handicap parking pass and play on a sport team without prior approval from the principal.
  13. Student parking areas are open to all students with a valid parking permit. During the hours 6:30 am – 4:00 pm, staff, visitor and reserved spaces are off limits to students. Reserved parking is always off limits and will result in an immediate ticket.
  14. Lost parking tags will not be replaced.
  15. Students will be assigned to a “Lot” and must park in their assigned “Lot” unless told otherwise.

Repeated violators may be towed at the owner’s expense. Violations & sanctions are specifically detailed in the Discipline Policy. Cars towed will be assessed a fine from Bellevue High School in addition to fees charged by the other agencies.


For Emergency single day parking, you must email the main office in advance and include a picture of students driver’s license and current insurance card. We will reply back acknowledging the request and tell you where to park for that day. You can request emergency parking up to 5 days a year. The cost for emergency parking is $5.00 per day.