Below you’ll find an update on our efforts to deepen our practice implementing the ten BPL distinguishers. We recently conducted our School Success Study and are now in the initial phases of forming the Steering Committee. It’s so rewarding to approach this process collaboratively with our community, learning and growing together!

February Recap

BP Staff and Student at City of Bellevue Internship
Team visiting Matthew and his mentor at City of Bellevue Internship

On February 28 and 29, our partners from the national Big Picture Learning Network were onsite to engage many school stakeholders in our School Success Study. They met with students, staff, parents/guardians, visited classrooms, advisories, internships, and staff meetings. In advance of the visit, they reviewed school documents, data, student work samples, etc. This study will help us identify the ways our school is successfully implementing the 10 Big Picture Learning (BPL) distinguishers and supporting the needs of our students while also identifying gaps that can be improved. The result will be a synopsis of “celebrations and opportunities,” i.e., areas of strength and areas where we can do better.

What’s Happening Next: The Steering Committee

Next, the community Steering Committee will be formed. The Steering Committee will be comprised of approximately 20 students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Assisted by professional facilitators, they will review the School Succes Study along with other data and community input, design and evaluate options, collaborate with the school’s Building Leadership Team at key decision points and prepare a recommended plan for Superintendent Aramaki.

How Decisions Will Get Made

The process will be guided by Equity-Driven Decision Making. This framework helps participants define priorities, barriers, and constraints and evaluate the extent to which the final plan furthers justice and belonging. The Steering Committee’s formal decision-making practices will follow our school’s Building Leadership Team (BLT) protocols, with an emphasis on inclusion and consensus.

How to Get Involved

If you’re interested in joining the steering committee, please use the link emailed to all students and families to express interest. Forms are due by March 21. We will be hosting additional focus groups and engagement opportunities for our school community later this spring.

The Timeline

The updated design will be completed in winter 2025. Phase 1 implementation will start in the fall of 2025:

  • February 2024 – School Success Study
  • March/April 2024 – Community connection learning about distinguishers
  • May-August – Design options version 1
  • September/October 2024 – Feedback on design version 1 with community
  • November/December 2025 – Refine design based on community input
  • January 2025 – Plan for implementation
  • September 2025 – Phase 1 implementation

Contact Us

Contact Bethany Spinler at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

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