Family Engagement/Family Connections Center

Welcome Back to the Family Connections Center!

Newport Heights Family Engagement Specialist –  Ana Lewis, call/text 425.410.5221

Welcome back to an exciting new school year with lots of changes, support and above all, learning!  In this era of COVID-19, things are constantly changing!  Please see below for updates and contact me at or call/text 425.410.5221 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Family Connections Welcome Form—NEW!

If your student qualifies for free and reduced lunch or if your family is facing financial hardship, you can apply to programs offered by our community partners. If you are interested, please complete the online form for each BSD student so that your family can be added to the appropriate community program list.  Please select your home school when completing this form.  Note: Being on a program list does not guarantee participation as these programs are funded and managed by our community partners (Bellevue LifeSpring, Backpack Meals, Jubilee REACH, Assistance League of the Eastside, Eastside Baby Corner, Congregation for Kids and more!).   Please complete the form in this link:  

 Family Connections Centers Locations and Hours of Operation

  • Lake Hills Elementary, 9AM-3PM, M-F
  • Stevenson Elementary, 10AM-4PM, M-F

BSD’s Family Connections Centers are open to all BSD students and families. In addition to providing families with food and hygiene items as needed, staff will continue to provide families with information about resources and services available in Bellevue.  To learn more about our Family Connections Centers, please follow this link:



如果您的學生有資格享用免費午餐或半價午餐,或者您的家庭面臨經濟困難,您可以申請我們的社區合作夥伴提供的協助項目。如果您有興趣, 請填寫每個 本學區 學生的線上申請表, 以便您的家庭可以加入相關的社區服務名單中。 請在填寫此表格時選擇您的學校。 注意:即使在名單上並不能保證一定能實際參與,因為這些項目由我們的社區合作夥伴資助及管理(貝爾維尤 LifeSpring、背包餐、JUBILEE REACH、東區援助聯盟、東區嬰兒、背包及學用品等等!  有意者請填寫此連結中的表格:


  • Lake Hills 小學, 周一至周五 上午九時-下午三時
  • Stevenson 小學, 周一至周五上午十時-下午四時

本學區 的家庭聯絡中心向所有 學區 學生及家庭開放。除了根據需要向家庭提供食品和衛生用品外, 工作人員將繼續向家庭提供有關貝爾維尤現有資源和服務的資訊。 要瞭解有關我們家庭聯絡中心更多資訊,請按照以下鏈接:HTTPs://


¡NUEVO! Formulario de Bienvenida de Centro de Conexiones Familiares

Si su estudiante califica para almuerzo gratis o reducido o si su familia está atravesando dificultades financieras, puede inscribirse a los programas ofrecidos por nuestros socios comunitarios. Si está interesado, complete el formulario en línea para cada estudiante inscrito en el Distrito Escolar de Bellevue para que su familia pueda ser agregada a la lista de programas comunitarios apropiados. Seleccione su escuela de origen al completar este formulario. Nota: Estar en una lista de programas no garantiza la participación, ya que estos programas son financiados y administrados por nuestros socios comunitarios (Bellevue LifeSpring, Jubilee REACH, Assistance League of the Eastside, Eastside Baby Corner, Congregation for Kids y más). Complete el formulario en este enlace:

Horas de funcionamiento de los Centros de Conexiones familiares

  • Escuela Primaria Lake Hills, lunes a viernes, de 9:00 a.m. A 3:00 p.m.
  • Stevenson Elementary, de lunes a viernes, de 10:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m.


Los Centros de Conexiones Familiares del Distrito Escolar de Bellevue están abiertos a todos los estudiantes y familias de BSD. Además de proporcionar a las familias alimentos y los artículos de higiene que necesiten, el personal puede brindarles información sobre los recursos y servicios disponibles en Bellevue. Para obtener más información sobre nuestros Centros de Conexiones Familiares, visite este enlace:

Breaktime Mealtime Safeway Vouchers

Bellevue LifeSpring is a community partner that generally provides food vouchers during school breaks.  With COVID-9, Bellevue LifeSpring has been most generous and to date has provided vouchers since March! These vouchers vary in value ($50-$100/student) but are given to each qualifying BSD enrolled student. If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the Family Connections Welcome Form.

Free & Reduced Priced Meals Program

Don’t forget to reapply for the Free & Reduced Priced Meals Program.  Participating in this program may qualify your students for other programs such as the recent Pandemic-EBT.  Please be sure to complete Part 5 (WAIVER Form) and check that you would like to receive family services and programs information from the Family Connections Centers.  If you have any questions regarding this program or your application, please contact Nutrition Services or call 425.456.4507 between 7am -3:30pm.

Pre-Ordered Meals

Meals2Go – New Additional Options!

Nutrition Services has partnered with BSD Transportation Department to offer more meal service options! From 6pm to 9am, you can preorder meals for next day pick-up. Families may contact Nutrition Services at 425-456-4507 between 7:00-9:00 am to place an order for same day meal pick up.  Preorder meals can be picked up from 19 locations around the district. Click here for locations. This is in addition to Newport Heights and the other six Meals2Go sites. Families can preorder meals for their children by using the  online order form. Thanks to the BSD bus drivers for delivering these meals! For more information or questions, please visit Nutrition Services or call 425.456.4507.

Visit for the latest information regarding childcare resources in the local community.

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