Guide to coaching your student:
I do it, we do it, you do it

Soon, our teens will need to manage their decisions as part of keeping themselves physically and mentally healthy at college or otherwise out of your house. To prepare, try a method we use in the classroom to teach them how you reach informed decisions.

This process will allow you to coach them throughout high school on most any topic.

  •  I do it. When you make decisions or set boundaries, share all the information that you base that decision on. You are not justifying your choice. Simply make your thinking visible to your student so that they can learn from your example of how to base a choice on clear thinking.
  • We do it. Next time there’s something to decide, sit down and work through the information together. Ask your student questions about what information would be relevant and helpful. Let them gather facts that support their choices. Share the discussion and the final decision.
  • You do it. Ultimately, your student will learn to research the information and weigh the possibilities before they come to you. Initially, you’ll want to ask them to go over their thinking with you, but more and more, you can let them take charge as they demonstrate responsible choices.
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