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NHS Clubs:

The 2023 – 2024 Club List below is being continuously updated as new club leadership reactivates their programs. If the club you expect to see is not here, check back soon.

You can find the club list with descriptions HERE.

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AASU (Asian American Student Union)Friday (every other) 3:35LibraryWong ([email protected])
Anime and Manga GuildFridays1114Bosone ([email protected])
Archaeology ClubTuesdays 3:351112Falkenhagen ([email protected])
Art in ActionTuesday (every other) 3:402405Bitter ([email protected])
Artificial Intelligence ClubWednesdays2114Swihart and Brown ([email protected], [email protected])
ASL ClubWednesday (every other) 12:45 - 1:301102Boschker ([email protected])
ASPENClass3119Feder ([email protected])
Astronomy ClubTBDSoetrisno ([email protected])
Badminton ClubMonday 7:00 - 8:00 AMMain GymNimmo ([email protected])
Biology ClubFriday 3:302121Anchondo ([email protected])
Bird ClubThursday (every other) 3:301113Swann ([email protected])
Black Student Union (BSU)Friday 3:30 - 4:20Blake ([email protected])
Calligraphy ClubFriday (every other) 3:351110Soetrisno ([email protected])
Chemistry ClubTuesday (every other) 3:35 - 4:303118Nehring ([email protected])
Chess ClubThursday (3:30 - 4:30)1102Eastman ([email protected])
Chinese Chess ClubFridays (every other)3109Chen ([email protected])
Chinese CultureMonday 3:30 - 4:302105Chuang-Mendel ([email protected])
ChoirClass1225Fisher ([email protected])
Cisco Project ClubDaily 3:4011:07Mason ([email protected]) and Hansen ([email protected])
CORE (College/Career, Organization, Revision, and Engagement)Wednesday 1:00LibraryRios ([email protected])
Cover and ChoreographyThursday 3:30 - 4:30Circuit RoomFalkenhagen ([email protected])
Cross Disability Solidarity ClubMonday 3:352124McGee ([email protected])
Cybersecurity ClubTuesday 3:40 - 4:302121Anchondo ([email protected])
Days for GirlsTuesday (every other) 3:30 1102Eastman ([email protected])
DECAWednesday 1:00 to 1:451201 or Lecture HallBorth ([email protected])
Digital Media ClubThursday (every other) 3:302412Hamada ([email protected])
DramaMonday 3:30 - 4:301207Nonis ([email protected]) and Kaskes ([email protected])
Dungeons and Dragons ClubWednesday 1:002405Bitter ([email protected])
E Sports ClubMonday 3:30 2106Lasby ([email protected] and Soetrisno ([email protected])
Eco ClubThursday (every other) 3:303108J Doran ([email protected])
Entomology ClubThursdays (1st and 3rd)3115Calinog ([email protected])
Fashion for GoodFridays 3:402118Sawyer ([email protected])
Fashion for the FutureTBDD Church
FCCLAWednesday (Sept-Nov) Thursday (Dec-June)Culinary RoomChurch ([email protected])
French ClubTuesday (every other) 3:30 - 4:001102Eastman ([email protected])
GSAThursday 3:303119Feder ([email protected])
HOSAThursday 3:303114Bohlinger ([email protected])
Hunger ProjectTBD
Investment ClubMonday 4:00 to 5:001109Tate ([email protected])
JSATuesday 3:351103Milton ([email protected])
Key ClubFriday (every other) 3:35Lecture HallMarrow ([email protected])
Knight PicsTuesdays (every other)2406Foti ([email protected])
Knights who CareMonday 3:351104Hauser ([email protected])
Knights Who CodeMonday 3:35 to 4:151404Walker ([email protected])
Knit Arts ClubTuesdays (every other) 3:402103Thompson ([email protected])
K-Pop ClubFriday 3:352122W Lin ([email protected])
Math ClubMondays (3:40-4:30)3109L Chen ([email protected])
Mindfulness and Meditation ClubMondays 3:403111Gray ([email protected])
Model UNTuesday 3:35 - 4:302116Florsheim
Multiracial Student UnionTuesdays (every other)2113Floro ([email protected])
Music 4 EveryoneMonday 3:351225Blough ([email protected])
Music Creators ClubThursday 3:30 - 4:402407Wilbert ([email protected])
National History DayFridays 3:30Portable 1Valaas ([email protected])
National Honor SocietyWednesdays 1:00Main GymReese ([email protected])
Neuroscience ClubTuesdays (every other) 3:403115Calinog ([email protected])
New GenThursday 3:402110Heckendorn ([email protected])
Newport BakesMonday (every other)1401 (Culinary Room)Green ([email protected])
Newport KnivesTBD1401Green ([email protected])
Newport Writing ClubFriday 3:402114Svetlana Metodieva ([email protected])
NRG RoboticsTuesday and Thursday 6:00 - 8:00 PMESC WestR Doran ([email protected])
Ocean Science ClubThursday 3:30 3111Gray ([email protected])
Philosophy ClubWednesdays (every other)2112Floro ([email protected])
Pickleball ClubTuesdays 7:00 amMain GymBrowell ([email protected])
Programming ClubThursday 3:401403Yang ([email protected])
Psychology ClubMondays 3:402104Anchondo ([email protected])
Red Cross ClubFriday 3:303118Nehring ([email protected])
RocketryTuesday and Friday 3:35 - 5:003104Brown ([email protected])
Rubik's Cube ClubFriday 3:351102Eastman ([email protected])
Scartlet Knights PercussionWednesday and Friday 6:00 - 9:001221Mahaffey ([email protected])
Science Bowl ClubTuesdays (every other)3115Calinog ([email protected])
Speech and DebateMonday and Thursday 3:30 - 5:00LibraryTroutman ([email protected])
STEM LeagueMonday 3:35 - 4:000:00Nehring ([email protected])
Teaching Academy ClubTBDBaker ([email protected])
Tri-M Honors SocietyWednesday 12:501221Mahaffey ([email protected])
Trivia Club (formally Knowledge Bowl)Monday 3:30 - 4:302121Wong-Heffter ([email protected])
T-SWIFTWednesdays 1:25Library when availableCroisier ([email protected])
Ultimate Frisbee ClubTuesday 3:30 - 4:302110 (field space TBD)Heckendorn ([email protected])
UNICEFTuesday (every other)3:40 - 4:30Valaas ([email protected])
Yearbook ClubWednesday 1:10 - 3:00 and Friday 3:35 - 5:002407Snyder-Stone ([email protected])
Youth LegislationTBDMunsell ([email protected])

The Bellevue School District offers students opportunities to extend their learning through extracurricular and after school activity programs. It is the District’s intention to provide high quality opportunities for student participation in extracurricular and after school activity programs. Questions or comments? Let’s Talk.

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