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Newport Staff

Updated July 12, 2022
Adams, KellyEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Adsit, AaronMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Aiken, KellyGrad Success CoachAdmin[email protected]
Aldridge, Ah-SimRegistrarCounseling[email protected]
Anchondo, GusSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Andrews, JaneyMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Appel, CaseyPhysicsScience[email protected]
Atabelo, SavanahEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Baker, MelissaChemistry TeacherScience[email protected]
Barrett, DevinAsst. PrincipalAdmin[email protected]
Benda, JasonSpanish TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Bitter, JenniferArt TeacherFine Arts[email protected]
Blake, JennettaAthletic SecretaryAthletic[email protected]
Blough, BarneyInstrumental MusicPerforming Arts[email protected]
Bohlinger, KamiBiology TeacherScience[email protected]
Borth, JerryVoc Business Ed TchrCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Boschker, KarenFrench TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Bosone, EmilieCounselorCounseling[email protected]
Browell, LauriePE TeacherPhys Ed[email protected]
Brown, JeremyBiology TeacherScience[email protected]
Bush, CarmenSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Calinog, DylanChemistry TeacherScience[email protected]
Carlos, EdwinCustodianOperations[email protected]
Channita, AlisonSpecial Ed ResourceSpecial Ed[email protected]
Chen, CharlesMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Chuang-Mendel, MeitsuChinese TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Church, DalanieVoc Tech Ed TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Croisier, TraceyLibrary AssistantAdmin[email protected]
Doran, JaimiBiology TeacherScience[email protected]
Doran, RobChemistry TeacherScience[email protected]
Driscoll, KimberlyEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Dunning, DerikGeneral Schl AsstSummit[email protected]
Dupree, NatalieOccupational TherapistSpecial Ed[email protected]
Eastman, RhondaFrench TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Edwards, CarolynCounselorCounseling[email protected]
Edwards, CoryInstrumental MusicPerforming Arts[email protected]
Erickson, HeatherCounselorCounseling[email protected]
Falkenhagen, LisaSpanish TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Faulk, MelanieVoc TandI Art TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Feder, MeganHealth TeacherHealth[email protected]
Fisher, NancyVocal Music TeacherPerforming Arts[email protected]
Florsheim, AdinaEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Foti, AndrewVoc TandI Art TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Ghile, HagosaCustodianOperations[email protected]
Glowacki, RichardEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Godley, AndrewSpanish TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Gray, MeganBiology TeacherScience[email protected]
Green, TracyVoc Culinary TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Grimes, GregSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Guo, Huan (Linda)Paraeducator CenteredSpecial Ed[email protected]
Halstead, PatriciaParaeducator CenteredSpecial Ed[email protected]
Hamada, SteveVoc TandI Digital Media TchrCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Hanify, TJInstr Tech Curr LeaderAdmin[email protected]
Hansen, MichaelVoc Tech Ed TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Hauser, KatyMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Heckendorn, MariannaSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Hetlage, MoiraSpch Lang PathologistSpecial Ed[email protected]
Hirai, MikeParaeducatorSpecial Ed[email protected]
Huynh, Mai TramAdmin SecretaryCounseling[email protected]
Johnson, JillianBehavior ParaeducatorSpecial Ed[email protected]
Johnston, MatthewMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Kaskes, ChazzVoc Tech Ed TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Kelly, DrewBehavior ParaeducatorSpecial Ed[email protected]
Kilcup, RichardVoc Tech Ed TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Klekas, KatherineEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Knudsen, TaraEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Koohpai, SherryBehavior ParaeducatorSpecial Ed[email protected]
Lai, Mengyu (Lea)Phycologist MhatSpecial Ed[email protected]
Lam, HuyChief Night CustOperations[email protected]
Lamb, ChristopherMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Landau-Walter, CarynSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Lander, JensEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Lasby, DavidEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Lau, Yoke FongPsychologistSpecial Ed[email protected]
Law, MichaelSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Lin, MiArt TeacherFine Arts[email protected]
Lin, WendySummit TeacherAdmin[email protected]
Lopez, SandraPhycologist MhatSpecial Ed[email protected]
Loreen Martin, JanetParaeducatorSpecial Ed[email protected]
Losoya, EnriqueBehavior SpecialistOperations[email protected]
Luna, MaryParaeducator CenteredSpecial Ed[email protected]
Mack, CourtneyEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Mahaffey, ToddInstrumental MusicPerforming Arts[email protected]
Mason, JeffVoc Tech Ed TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Maurer, HeatherSpecial Ed ResourceSpecial Ed[email protected]
Mavuleti, SitaBehavior ParaeducatorSpecial Ed[email protected]
Maxfield, TaniaCounselorCounseling[email protected]
McDuffie, SamanthaSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
McGee, ClaireSpecial Ed CenterSpecial Ed[email protected]
Metodieva, SvetlanaParaeducator CenteredSpecial Ed[email protected]
Miles, DanielleArt TeacherFine Arts[email protected]
Miller, LaneSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Miller, MichaelPE TeacherPhys Ed[email protected]
Milton, DanielMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Morton, HaygenAssistant Principal SecretaryAdmin[email protected]
Munsell, BrettVoc Business Ed TchrCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Nara, ScottPhysicsScience[email protected]
Nehring, SarahChemistry TeacherScience[email protected]
Neises, MichelleMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Newcomb, WilliamCareer SpecialistCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Nikula, MicheleSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Nimmo, FrankPE TeacherPhys Ed[email protected]
Nonis, JakeMath TeacherMath[email protected]
O'Connor, TomAsst. PrincipalAdmin[email protected]
Oliver, AndrewPE TeacherHealth/Phys Ed[email protected]
Palmer, AimeePE TeacherPhys Ed[email protected]
Parker, MollySpecial Ed ResourceSpecial Ed[email protected]
Peacock, RachaelParaeducator CenteredSpecial Ed[email protected]
Poad, PattyAttendance SpecialistAdmin[email protected]
Procella, MikeTechnology SpecialistAdmin[email protected]
Prufer, RobertSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Regan, LucyGeneral Schl AsstMLL[email protected]
Ries, AmyMLL FacilitatorMLL[email protected]
Rios, FabianCollege and Career AdvisorCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Rosenberg, AdinaSpecial Ed TeacherSpecial Ed[email protected]
Rubio, EdwardSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Sawyer, JaneSpecial Ed TeacherSpecial Ed[email protected]
Sceats, JudySchool Acct TecAdmin[email protected]
Schulz, KarenCounselorCounseling[email protected]
Scroggs, BobSpecial Ed TeacherSpecial Ed[email protected]
Smith, MadilynParaeducator CenteredSpecial Ed[email protected]
Snyder, JesseAthletic/Activities DirectorAthletics/Activities[email protected]
Soetrisno, MelvinMath/ScienceMath/Science[email protected]
Soriano, MarSpanish TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Stephens, LeslieEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Streckenbach, LauraEnglish TeacherEnglish/LA[email protected]
Su, Ming ChuChinese TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Suh, SierraCounselorCounseling[email protected]
Swann, BetsySpanish TeacherWorld Language[email protected]
Tang, JieMLL FacilitatorMLL[email protected]
Tate, HeleneMath TeacherMath[email protected]
Thompson, DeanVoc Tech Ed TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Tran, ChauNurseSpecial Ed[email protected]
Tran, PhongHead CustodianOperations[email protected]
Tu, DaphneNurseSpecial Ed[email protected]
Valaas, RobertSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Walker, JohnVoc Tech Ed TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Wang, KevinParaeducator CenteredSpecial Ed[email protected]
Warrior, HarlandAsst. PrincipalAdmin[email protected]
Webb, KentSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Whitney, MegPhysical TherapistSpecial Ed
Wikrent, JenniferChemistry TeacherScience[email protected]
Wilson, CynthiaCustodianOperations[email protected]
Wong Heffter, NathanielSocial Studies TeacherSocial Studies[email protected]
Wong, StephenPsychologistSpecial Ed[email protected]
Woodard, WendySchool Office MgrAdmin[email protected]
Yahoudy, DionPrincipalAdmin[email protected]
Yang, MengVoc Tech Ed TeacherCareer and Tech Ed[email protected]
Yuen, CarolynInstr Tech Curr LeaderAdmin[email protected]
Zahn, DanielSocial WorkerSpecial Ed[email protected]
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.