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NHS Clubs: This page will be continuously updated.

For Fall 2020 all club meeting will take place through Microsoft Teams.

For info about how to be invited to a meeting or join a club Team:

  • Contact the student leaders or advisors for the club.
  • Check the club flyer (linked below).
  • Check out our CLUB FLIP GRID HERE.


ClubFlyerDayAdvisorStudent ContactDescription
ACS Chemistry ClubFlyerEvery other Tuesday 2:45Stuart Leff (leffs@bsd405.org) Sarah Nehring (nehrings@bsd405.org)Gabriella Liu and Mia HuhdanpaaThe American Chemical Society (ACS) ChemClub is a high school chemistry club that provides students with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. Our goal is to build a strong community united by a shared love for chemistry and science. We will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 1:00pm to engage in a variety of chemistry related activities such as performing (virtual) demonstrations and listening to engaging talks from speakers. Members of the ACS ChemClub can also earn volunteer hours by tutoring students in chemistry related topics. We also welcome students who are looking for support in chemistry from their student peers.
ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) ClubFlyerEvery Other Friday 3:30Tracey Croisier (croisiert@bsd405.org)Ayla Karmali, Arthi Venkatesh, Athena Situ, Meghan HuangARK's goal is spreading kindness and making the school a more positive place by planning and executing kind gensture that spark joy in the Newport community.
Art in Action ClubTuesday 3:40Jennifer Bitter (bitterj@bsd405.org)Xiaofu ZhuOur club completes art service projects to connect and collaborate with our community.
Asian American Student UnionFridays 8th PeriodStephen Wong (wongs@bsd405.org) and Carolyn Yuen (yuenc@bsd405.org)Chereen KwonAsian American Student Union is a safe space where we’ll explore, discuss, and develop our Asian American identity. Recognizing that Asian Americans are often absent from conversations about race, we will create our own. We aim to nurture our racial self-identity, and expand our perspectives by learning from the variety of our shared histories, experiences, and cultures.
ASL (American Sign Language) Interest GroupFlyerWednesday 12:00 to 12:30Sarah Major (majors@bsd405.org)Clarice RhatiganAn opportunity to communicate in American Sign Language (ASL) and learn ASL. The goal is to help students/staff become more aware of the Deaf community and learn to interact with them (make deaf students/staff feel more included).
Astronomy ClubFlyerFriday 3:30Joylon Johnson (johnsonj@bsd405.org)Soorya Swaminathan, Nithya KempWe are a group of students who are curious about what goes on outside of our own planet. We do presentations, discuss our universe, do planetarium visits and have occasional star parties.
Biotech ClubFriday 3:00Stuart Leff (leffs@bsd405org) Alex RatteWe are a relaxed club that holds discussions about various topics in biotech and explores potential careers in the field. We also offer homework help.
Bird Watching ClubEvery Other WednesdayBetsy Swann (swanne@bsd405.org)Mohini Paul, Kendrick MangmatiA fun opportunity to get engaged with nature right here at Newport. A great place to get started with this relaxing and entertaining hobby.
BSUFlyerWednesday at NoonVanessa Lopez-Kopp (lopezk@bsd405.org)Lauren Kirkpatrick
James Nguyen
Mayah Akanbi
Candace Warner
BSU is one of the core organizations that give a voice to minority students at NHS. We are about helping each other learn and grow during our high school journey and nurture the way we see ourselves regarding race. This club will act as a platform for the small yet powerful population of black students at NHS and also act as an opportunity for ALL students to learn about the significance of race in America to gain insight and perspective. More significantly, this club is not meant to be an "8th period" to learn about race, but a group of funny, talented, friendly and passionate teens wanting to make a difference.
Built By NHSFlyerThursday (every other) 3:30Sarah Nehring (nehrings@bsd405.org)Anne McDonaldWe work with the organizaiton #BUILTBYGIRLS which is dedicated to empowering young women to succeed in their careers. We focus on networking and interpersonal skills that are necessary to succeed. We also share opportunities in #BUILTBYGIRLS events, internships, and programs that may be of interest. All students are welcome regardless of gender identity or expression.
Cards for KindnessFlyerWednesday 3:30Melissa Baker (bakerm@bsd405.org)Julianne Wu, Catie Liu, Michelle Tian, Megan YiA non-profit youth led organization hoping to start at Newport High School! Our mission is to spread love and kindness in the community. Your spreading method can simply just be creating cards in this club. This a sub chapter under the organization “cards4kindness”, headquarter locate in Los Angeles. It’s a now a global non-profit organization consisting of students looking to make a positive impact around the world. Cards4kindness now has above 500 ambassadors around the globe! If you want to contribute, please join us!
Chess ClubFlyerTuesdays 3:00Rhonda Eastman (eastmanr@bsd405.org)Naomi Bashkansky
Gerald Shaffer
Richard Yang
Chess club is a fun, loosely structured club that allows people to socialize and play chess, whether purely recreationally or competitively. Compete with Newport students in the weekly Knights Tournaments, compete with other schools in the KingCo Chess League, or play casually with friends any time. Chess club will happen through Teams and chess.com this year.
Cisco Project ClubEvery other Tuesday 3:30Jeff Mason (masonj@bsd405.org)Josh WoodCisco project club is focused on making a difference in the the world.  We work on partnering with the Cisco Networking Academy and helping in their annual trip to Antigua where they build networks and distribute laptops to needy schools and students.  We also setup and manage LAN Parties a few times a year as well as help in Computer Tech, Video Game Design, Cisco CCNA, CCNP and Cybersecurity classes.  If you want to make a difference in the world rather than talk about making a difference, join Cisco project club!
Civics ClubFriday 3:30Katherine Hauser (hauserk@bsd405.org)Eric Han and Aaron XieNewport High School’s Civic Club’s main objective is to create an integrated community of students from all grades to become engaged in the community. We will promote civic engagement through facilitating discussions and activities involving current events, politics, volunteer work at community events, environmental issues, to ultimately improve society.
Computer ClubFlyerWednesday 3:00Michael Hansen (hansenm@bsd405.org)Eric Liu and Aryan BataanComputer club is a place where students come to learn anything that is computer science related such as learning programming languages, developing Android applications, machine learning, AI, etc. No programming experience is necessary. Normally, we host a programming competition at NHS and participate in other local programming competitions, however, if most of this year is online, we will mainly be focusing on bettering our understanding of programming. Computer Club is a place to learn for people of all skill ranges in computer science.
Cover and ChoreographyThursdays 3:30 - 4:30Todd Mahaffey (mahaffeyt@bsd405.org)Madeleine Pham, Tracia Pan, Katherine Chang, Carmen PaoThis is a club for students who love to perform but not at a professional level. We want to provide a safe, comfortable and fun environment where people don't have to be shy to show their talent. Everyone can share ideas and create through teamwork. We have fun, share and improve as a team.
Connections Club FlyerWednesdays (every other) 12:00Ed Rubio (rubioe@bsd405.org)Allie Harrison, Kate Denger, Isa Kwan, Carlos GolanDue to COVID, most students are lacking key social interactions in their daily lives, so we want to create a community that will fill that void. Our club provides an informal space for all students to relate with one another by sharing experiences and coping mechanisms. We will talk about different topics like exploring hobbies, time management, stress reduction strategies, etc., by incorporating guest speakers and fun activities. This club is conversationally oriented but is open to those who prefer to just listen. We will focus, but not dwell, on the ways that COVID has affected us. Even after COVID we hope that this club can provide a safe space for students to engage with one another. Ultimately, we are striving to create connections to show that we are all in this together.
Days for GirlsMondays 3:00 - 3:30Rhonda Eastman (eastmanr@bsd405.org)Sarah Scallon and Sean ContiDays for Girls Club focuses on mitigating the effects of period poverty through assembling sustainable and washable menstrual cloth pads. Through assembling cloth pads and shipping them to communities in third-world country, we hope to improve the lives of women and girls by lessening the educational and financial impacts of menstruation. In addition to assembling cloth pads, we engage in discussion about menstrual inequity through topics like stigma, cultural differences, and listening to international experiences. Join us to help keep the conversation going as we work to bring awareness to this important global health issue!
DECAWednesdays TBDJerry Borth (borthj@bsd405.org)Jennifer Heng, Miki Kusunose, & Nikhil KagalwalaDECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, and Management. DECA’s values include: Competence, Integrity, Teamwork, and Innovation. DECA: Integrates authentic experiential learning into the classroom, Applies learning through rigorous project-based activities, Connects with business through community partnerships, and Promotes competition at the Area, State, and International level that drives members to excel.
Drama ClubTBDJake Nonis, Katherine Klekas, Master Kaskas (nonisj@bsd405.org, klekask@bsd405.org)Rose Scott, Phyllis Chee, Aidan PongWe support productions (plays, comedy shows and musicals) through funding, performing, publicizing, and constructing sets, costumes, lighting and sound. In addition, we participate in Washington State Thespian Society events at the Individual Event competition and State Thespian Festival. We also produce Friday Knight Live. In addition to all of these productions, drama club provides a safe place for students to come together and grow together.  Theater is about developing community and drama club aims to offer that to the entire Newport community.
Eco ClubThursdays (every other) 3:00Jaimi Doran (doranj@bsd405.org)Allison Shibata and Lillian HuangNewport’s Eco Club is a place where students who are passionate about the environment can meet to do fun DIY projects, learn about the environment, plan eco-friendly events for our school, and give back to the community!
FCCLATuesdays 3:30Dalanie Church (churchd@bsd405.org)Brandon Chan,
Anna Chhun,
Radha Thothathri,
Shreya Thothathri,
Cherise Gui,
Indigo Zhong
Newport FCCLA's (Family Community Career Leaders of America) goal is to creat a positive environment for students to explore family and consumer sciences while developing leadership skills and exploring potential career paths.
Film Making ClubTBDSteve Hamada (hamadas@bsd405.org)TBDThis club is for students who want a creative outlet to express and share their love and interest in film making and movies in general. Club will meet to discuss movies and also plan and create project and films for pleasure and to possibly enter into film festivals. No experience is necessary. Just bring your interest and creativity!
French ClubEvery other Wednesday 3:00Rhonda Eastman (eastmanr@bsd405.org)Tanvi Ladha
Nadia Chihab
Reese Jensen
A club for students interested in practicing the French language and exploring French culture.
GSAFlyerWednesdays 12:15Jesse Deshayes (deshayesj@bsd405.org)Eleanor Logue and Milo RubleA safe space for everyone, regardless of their identity to discuss modern issues about the LGBTQ+ community, explore the nuances of the community and discuss experiences of the LGBTQ+ community throughout history.
Knight Who Code (Girls Who Code)FlyerMondays 3:30Katya Ferguson (fergusonk@bsd405.org), Meng Yang, John WalkerAnnie McDonald and Saivi MadanThis club partners with the organization Girls Who Code. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender identity and the primary work we do is focused on closing the gender gap in technology. We aim to introduce Java and other coding lanaguages in a less intimidating environment.
HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)Thursdays at 3:30Kami Bohlinger (bohlingerk@bsd405.org)Stuti Jain, Daniel Kim, Amy LinHOSA is a student organization for future health professionals with competitive events centered around medicine. Outside of that, we also bring in specialists to give talks and also conduct workshops to further explore the medical world
Hunger ProjectFlyerMondays (every other) 3:30Laura Streckenbach (streckenbachl@bsd405.org)Grace Lee and Oviya Muralidharan Hunger Project is a club where students focus on topics surrounding world hunger, discuss solutions to world hunger, provide info on opportunities to donate and volunteer to different institutions related to hunger, and help people in need. In our club meetings, we will have discussions related to world hunger and small debates for activities (ie. Myths about hunger, what are some ways to end world hunger, how are people working to end hunger, etc.)
JSAFlyerTuesday 3:30Dan Milton (miltond@bsd405.org)Ning Wei, Anne McDonaldThis club is a political debate club that honors all political opinions. We often debate about recent issues and how our government works, but we also have fun "chill" topics like whether celebrities have too much political influence. We also attend JSA conventions and have the opportunity to meet other students.
Key ClubFlyerTuesday (every other) 3:45Carla Marrow (marrowc@bsd405.orgAidan Hong
Felix Ye
Chloe Lagadon
Joshua Kim
Joanne Wong
Maggie Ma
Key Club International, founded in 1925, is the oldest service program for high school students. Often referred to as simply Key Club, it is a student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through serving others.
Knowledge BowlMonday and Friday 3:35David Lang (langd@bsd405.org)Eashver E, Arohan A, Stephanie Y, Jerry J, Rosie L, Jonathon H, Ziyang S.A place to have fun playing a game based on academic knowledge. We participate in Quiz Bowl contests in the Puget Sount Region.
K-pop Interest GroupFlyerWednesday 2:30Carolyn Yuen (yuenc@bsd405.org)Katie Park and Sydney GuoDo you like K-Pop? Are you a fan of BTS? Blackpink? Twice? NCT? The K-Pop Interest Group is a place where you can talk about your favorite K-Pop groups, meet other K-Pop fans, or even get into the music genre if you are new. Some activities include listening parties, MV reactions, comeback and debut reviews, and more!
LatinXFriday 12:30 - 1:30Lopez-Kopp (lopezk@bsd405.org)Jazmin Chirino-MelgarejoLatinx club provides a safe environment for Latinx students at Newport High school. This is a space for Latinx students to get together to talk about, learn and partcipate in culturally relevant activities. Latinx aims to educate and increase the awareness at NHS about the history and culture of the Latinx community. All students are welcome.
Math ClubMonday 4:00Michelle Neises (neisesm@bsd405.org)Justin Chen Alex Liu Alex Niu Jerry Jin Kevin Nam Marcelo ShenMath club is focused on doing math that is not often taught in the high school curriculum. We hold intraclub competitions, play interesting videos, and play math games. We also hold homework sessions and AP Calculus reviews.
Minecraft Interst GroupWednesdays 3:00David Lasby (lasbyd@bsd405.org)Mason Pickering and Tyler LomauroThis is the Newport Minecraft Club. It is a way where during these hard quarantine times, us students can have a place where you can hangout build and play with all of your friends from school.
Model UNTuesdays at 3:40Lisa Neshyba (neshybal@bsd405.org)Stuti Jain, Isabella WangNewport Model United Nations is a great way to strengthen your leadership and communication skills through collaboration and community. Navigate the Cuban Missile Crisis as John F. Kennedy, or better yet, Fidel Castro himself through passionate debate. Be Emperor Darius and control the Persian Empire with directives and rapid-fire discussions. More interested in the traditional United Nations? Represent countries in committees like the WHO, UNEP, and UNHRC in conferences around the Pacific Northwest.
Feeling nervous because you know absolutely nothing about Model United Nations? We’ll take you through the basics (and host a mock committee) so you’ll feel well prepared for you first conference, where you can debate with students from other schools and win awards.
Music 4 EveryoneFlyerWednesdays 12:10Barney Blough (bloughb@bsd405.org)Connor Yoon and Luke LeeA platform for young musicians to come together and perform for the community of Bellevue. Currently, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we will be collecting videos and editing them into movies; we will distribute them to nursing homes and places that want music. However, once it is safe, we plan on visiting these nursing homes and playing for them live.
Music Creators ClubFlyerThursdays 3:30Cory Edwards (edwardsc@bsd405.org)Chris Shang Marcelo ShenNew Club Description for Music Creators Club - "This club is all about composing music. We provide a public space for those who are passionate about music, and through our club we aim to foster the joy of music. We also host/participate in competitions and share each other's compositions so that we can all improve and have fun."
New GenTursday 4:00Rick Kilcup (kilcupr@bsd405.org)
Marques Locke
Kendrick Mangmati
Nathaniel Wai
Grace Suyama
Ethan SuJanet Chang
Lucus Zha
Claire King
Angel Xie
Cody You
We are a casual Christian fellowship club where students are welcome to hang out, worship, make new friends and learn about the Christian faith.
NRG (Newport Robotics)FlyerWednesdays 5 - 7Rob Doran (doranr@bsd405.org)Aemarie Jacinto, Anjan Gahir, Kollin Luo, Naomi Bashkansky, Vanu Rao, Rayla Allen, Chloe Lagadon, Athena KimThe Newport Robotics Group (948) competes in the FIRST robotics competition every year and won 2nd place at Worlds competition last season (2019). By preparing for this competition, students have the opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering, mathematics, business, marketing and media through hands-on team projects and collaboration with adult mentors who have industry experience.
Ocean Science ClubFlyerFriday 8th Period (11am)Megan Gray (graym@bsd405.org)Joanne Lee and Katerina WajerskiOcean Science Club is a place for fun, friends, and fish. Our natonal-award-winning club participantes in knowledge bowls, games and activities involing interdiscipinary STEM knowledge.
Physics ClubMondays 3:30Stuart Leff (leffs@bsd405.org) Nithya Kemp, Eric LiuThis club has two main purposes: (1) to prepare for the F=ma exam in January and (2) to do physics and have fun!
Photo ClubFlyerMondays 3:30Andrew Foti (fotia@bsd405.org)Adaline WitzNewport photography is a fun place for students interested in photography and wanting to learn more about it. Photography club will allow students to expand their skill of photography with other peers. This club will offer students new experiences in the field of photography and allow students to find their own style of photography.
Project LotusFriday 3:30Yan Li (liy@bsd405.org)Catherine LeiningerProject Lotus started in Oregon and we want to bring it to Washington. In Oregon it is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to destigmatize mental health in the Asian-American community. Our info group, and hopefully someday official club, has the same mission. We will be destigmatizing mental health by tackling the model minority stereotype through culturally – relevant education for the community and the empowerment of voices. We will also be analyzing popular movies and tv shows for these stereotypes and inviting professional speakers in to talk to us about it. More importantly this info group can be a place for Asian students to feel safe and be able to share their stories about the struggle of mental health without any sort of judgment.
Programming Competition ClubFlyerTuesdays 3:30Katya Ferguson (fergusonk@bsd405.org)Alex NiuThe Programming Competition Club is a welcoming and motivated group of students that work together to prepare for programming competitions such as the USACO and ACSL competitions. We also plan on participating in hackathons as well as completing team projects, such as creating a club website together. The Programming Competition Club also does volunteering work, such as coaching at the local Tyee Middle School Programming Club and hosting online events, and volunteers can claim volunteer hours.
Red Cross ClubMondays 3:45Nancy Fisher (fishern@bsd405.org)Chloe Lagadon, Anna Chhun The Red Cross Clubs provides volunteer opportunities and volunteer information. The club seeks to serve the community through service, education, and leadership in order to promote the values of humanity, voluntary service, and unity. We meet every other Mondays at 3:45.
Rocketry ClubMondays 3:30Jeremy Brown (brownj@bsd405.org) and David Lang (langd@bsd405.org)Rose LiuJoin Rocketry Club to learn how to design, construct, and launch rockets! We work on our own projects as well as prepare for The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC), a rocketry competition where we’ve gone to nationals in Washington, D. C. 5 out of the last 6 years.
Scarlet Knights PercussionFlyerTBDCory Edwards (edwardsc@bsd405.org)Yuna DodobaraA competitive drumline providing marching percussion opportunities.
Speech and DebateMonday and Thursday 3:30Megan Troutman (troutmanm@bsd405.org)Bitaniya Giday Aaron XieWe are affiliated with Washington State Forensics Association and the National Speech and Debate Association. We are a competitive activity located in Bellevue, WA. Our members compete in Congressional, Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas debate as well as in a variety of speech events.
STEM LeagueFlyerTuesday 2:45Sarah Nehring (nehrings@bsd405.org)Sophia LinWe hope to become active members in advocating for opportunities and resources to make a direct impact on the spread of STEM. By doing so, we hope to foster an inclusive and collaborative community that shares same interests, expands STEM awareness and facilitates knowledge.
Tri-Music Honor SocietyFlyerWednesday (first each month)Todd Mahaffey (mahaffeyt@bsd405.org)Jeenah GwakTri-M is a nationally recognized honors society for music students in high school. As a music honors society, Tri-M provides recognition for those who excel in music, academics, and service, promoting our music programs in the community through service. You must be enrolled in at least one semester of a music class with a minimum GPA requirement of 3.5 overall, and a 3.0 in music classes. You can apply on our Instagram bio!
UNICEF ClubFlyerTuesdays (every other) 3:30Robert Valaas (valaas@bsd405.org)Hugh Nguyen,
Esther Lee,
Katie Shi
UNICEF is the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. UNICEF Club's mission is to educate, advocate, and fundraise on behalf of UNICEF in our community, to help improve the lives of children and their families all around the world. UNICEF fights for the rights of every child seeking safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster or conflicts, adn equality.
Unified RoboticsFriday 3:30Allison Channita (channitaa@bsd405.org)Buyong Kim and Julia ZengUnified Robotics Club brings robotics and STEM to students with disabilities. We create bonds while working alongside students with disabilities to build and program robots to compete in the championship.
Writing ClubFlyerFriday 3:30Tracey Croisier (croisiert@bsd405.org)Zoya SiddiquiThe writing club is dedicated to the craft of creative and research driven writing and support anything that puts pen to paper: essays, poems, novels, comics, graphic novels. We encourage students to share writing and receive feedback.
Youth LegislationFlyerWednesday 12:30Brett Munsell (munsellb@bsd405.org)Katelyn KimA club that works to write and propose legislation to the Washington State Legislature.

The Bellevue School District offers students opportunities to extend their learning through extracurricular and after school activity programs. It is the District’s intention to provide high quality opportunities for student participation in extracurricular and after school activity programs. To that end:

Bellevue School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Title IX Coordinator: Jeff Lowell, (425) 456-4010 or lowellj@bsd405.org; Section 504/ADA Coordinator: Heather Edlund, (425) 456-4156 or edlundh@bsd405.org; Civil Rights/Nondiscrimination Compliance Coordinator Alexa Allman, (425) 456-4040 or allmana@bsd405.org. Mailing address for all three: 12111 NE 1st Street, Bellevue, WA 98005.

The Bellevue School District is also committed to providing a safe and civil educational environment that is free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. Report harassment, intimidation or bullying with SafeSchools Alert or at your school. The Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Compliance Officer is Nancy Pham, (425) 456-4040 or phamn@bsd405.org.

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