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NHS Clubs:

The 2022 – 2023 Club List below is being continuously updated as new club leadership reactivates their programs. If the club you expect to see is not here, check back soon.

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This page will be continuously updated as clubs are added or information is changed.


ClubDayLocationAdvisorStudent ContactDescription
AASU (Asian American Student Union)Fridays at 3:35pmLibraryS WongAlisa Saisakorn and Sonanshi BhatiaAsian American Student Union (AASU) is a safe space to explore all things Asian American identity! Join us for discussions on a varying range of topics from lighthearted daily occurrences and culture to deeper topics like appropriation, and perpetual foreigner. Also come to play games, enjoy snacks, and have fun!
ARK (Acts of Random Kindness)Mondays (every other) 3:352101T Croisier Rafaela WolfIn Acts of Random Kindness club (ARK), we aim to spark joy in the Newport community through small acts of kindness.
Art in ActionTuesday (every other) at 3:402405J BitterQingxin Zhang, Anne Hu, Elijah Chiu, Chase Ferry Art in Action is a club dedicated to promoting the arts as well as acts of service. We spend time on both small and large art projects, with a focus on bringing artists together from around Newport. In the past we have done 3D crafts, doodling, and character design work on a biweekly basis, along with longer projects, such as animations, posters, and stickers. We also offer art related volunteer opportunities for members looking for chances to use their passion and skill for art in meaningful ways.
ASL ClubWednesday 12:451102K BoschkerAmmana Karmali A club for students and staff to learn American Sign Language and communicate with the Deaf / hard of hearing community. It’s a great way to learn a skill, build connections with people and focus on inclusion.
Astronomy ClubMondays (every other) at 3:301110M SoetrisnoAndrew Lindsay, Shannon CallahanAstronomy Club is a casual interest group that explores a plethora of different topics in space such as biology, history, archeology, engineering, and more.
Badminton ClubMondays 7 - 8 AMGymA PalmerBobby Cheng, Tony Shen, Haoqian Li, Blake ZouNewport Badminton Club (NBC) is an inclusive space where badminton enthusiasts can participate in tournaments, play casually, and hang out, no matter their identity, background, or skill level. Learn badminton fundamentals for experienced peers while enjoying fun moments of physical exercise.
Biology ClubFridays 3:402121A AnchondoAsher HuaiA biology knowledge club created to help students prepare for AP bio together and prepare for the USABO (USA Biology Olympiad). Tehre is no requirement of biology knowledge and anyone interested in learning biology can join.
Bird ClubThursday (every other) at 3:40Room 1113 B SwannPoppy Hope & Peri Olcer Do you like birds? Do you ever see a bird singing, flying, or eating and wonder what species it is? Well then Bird Club is for you! No experience necessary, binoculars provided, field trips offered, and a club advisor who is a bird enthusiast!
Black Student Union (BSU)Fridays 3:30Room 2108J BlakeRuthie Lartey, Kylie Shulman, Ilhan Hamza, Akil AppollisBSU is one of the core organizations that give a voice to BIPOC students at NHS. We are about helping each other learn and grow during our high school journey and nurturing the way we see ourselves regarding race. This club will act as a platform for the small yet powerful population of Black students at NHS and also act as an opportunity for ALL students to learn about the significance of race in America to gain insight and perspective. More significantly, this club is not meant to be an "8th period" to learn about race, but a group of funny, talented, friendly and passionate teens wanting to make a difference.
Built by NHSTuesdays (first Tuesday of the month)Room 3118S NehringEllie FroslanBuilt by NHS is a community dedicated to empowering and uplifting future leaders. As a club, we plan to facilitate discussions, formulate ideas and take action!
Chess ClubThursdays 3:30Room 1102R EastmanPaul ParkChess Club is a fun, loosely structured club that allows people to socialize and play chess, whether purely recreationally or competitively. Play casually with friends, compete with other students in the KingCo Chess League, or just come in to have a good time 🙂 We have a wide range of players from all different levels so we’ll always have a place for you. Private lessons will be available to all members upon request! Beginners are always welcome ^^
Cisco Project ClubM, T, Th, F 3:00 - 4:30Room 1407J Mason & M HansenMuhammad Zulqifle Tahmid, Ukeshwaran Muthukumaran Radha, Jenifer Cognata, Brendon L AhnFund, setup and manage projects related to Cisco charitable causes. Mastery of skills learned through the CCNA, and CCNP programs.
Chemistry ClubTuesdays (every other) at 3:40Room 3118S NehringEwen Hyrien, Olivia Ding, Grace HwangThe American Chemistry Club is a high school chemistry club that provides students with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. Our goal is to build a strong community united by a shared love for chemistry and science. We will meet every other week on Tuesdays at 3:30pm-4:00pm to engage in a variety of chemistry related activities such as experiments, demonstrations, presentations, and listening to engaging talks from speakers. Members of the ACS ChemClub can also earn volunteer hours by tutoring students in chemistry related topics. We encourage students who are looking for support in chemistry to join our club. We will be continuing our support system of peer tutoring.
Chinese CultureMondays at 3:30-4:30pmRoom 2105M Chuang-MendelClaire GuoWe hope to help our community learn about Chinese culture, teach each other about cultural diversity, and help
welcome new immigrants.
CORE (College/Career, Organization, Revision, and Engagement)Fridays 3:40Room 2116A FlorsheimGregory FongA club to engage the community with higher education and bridge the gap to college. Come join us for revision of essays, peer reviews, ways to organize and navigate the college application and financial aid process, as well as for weekly discussion on a wide variety of topics. You can earn community service hours for essay reviews. Underclassmen are encouraged to participate and gain useful experience.
Cover and ChoreographyThursdays 3:30Weightroom (upstairs)T MahaffeyKatherine Chang, Madeleine PhamCover and Choreography is an inclusive dance club for all experience levels that performs hip-hop, K-pop, and other styles at different school-wide events! We are more recreational than other dance groups at Newport, but we also have competitive audition dances as well. Some of our main shows include Winterfest assembly, FKL, Senior Farewell assembly, etc.
Cybersecurity ClubTuesdays 3:40Room 2121A AnchondoRyan Chen and Andrew Pai A club for students interested in computer science and cybersecurity. We will participate in "capture the flag" competitions to solve computer puzzles. We'll learn valuable real-world skills. We also hope to invite guest speakers.
Days for GirlsEvery other Tuesday or Friday at 3:30pmRoom 1102R EastmanEmi Kusunose & Siena Kaneshiro We raise awareness about menstrual health and period poverty around the world and within our community. We also
run material drives to donate and assemble new reusable Days for Girls kits (pads, buttons, etc) .
DECAWednesdays 1:00Lecture HallJ BorthSam ChenDECA is an association of business aligned students that encourages the development of business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions. Deca participants can choose to compete in events within the Business Management and Administration, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism, or Marketing clusters.
Digital Media ClubWednesdays 1:002412S HamadaAllison YehDigital Media Club is for creative, collaborative students who want to learn about filmmaking, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and graphic art and hear from guest speakers in the field. During the year, members will learn new skills, meet new friends, and produce and edit the school-wide lip dub video to showcase at the end of the year. No prior background or skills are necessary.
DramaMondays 3:45PAC (Theater)J Nonis & K KlekasSentin LoNewport Drama aspires to foster a theatre community that values artistic growth, quality productions, and effective communication through mentoriship, positivity and total support. We produce a number of shows each year, including a musical, a play, student-directed one acts, FKL sketch commedy, and improv competition. Club members can also participate in a regional individual effents festival and attend the state Thespian festival. Students have the opportunity to letter in Drama each year and becom an inducted member of the International Thesbian Society.
Dungeons and Dragons ClubWednesdays 1:00Room 2405D Dunning, J BitterElijah ChiuA club for people to join and play Dungeons and Dragons (or other tabletop roleplay games)! All experience is welcome, and we can help you learn to play!
E Sports ClubMondays at 3:40Room 1110M SoetrisnoTony Wang, David Kim, Robert Gilmore, Jacob He, Theo ChattraWe are a community of gamers from all over the district! We work to connect people with similar interests and play video games, watch e-sports, and discuss! We host tournaments that give people the chance to participate in pro-level-like settings!
Eco ClubThursday (every other) at 3:40Room 3108J DoranAnushka Kapalli, Phioo Singh, Abigail Yi, Carina ByrdEco club is a place for students to meet and to do sustainable projects about the environment, and have fun meeting new people.
Fashion for the FutureThursdays 3:40Room 2501D ChurchEllie Froslan, Jojo StocksA club for those interested in fashion. We will talk about fashion trends and how fashion affects our environment. We will hold clothing drives for community service hours as well.
FCCLAWednesdays until November then Thursdays 3:30Room 2501D ChurchMichelle Wong, Rachel Han, Esther Carl, Alessandra Lee, Sean BroadwellIn FCCLA (Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America), we discover and develop career paths, give back to the community, and develop leadership. Throughout the year, we will be engaging in various, fun activities, such as the pumpkin pie fundraiser, and STAR events, where we compete in our desired career paths with other schools.
French ClubTuesdays (every other)Room 1102R EastmanNadia Chihab and Tanvi LadhaBonjour Newport! French club is a super easy, fun and stress-free club that is available to everyone, even if you don’t speak French. You can look forward to learning about French language, culture, geography, and so many more topics! We meet every other Tuesday at 3:30pm starting 9/20 in room 1102. Don’t forget to follow @frenchclubnhs on Instagram, to stay informed and updated with important announcements! We can’t wait to meet everyone. Au revoir!
Gender Equality ClubMondays (every other) 3:40Room 1113 B SwannNaveli Shukla, Pihoo Singh, Sonanshi BhatiaGender Equality Club provides students a safe space to talk and educate themselves about issues such as gender roles, discrimination, inclusivity, and intersectionality. People of all gender identities are encouraged to participate.
GSAThursdays 3:30Room 3119M FederNex Wilson and Sabrina LimGSA is a safe, inclusive, space for people apart of the LGBTQ community and people who want to learn about the LGBTQ community.
HOSAThursdays 3:30Room 3114K BohlingerEmma WangHOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) helps develop leadership and technical medical competency through guest speakers, club activities, and competition in order to prepare students to become future health professionals.
Hunger ProjectMondays (every other) 3:30Room 2114L StreckenbachSneha Sadhwani Newport Hunger Project focuses primarily on the hunger crisis that currently effects our community. As a group, we learn more about food scarcity across the globe! We actively fight against hunger within the Seattle area by participating in food drives and volunteering at food banks (for community service hours!).
Investment ClubMondays 4:001109H TateHezhan QuA club to collectively have discussions about investing and collaborate to expans group understanding of financial literacy.
JSATuesdays 3:30-4:30pm Room 1103 D MiltonCynthia Lei & Jojo Stocks JSA, or Junior State of America is a club centered around fighting political apathy and participating in democracy. Weekly meetings include resolutions ranging from if Santa is real, to if social media companies should be traded publicly, where students can voice their opinions freely. We attend 3 state- wide conventions, where last we we had 2 in person. At these we usually stay overnight and get to participate in debates with students all over the PNW. Whether you’re a speaker or a listener, JSA offers a plethora of viewpoints that everyone can learn from. Our debate like structure mixed with lenient speaking creates the perfect club: A stress free environment with plentiful learning.
Key ClubFridays at 3:35pmLecture HallC Marrow Claire Oshima,Kylie Chu,Karissa Bui,Cody You,Aidan Chen,Emery ChenKey Club is a global,student-led community service club.As a club,we plan service projects,volunteer with a variety of organizations,and attend conventions with clubs across the PNW.We also give you the resources to volunteer around the community so you can fulfill the graduation requirement of 40service hours!
Knight PicsMondays (every other) 3:302406A FotiAbigail ShetzlineKnight Pics is a photography club where we explore many different types of photography such as portrait, macro, storyboard, etc. and if you don’t know what any of that means, that is alright too because there is no experience necessary. We provide camera’s and teach you how to properly use them. We are even trying to go on field trips to take our picture that you can later use in competitions.
Knights who CareThursdays (every other)1104K HauserSarah LinkerA club to support students with chronic and acute illness and help give back to Childrens' Hospital through projects.
Knights Who CodeMondays 3:301404J WalkerVanessa Ping, Emily ZhangKnights Who Code, partnered with international organization Girls Who Code, aims to introduce Java and other coding languages in a less intimidating environment. Not only do we focus on algorithms and objects, but we also prioritize the strategical thinking process before tackling a problem. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender identity and the primary work we do is focused on closing the gender gap in technology. No experience is required to join!
Knowledge BowlMondays2121N Wong-HeffterArohan Agate, Ben Pham, Vaughn FriedenKnowledge Bowl is a team-based academic sport. We ask questions from a variety of academic fields. If you like science, we have that. Questions are organized with hard clues early in the question and easier clues later. We are a low-stakes club. There are no expectations or judgments on how often you come to practices or tournaments We believe that a free environment is what makes Knowledge Bowl so enjoyable for all.
K-Pop ClubFridays 3:352122W LinMeher Anklesaria and Stephanie JohnsonK-pop club consists of a community of bright and diverse individuals who are curious about exploring the art and aspects of K-pop. We are mindful and respectful of the culture as fans are passionate in sharing the joy of K-pop with others. We are a safe and inclusive community, welcoming all listeners and all fandoms alike. Some activities this year include listening parties, DIY merch, discussions about race and culture in the music industry, K-pop games and projects.
LatinX Wednesdays 1:002110M Heckendorn and S LopezLatinx Club is place to connect with other students and celebrate Latin culture. It is not just for Latinx students but anyone who is looking for diverse community at Newport and to form deeper connections. We play games, have snacks, and learn about different Latino/a cultures and holidays during club meetings. All are welcome!
Math ClubMondays at 3:40Portable 4NeisesMinghan Sun, Ryan Hu, Peter Gwozdz, Sunny Guo, Matthew FanWelcome to Newport Math Club! In our weekly meetings, we provide a fun, thoughtful environment to discuss the beautiful subject of mathematics. We talk about all sorts of topics, ranging from applied mathematics to competition math and beyond. Math club participates in multiple competitions each year, the biggest one being the AMC 10/12. We host the annual Knights of Pi Math Tournament, one of the largest regional middle school math competitions around, as well as a pi party on 3/14 with real pi(e)s! Students who need help with math homework/concepts may also come for support, as we organize math review sessions for semester finals.
Model UNTuesdays 3:302116FlorsheimKatelyn KimNewport Model United Nations is a great way to strengthen your leadership and communication skills through collaboration and community. Navigate the Cuban Missile Crisis as John F. Kennedy, or better yet, Fidel Castro himself through passionate debate. Be Emperor Darius and control the Persian Empire with directives and rapid-fire discussions. More interested in the traditional United Nations? Represent countries in committees like the WHO, UNEP, and UNHRC in conferences around the Pacific Northwest. Feeling nervous because you know absolutely nothing about Model United Nations? We’ll take you through the basics (and host a mock committee) so you’ll feel well prepared for you first conference, where you can debate with students from other schools and win awards.
Music 4 EveryoneMondays at 3:30-4:10pmRoom 1225B Blough Claire Doh & Sophia Bai Music 4 Everyone is a club where all musicians can freely explore their interest in music without limitations on repertoire, create wonderful ensembles with other people, and perform for a good cause. At the end of each quarter, club members are expected to submit a recording to club officers to send to Sunrise Senior Center (and possibly perform at Harborview Medical Center for Christmas!) in return for volunteer hours. We also provide a chance for members to practice performing for the Solo & Ensemble Festival in January. As recording deadlines are relatively spread out, M4E is a club that centers more around enjoyment and strives to be a community made up of students who have a passion for music, whether it’s classical, pop, jazz, R&B, and more. Students who are part of band, orchestra and choir are strongly encouraged to join!
Music Creators ClubTuesdays 3:301233C EdwardsKaya Tacer, Catherine Zhu, Marcus WitzThis is a space for students of any skill level interested in music to gather once a week to create, analyze, and discuss music, participate in musical activities, and share out their creations. This can be a perfect opportunity to start creating music for the first time, to get feedback on your work, or to have a source of motivation to create new music.
New GenThursday 3:34Portable 2R KilcupAngel Xie, Lauren Hahn, Paul Lee, Haley Montelaro, Nolan Gu, Andrea LimWe are a casual Christian fellowship club where students are welcome to hang out, worship, play games, make new friends and grow in their love of Christ and others. All are welcome!
Newport BakesMondays (every other) 3:351401T GreenEmily Jackson, Natalie LohNewport Bakes is a fun club where we learn new baking techniques and recipes every other week. We are a space welcoming bakers of all experience to destress and meet new people while making desserts.
Night Hawk Writing ClubFridays 3:302124S LopezMatthew Nguyen, Alex Ha & Sneha SadhwaniWe offer a fun environment for people to improve their writing skills and work on creative writing projects. We also work on reporting current events or creating presentations on interesting topics.
NRG RoboticsTues/Thurs 6pm - 8pmESC WestR DoranTylor Lai & Isaac HwangThe Robotics club at Newport High School is Team 948 NRG in the FIRST Robotics Organization. We train students in their chosen subgroup in the fall (Business, Marketing, Mechanical, CAD, Electrical Systems, and Programming). We then build robots and compete in teh winter/spring. The opportunities to learn valuable STEM career training skills, as well as business and graphic design, are plentiful.
Ocean Science ClubTuesdays 3:30 (1st and 3rd Tues of the month)3111M GrayWilliam Liu & Arthur WangOcean Science Club at NHS is a great place to make new friends, learn all about the oceans, and join a great team. We are a strong competitive team that has made it to the National Level of National Ocean Sciences Bowl Competition multiple times. In addition to our competitive prowess, we also like to have fun and share with each other our passion for the ocean and all things living in it! This year, we look forward to hosting fundraisers, doing labs, and many more activities that we’ll be doing for the very first time since before the pandemic!
Physics ClubFridays 3:40 - 4:30J AndrewsGrace YangThis club prepares students for the F=MA exam and creates a space for students to do physics and have fun!
Podcast ClubWednesdays 12:452109K DriscollNicolle Makhervaks and Grace BeppuWe all have a story to tell, whether it’s a childhood memory that makes us laugh, or an event that changed our life. Podcast club is all about finding our story, our SPARKLE. The purpose of this club is to give a safe space for students to take risks, learn how to ask compelling questions, engage in deep conversations, and edit recordings to make the best podcasts. Not only is the club’s mission to experiment with listening and communicating with different people in our community, but we also hope to build a connection within the club. Last year, we interviewed 8 different sports teams and sent them out to the school, to investigate the unique stories of our Newport Athletes. We are excited to welcome returning club members and new ones; we can’t wait to see what this year has for us. Let the podcasts begin!!
Programming ClubThursdays 3:401403M YangMatthew FanThe Programming Club strives to promote knowledge about programming in our Newport community. We hope to empower all members of all levels to succeed in programming competitions and develop their own programming and teamwork skills. We will participate in the ACSL contest and host weekly meetings to prepare for programming competitions such as USACO and TeamsCode. Outside of competitive programming, we plan on exploring other disciplines such as web development/game design and will host hackathons to encourage group projects. We will introduce guest speakers who have experience in the software engineering environment and can provide unique perspectives about majoring in computer science for college. For anyone taking Special Topics in Computer Science or AP Computer Science, we offer tutoring and opportunities to learn more beyond the classroom. There are also volunteer opportunities: the Programming Club is partnered with the Tyee Programming Competition Club and many of our members have been volunteers and staff there. We want to provide a welcoming and friendly community for programmers of all levels seeking to learn more about any aspect of programming.
Red Cross ClubEvery other Friday 3:303118S NehringAngel Xi, Emery Chen, Caleb Li, Rita LiuThe Red Cross Club provides volunteer opportunities and volunteer information. The club seeks to serve the community through service, education, and leadership to promote the values of humanity, voluntary service, and unity.
RocketryTuesdays and Thursdays 3:403104J BrownArthur Gwozdz, Shreyas SubramanianNewport Rocketry Club is a club open to all students interested in Rocketry and/or aerospace. No experience is required (everything you need to know will be taught!), and all students are invited to our bi-weekly meetings on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 3:40pm-5:00pm. Teams compete in the American Rocketry Challenge and aim to have the opportunity to compete in the national finals in Washington DC. Feel free to contact s-subramaniansh@bsd405.org with any questions you may have about our club.
Rubik's Cube ClubTuesdays (every other) 3:402113C MackJinny MoonA space for people to gather who enjoy cubing. We'll teach and do competitions within the club.
SEPIAMondays2124C McGeeSpencer GregovSEPIA engages in conversation about Intersectionality and Disability Justice. We work to create a safe space where people are willing and wanting to learn from the experiences of others and share their own experiences to gain a better understanding of our community.
SKP (Drumline) ClubWednesdays and Fridays 6pm - 9pm1221C EdwardsHannah Park, Lauren Hahn, Emma MatsudaScarlet Knights Percussion is Newport’s competitive drumline club. We teach marching and playing fundamentals to create and perform a show in competitions throughout Washington.
South Asian Student AssociationTuedays (every other) 3:402124S MavuletiMeher Anklesaria A space to create a welcoming environment and learn about and celebrate parts of South Asian culture.
Spanish ClubMondays 3:451112 Semester 1, Portable 6 Semester 2Falkenhagen and BendaAbby WilsonA chance for students of all Spanish speaking levels to practice and growth their Spanish ablity as will as learn about the culture of Spanish speaking countries.
Speech and DebateMondays & Thursdays 3:30-5:00pmLibraryT Croisier Cynthia Lei & Katelyn KimSpeech and Debate is competitive club that goes to weekly tournaments through November till January. The offer a plethora of events to suit your preferences. From Speech events like Impromptu speaking all the way to Acting, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Debate events include 1v1 Lincoln Douglas, or 2v2 Public Forum. Speech and Debate will sharpen your research and writing skills, along with improving your public speaking skills. Our numerous tournaments create a tight-knit community that spends their weekends winning together. Most of all, Speech and Debate is a team. No matter your event, the club offers endless support as a whole.
STEM LeagueMonday (first Monday of the month)3:30S NehringPaul Lee, Jason Liu, Chalire Jung, Brendan Yeh, Allison YehSTEM League's mission is to expand STEM education by educating students through community outreach and inspiring them to pursue opportunities in STEM fields. We strive to promote STEM education towards the students of Newport and our community through interactive activities such as hands-on experiments, hearing from guest speakers in a variety of career fields, and community outreach at local libraries. Our club hopes to foster an inclusive and collaborative community where students can interact with others who share an interest and passion for STEM.
Teen ReachTuesdays (every other) 3:301112FalkenhagenMaddie Pham, Grace HwangTeen Reach is a club working to end the stigma around mental health. Not only does it strive to raise awareness about its importance, it will also be a place to learn and perform ways to maintain it. Through the meetings, attendees will gain a further understanding of mental health and hopefully join the mission to inform themselves, educate others, and end the stigma on an important topic.
Teaching Academy ClubMondays 3:30Portable 2R KilcupChase FerryTeaching Academy Club provides opportunities for BSD high school students to mentor elementary youth at local Boys and Girls Club. Receive volunteer hours and serve your community while having fun!
Tri-M Honors SocietyWednesdays 1:00Band RoomT MahaffeyJana YipTri-M Honors Society is a national recognized honors society for music students in high school. We meet to plan and promote our music in the community through service and social opportunities by playing music. As a music honor society, Tri-M provides recognition for those who excel in music, academics, and service. Also, it's a chance to meet new people and obtain volunteer hours thorugh sharing the same passion. Online applications will be available via QR codes on posters/flyers around the school.
Ultimate Frisbee ClubFridays 3:302110 (field space TBD)M HeckendornSam Park, Bob Song, Raymond Lu, Jason LiuNewport Ultimate Frisbee Club is a great place to bring friends and enjoy some casual games of ultimate frisbee! All types of people are welcome, no matter your age, experience, or athleticism. We have both full games and educational drills held by our expert advisor Ms. Heckendorn. Expect many exciting guest teachers and other clubs to join in!
UNICEFTuesdays 3:40LibraryR ValaasDylan de LeonThe purpose of the N.H.S. UNICEF Club is to build community and connections between Newport students while supporting UNICEF’s efforts to promote the health, safety, and welfare of children worldwide. 
Yearbook ClubFridays 3:352407L Snyder-StoneChelsea Liu and Elena JordanAll stages of production of the 2022 - 2023 Yearbook.
Young Voices of AmericaTuesdays 3:402118M ParkerAudrey Rosellini, Fiona EberhardtA club dedicated to spreading awareness to young voters about upcoming elections, candidates, voter registration rpocess and where to cast your ballot.
Youth LegislationFridays (every other)2501B MunsellKatelyn Kim and Ryan WuPartners with State Congressional Representatives to pass student proposed legislation and connect with district board officials to promote policy change within the Bellevue school district.

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