The Bellevue School District offers students opportunities to extend their learning through extracurricular and after school activity programs. It is the District’s intention to provide high quality opportunities for student participation in extracurricular and after school activity programs. To that end:

Bellevue School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Title IX Coordinator: Jeff Lowell, (425) 456-4010 or lowellj@bsd405.org; Section 504/ADA Coordinator: Heather Edlund, (425) 456-4156 or edlundh@bsd405.org; Civil Rights/Nondiscrimination Compliance Coordinator Alexa Allman, (425) 456-4040 or allmana@bsd405.org. Mailing address for all three: 12111 NE 1st Street, Bellevue, WA 98005.

The Bellevue School District is also committed to providing a safe and civil educational environment that is free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. Report harassment, intimidation or bullying with SafeSchools Alert or at your school. The Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Compliance Officer is Patty Siegwarth.

NHS Clubs: This page is being updated to add more information about clubs.

Clubs are reactivated each year by the staff advisor and new officers. The list below includes all CURRENT NHS clubs that have their paperwork on file for the 2018-2019 school year. If your club is not on the list below please contact Ms. Landau-Walter for information about how to complete the reactivation process.
Students interested in proposing the creation of a NEW club should see Ms. Landau-Walter in 2123 to get the forms and discuss the process.  The first round of club approvals will take place at the November 13th Student Senate Meeting.
ClubDayLocationAdvisorStudent ContactDescription
ACS Chemistry ClubThursday3115LeffJulie KangA club that provides students with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. We feature National Chemistry Olympiad preparation, learn about chemistry careers, help each other with chemistry, and better understand the role chemistry plays in our lives every day.
American Immigration ForumThursday2121HeffterAndrew LiuA club to promote civic engagement through diaglogue focusing around immigration. We will focus on broad issues pertaining to our country and to the world and raise awareness through organized discussion of current events.
Art History ClubFriday2115PruferElizabeth WuArt History Club is for anyone who's interested in art/history/both! We talk about prominent figures and works in art history, as well as about art and the art world in contemporary times.
Art In ActionTuesday (every other)2405BitterJisu ParkA club intended to provide real, authentic, art based commissions to students for community connections and service experience.
ASPENextension of a classFederclassWe are a peer education group that fundraises for charitable organizations, such as Lifelong AIDS Alliance.
Astronomy ClubFriday3106JohnsonEshan KempAstronomy club is a club all about astronomy and space sciences. We have stimulating discussions about all aspects of Space. We also help host and participate in an awesome space science competion called Future Beyond the Atmosphere.
Biotech Club (formerly Biology Club)Thursdays3114LeffJuntao ZhongBiotech club focuses on genetic organisms' physiology and genetic materials. We do dissections and experiments related to DNA. We also feature Biology Olympics preparation, guest speakers and outreach teaching events.
BSUWednesdayLecture HallRichardsonKennedy AmuchaBSU's purpose is to educate students about black struggles in the US as well as discuss racism in an open environment. Also, BSU is meant to provide a welcoming space for Black students to talk about their own experiences.
#BuiltByNHSTuesday3118NehringAlicen (Chaewon) HanA club focusing on fostering discussion about the role fo women in the professional field and hosting activities that promote entrepreneurship within club time. We hope to do shark tank simulations, resume workshops, and public speaking practice so that members will be aware of the skills utilized in future careers.
Camelot ClubFriday Portable 6GrimesKris YeeA club where members can interact with each other and have fun while they plan, fund, and impements the TOLO Dance.
CEL (Change Every Life)Fridays3115LeffEsal ShakilA club that does community service projects to make a positive impact on the community.
Chess ClubTuesdays 1102EastmanLuke XieWe have weekly meetings where all levels of chess players can learn and have fun. We also compete as a chess team.
Chinese Culture ClubFriday (every other)1114SuMandy (Yunqui) LuoA club that works to promote both traditional and modern Chinese Culture and practice to all students in Newport High School.
Circuit DesignMondays3114LiAndy (Haoyang) ZhouA club where students design and make circuits. For example, we work with controlled/patterned LED (light) and speaker (sound). This is an extension of the type of work students learn in AP physics.
Cisco Project ClubTuesday1407Mason/HoffmanJaxon McClellandTo strengthen awareness of STEM and support philanthropic projects in the field.
Club PenguinMondayPortable 5KilcupNatasha WylieTo provide opportunities for Teaching Academy students or those interested in education careers to practice leadership skills and fundraise to bring in guest speakers.
Coding ClubTuesdays 1404Mason/HoffmanKeren MakhervaksA club that focuses on getting more female peer excited about computer science. We will learn various programming langauges and hear from guest speakers. We will also provide information on opportunities to volunteer.
Computer ClubTuesday1403RasmussenAndrew LiuTo empower and raise awareness for computer science to all students in an academic environment.
Cover and ChoreographyThursdays2503 *(upper weight room)BrowellAntonia CaiA club for students who love to perform but not at a professional level. We want to provide a safe, comfortable and fun environment so that people can show their talent, share their ideas, and improve together as a team.
Days for NHSFriday1102EastmanSophie ContiA club that works with an international organization dedicated to bringing sustainable menstrual health and education to those who do not have access to it.
DECAThursdays1201BorthclassDECA Prepares Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs in: Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, & Management. We focus on the values of: Competence, Integrity, Teamwork, & Innovation.
Dramapart of a class1207Nonis/Klekasclass A club to support the efforts of our drama program and its performances.
Drumline ClubWednesdays 3-51221 (Band room)EdwardsNathan BaekA competitive drumline providing marching percussion opportunities.
ECL Tuesdays Portable 5KilcupYuka KozakaiA tutoring club that helps ELL students at Somerset Elementary School.
Green Team (Eco Club)Thursday3108Doran JAlyssa BienfangA club that aims to spread community involvement in the environment and spread awareness about impactful ecological events. Everyone is welcome regardless of their experience. We provide information about opportunities to volunteer on weekends and do team activities to help reduce Newport's environmental footprint.
FCCLA Thursday1401ChurchBrandon ChanA club focused on education in Family and Consumer Sciences. We focus on personal growth and leadership in the community as well as competition in our field.
Film Making ClubThursdays2412HamadaCarlos, Serenity and GenaroFilm Making Club will write, shoot and edit films as well as compete in any available film competitions. FMC will also host Newport Film Festival in June, and members will each have a responsibility during the festival.
GSAThursdays2109DrajemAdrian Mercer-GarberA meeting place and safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as a place for communication and education between the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.
HOSAThursday3114Bohlinger Diana ZarudnayaA club that prepares for statewide competition in mid spring focused on healthcare related issues and educates stduents about future health occupations.
Hula Dance ClubTuesday (7:15 am)January 30, 1900February 10, 1900Miri NakamuraA club aimed at teaching and learning the fundamental steps of Hula dance. We start practicing basic steps such as kaholo, hela, ami and kau. Then we will move to learning kaniko, a traditional Hawaiian dance and anana, a modern dance with music.
Hunger ProjectMondays2110StreckenbachEmma LauA club that focuses on helping the homeless and less fortunate population around our community by providing information about volunteering at foodbanks, soup kitchens, thrift stores, etc.
Interest Career ClubWednesday (First Wed of the MonthLibrary Lopex-Kopp Jin KimA club to help students explore and find their career path in the future. The club will have speakers every 2-3 months to discuss a career that students are intersted in. Club members will vote on which careers they want to highlight.
JSA (Junior State of America)Thursdays2123Mai-Tram HuynhCelina YuIn a society where youth make up the population that votes the least, JSA works to foster an environment for healthy political discourse, civic engagement and activism. Working to fight against political apathy, youth around the nation debate resolutions and pass legislation using the model of the federal government.
Key ClubTuesdayLecture HallMarrowJoshua LeeKey Club is an international recognized service-based organization that hopes to serve our local and greater communities through charity fundraisers and volunteering. Our specified project for this year is called the Thirst Project, which hopes to bring clean water to population around the world that don't have access to it.
Knight Pics? TBD2406FotiKyle YuA club that is focused on having fun with photography and participating in the Washington State High School Photography Contest.
Knowledge BowlMonday/FridayPortable 8LangJustin ZhangWe practice for and participate in Knowledge Bowl and Quiz Bowl competitions.
LatinXWednesday2118Lopex-Kopp, PerezThis group is open to students of all ethnic backgrounds; however, the primary aim of Latinx is to provide a safe environment, volunteer opportunities & support network for Latinx students at Newport High School.  Latinx aims to educate and increase awareness at NHS about the history and culture of Latinx populations.
Math ClubFriday1106NeisesTerrance LiA club that participates in competition involving fun math puzzles. We teach math that isn't available at the high school level. We also help with homework and with prep for the AP Calculus exam.
Mock TrialMonday2121HeffterAthena KimStudents in Mock Trial act out civil or criminal trials by arguing either prosecution or defense. They'll take a case and roleplay as lawyers and/or witnesses for their respective sides. The club focuses on devleoping speaking/acting skills and learning court procedures and legal jargon.
Model UNTuesday 2101NikulaStuti JainA Club to improve public speaking, practice UN-style debate, research and write effectively, learn about world issues, and practice leadership. Additionally, we attend conferences where delegates can practice UN debates.
National Honor SocietyWedMain GymReeseShifa SomjiAn organization designed to promote leadership skills with members. The club makes members aware of opporutnities to volunteer in local community and school events. Club members serve as role models in the school and outside community.
Newport Auto ClubThursdays2101SteffenJared MarA club to teach new or experienced drivers the basic of automobiles such as how to change tires, jump start a car, pump air into tires (in a classroom environment). We will also discuss insurance rates, strategies for buying cars, etc. We also hope to foster relationships in the Newport Community.
New GenFridays2102KenyonMatthew ChenA Christian club at Newport dedicated to creating a loving community that is welcoming to all types of people as well as to inspire students to be the change they want to see in their community.
Newport Knivesvaries1401GreenMcKenna PlengerA competitive club for students interested in culinary arts and foodservice management. Students participate in Prostart competitions.
Newport Writers ClubFridays1103MiltonZoya SiddiquiA place where student writers can come together and share, advise, and help each other imporve as creative writers.
Ocean Science ClubThursday (7:15am)3111GrayIsha SanganiThis club is a welcoming place to meet others who are passionate about the ocean. We watch documentaries about wacky sea creatures and play fun games. We also prepare for a marine science knolwedge bowl, at which our team has won national awards.
Origami ClubThursdays1114SuJustin ChenWe provide a fun and relaxing space to learn about the joys of paperfolding and appreciation it as an art form.
Paleontology ClubFridays2122RubioCole ShultzWe hope to use this club to educate our members and anyone else who attends a meeting about the wonderful history of life on this earth. We want to excite attendees to continue their intellectual curiosity for paleontoloy outside of the club.
Peace and Meditation ClubWednesdays 3114Bohlinger Isha SanganiA relaxing place for NHS students to practice mindful meditation and focus techniques including journaling and coloring. The club is a drop-in session for students to cultivate clear and intentional mental space.
Physics ClubMondays3115LeffEshan KempPhysics club is a club dedicated to discussions and competitions surrounding physics. The main event for physics club is the F=ma exam and subsequent USAPHO qualifying exams, though in the past another AAPT competition, physics bowl, has been hosted.
Powerlifting ClubMonday and Thursdayweight roomB. RichardsonJenna MartzStudents train for and compete in powerlifing competitions.
RoboticsTues/Thurs 6:30ESC West 112R. DoranKrystal GraylinOur mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire  innovation , and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication , and  leadership
Rocketry ClubTues/Thurs 3:403106Brown/Johnson/LangKavel RaoA group that designs, builds, and launches rockets for national competitions and for fun!
SEPIA AwareMondays2124SandsOmar FageeriStudents Educating Peers in Autism Awareness is a club that works to facilitate an environment where students (both those who are on the autisim spectrum and those who are not) can socialize, brainstorm and foster influential change in the community.
Slavic Language and Culture ClubMondays2101NikulaDiana Zarudnaya, Alexander MangasarovA club where members can learn and practice Russian and Ukranian languages as well as promote traditional and modern Slavic culture. It is open to both native and non-native speakers.
Speech and DebateMon/Thurs 3:40Library and ClassroomsBuschSophie Liu, Omar FageeriWe are affiliated with Washington State Forensics Association and the National Speech and Debate Association. We are a competitive activity located in Bellevue, WA. Our members compete in Congressional, Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas debate as well as in a variety of speech events.
Student Education AssociationTuesdays Portable 5KilcupBrandon ChanA club that focuses on training student tutors and connecting student with opportunities to tutor students at Somerset Elementary.
Technology Student AssociationMondays1111LambLulu TangA team that will compete in technology and STEM related events in the state and national level.
TED Ed ClubFriday 2115PruferBhavana PanchumarthiA club where students work to pick an idea, research it, prepare a presentation and then give a TED-style talk.
Teen ReachThursday3119FederTiffany LowA club about outreach and better mental health practices for students. We create awareness posters, provide information on resources, and work to plan community events about mental health awareness.
Tri-M Music Honor SocietyMonday1221 (Band Room)MahaffeyJohsua LeeIn Tri-M Honor Society we hope to recognize the educational and musical talents of our members. We work to better our community through musical outreach. Playing at retirement homes, fundraising for music-based charities, and teaching under-privileged students are just the start of what we do each year. Applications will open at the end of the school year, so please consider applying to showcase your talents and be formally recognized.
Unicef ClubTuesdays 2120ValaasAmy LiWe work to support, and raise awareness of, the efforts made by UNICEF around the world to safeguard the health, education, safety and welfare of vulnerable children.
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