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NHS Clubs:

Registration for 2022-23 Clubs is open but dates, times and locations below are for 2021-22. Look for updated information in September about clubs for the 2022-23 school year. Register for clubs at FinalForms.com.

This page will be continuously updated as clubs are added or information is changed.


ClubDayLocationAdvisorStudent ContactDescription 
ACS Chemistry ClubEvery other Thursday 3:30 - 4:003118Leff and Nehring (leffs@bsd405.org and nehrings@bsd405.org)Gabriella Lui, Mia Huhdanpaa, Elizabeth MartyrossianThe American Chemical Society (ACS) ChemClub is a high school chemistry club that provides students with a unique opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. Our goal is to build a strong community united by a shared love for chemistry and science. We will meet every other week on Thursdays at 3:30pm-4:00pm to engage in a variety of chemistry related activities such as experiments, demonstrations, presentations, and listening to engaging talks from speakers. Members of the ACS ChemClub can also earn volunteer hours by tutoring students in chemistry related topics. We encourage students who are looking for support in chemistry to join our club. We will be continuing our support system of peer tutoring.
ARK (Acts of Random Kindness)Every other Monday 3:35-4:15LibraryCroisier (croisiert@bsd405.org)Athena Situ, Arthi VenkateshIn Acts of Random Kindness or ARK club, we aim to spark joy in the Newport community through small acts of kindness.
Art in ActionEvery other Tuesday 3:40 - 4:402405Bitter (bitterj@bsd405.org)Xiaofu Zhu, Regina Lin, Yiqing LiuArt in Action is a diverse and relaxing group of students who get together every other Tuesday to discuss, design and render art works for themselves as well as volunteer work that supports our community. We snack too.
Asian American Student UnionFridays 3:30 - 4:30LibraryStephen Wong (wongs@bsd405.org) and Carolyn Yuen (yuenc@bsd405.org)Simon Huang Alisa SaisakornAsian American Student Union is a safe space where we’ll explore, discuss, and develop our Asian American identity. Recognizing that Asian Americans are often absent from conversations about race, we will create our own. We aim to nurture our racial self-identity, and expand our perspectives by learning from the variety of our shared histories, experiences, and cultures.
ASL ClubWednesdays 12:45 - 1:301102Boschker (boschkerk@bsd405.org)Clarice RhatiganA club for students and staff to be able to learn American Sign Language and communicate with the Deaf / hard of hearing community. An awesome way to communicate with someone if you're at the other end of the room or can't verbally talk. A chance to be able to build connections with people and focus on inclusion.
Astronomy ClubEvery Other Monday 3:35 - 4:051110Soestrisno (soestrisnom@bsd405.org)Cat KnoppAstronomy Club is a place for students to talk about cool stuff in space. Most of our meetings center around fund discussions of hypothetical scenarios.
Biotech ClubTuesdays 3:30 - 4:003115Dr. Leff (leffs@bsd405.org)Jia Chen, Chris Chen, Evan ChoiWe hold biotech interest meetings, coordinate biotech events at Newport, and hold discussions on Biotech related topics. We will also provide some introduction to topics covered in Newport’s Biotech Class
Bird ClubThursdays 3:30 - 4:301113Swann (swanne@bsd405.org)Mohini PaulRelax and enjoy the nature that is all around us. Learn to identify the birds in your world by sight and sound. Play bird games and make friends!
Book ClubMondays 3:302114Streckenbach (streckenbachl@bsd405.org)Kevin Lieue, Grant Vu, Irene JungA club to create a community for students to read and discuss various literary works such as books, short storeis and other texts.
Built By NHSEvery other Thursday at 3:303118Nehring (nehrings@bsd405.org)Emily ZhangBuilt by NHS is a club used to learn more about career networking, STEM opportunities, and learning more about internships and soft skills.
BSUTBDTBDBlake (blakej@bsd405.org)Lauren Kirkpatrick, James Nguyen, Ruthie LarteyBSU is one of the core organizations that give a voice to BIPOC students at NHS. We are about helping each other learn and grow during our high school journey and nurture the way we see ourselves regarding race. This club will act as a platform for the small yet powerful population of Black students at NHS and also act as an opportunity for ALL students to learn about the significance of race in America to gain insight and perspective. More significantly, this club is not meant to be an "8th period" to learn about race, but a group of funny, talented, friendly and passionate teens wanting to make a difference.
Chess ClubMondays and Thursdays 3:30 -5:001102Rhonda Eastman (eastmanr@bsd405.org)Paul ParkChess Club is a fun, loosely structured club that allows people to socialize and play chess, whether purely recreationally or competitively. Compete with Newport students in the monthly Knights Tournaments, compete with other students in the KingCo Chess League, or play casually with friends at any time. We have a wide range of players from all different levels so we have a place for you. Lessons will also take place once every week for all members. Beginners are always welcome.
Cisco Project ClubEvery Other Tuesday1407Mason and Hansen (masonj@bsd405.org hansenmi@bsd405.org)Brennen TseWe fund, set up and manage projects relating to Cisco charitable causes. Master of skills learned through the CCNA and CCNP programs/courses.
Civics ClubEvery Other Friday 3:301104Hauser (hauserk@bsd405.org)Eric HanNewport High School’s Civic Club’s main objective is to create an integrated community of students from all grades to become engaged in the community they live in. We will promote civic engagement through facilitating discussions and activities involving current events, politics, volunteer work at community events, and environmental issues to ultimately improve society.
Cover and ChoreographyThursdays 3:30 - 4:30gym or weight roomTodd Mahaffey (mahaffeyt@bsd405.org)Madeline Pham, Katherine Chang, Carmen Pao, Dorothy NguyenA dance club where everyone can join and have fun! Any level of dance experience is welcome. We perform at several events throughout the school year and meet weekly to rehearse and dance!
Days for GirlsEvery Other Friday 3:301102Rhonda Eastman (eastmanr@bsd405.org)Alayna Li and Hana SugiharaDays for Girls is focused on menstrual equity so that girls can attain a better education and better future. Our club is open to all identities and expressions (not just females)! As a branch of an international organziation, we primarily make pad packages to send out and to raise awareness for our cause.
DECAWednesday 1:001201Jerry Borth (borthj@bsd405.org)Ayla Karmali, Mohini Paul and Isabella WangDECA is a Student Leadership Organization that prepares emerging leaders & entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Our organizational values are: Competence, Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation. We provide Business & Marketing students with opportunities to participate in competitions, community service projects, project management opportunities, fundraisers and fun community building activities. Newport DECA is one of the top five DECA programs in the State of Washington.
Digital Media ClubWednesdays 1:00- 2:002412Steve Hamada (hamadas@bsd405.org)Allison Yeh, Taylor LaiThis club aims to unite students with a common interest in film and media and provide activities through lessons and games.
Drama ClubMondays 3:30 - 4:30TheaterJake Nonis (nonisj@bsd405) and Katherine Klekas (klekask@bsd405.org)Aidan Pong, Riley Chang, Boomer BradshawDrama Club is a place where people can plan future productions, auditions, and competitions. Play theater games and find a family that accepts everyone.
E-Sports ClubMonday 3:401110Soestrisno (soestrisnom@bsd405.org)Tony Wang, David Kim, Jacob He, Robert Gilmore, Aiden Chen, Alfred TanNewport Esports Club brings the community of the online world into our school. It is a social gathering where gamers from all walks of life may interact and converse. Club members can make friends with those who share common interests. 
Eco ClubEvery other Thursday 3:303108Jaimi Doran (doranj@bsd405.org)Lillian Huang and Carina ByrdEco Club is a place for students to meet and to do sustainable projects, learn about the environment, and have fun meeting new people.
FCCLAThursdays 3:301401Church (churchd@bsd405.org)Radha Thothathri, Shreya Thothathri, Indigo Zhong, Michelle WongThe purpose of FCCLA is to put the education of Family and Consumer Sciences into a collaborative environment to develop personal growth and leadership within the community, while also exploring different career interests. We will meet for fun, food, and competition!
Food for Our FutureThursdays 3:402406Foti (fotia@bsd405.org)Carmen Young, Meredith Hillier, Elsie BenckeOur goal is to create an open space to discuss sustainable diets that protect human health, animal rights, and the environment. Although we’ll mainly center around plant-based eating, all eaters are welcome!
French ClubEvery Other Tuesday 3:301102Rhonda Eastman (eastmanr@bsd405.org)Tanvi Ladha and Nadia ChihabBonjour Newport! French Club is a super easy and stress-free club that is available to everyone, even if you don't speak French. You can look forward to learning about French language, culture, geography, and so many more topics! We meet every other Tuesday at 3:30 pm. We can't wait ot meet everyone. Au revoir!
Gender Equality ClubEvery Other Monday 3:401113Swann (swanne@bsd405.org)Sonanshi Bhatia and Pihoo SinghA club to provide students a safe space to talk and educate themselves about issues such as gender roles, discrimination, inclusivity, and intersectionality. People of all gender identities are welcome to participate.
GSAWednesdays 1:00 - 1:302119Guo (guoh@bsd405.org)Ben MiddletonGender/Sexuality Alliance is safe space for everyone, regardless of their identity to discuss modern issues about the LGBTQ+ community, explore the nuances of the community and discuss experiences of the LGBTQ+ community throughout history.
HOSAThursdays 3:303114Kami Bohlinger (bohlingerk@bsd405.org)Ishika Devgan, Jeenah Gwak, Hannah Ryu, Emma WangHOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) helps develop leadership and technical medical competency through guest speakers, club activities, and competition in order to prepare students to become future health professionals.
Hunger ProjectMonday 3:302114Streckenbach (streckenbachl@bsd405.org)Kaviya Muralidharan, Jasmine LiuAt Hunger Project club, we strive to help our community by volunteering in various ways such as serving food at homeless shelters, assisting food banks and participating in food/ clothing drives. Due to Covid, we are providing a few online volunteering options until it is safe to help our community in person.
Jewish Community ClubFridays at 3:402106Lasby (lasbyd@bsd405.org)Katherine GreenfieldA club dedicated to building a safe and welcoming environment for the Jewish students of Newport High School. If you’re interested in learning about Jewish culture and want to make a difference at school, join us. (Non-Jewish folks are welcome too).
Junior State of America (JSA)Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:301103Dan Milton (miltond@bsd405.org)Akira Morishita and Kevin LieueJSA (also known as Junior State of America) is an American non-partisan youth organization which serves to help high school students acquire leadership skills and the knowledge to be effective debators. JSA club participates in conventions and meetings typically consisting of debates ranging from silly to serious political topics
Key ClubEvery Other Tuesday 3:35Lecture HallCarla Marrow (marrowc@bsd405.org)Jenny Ni and Nora CollinsKey Club is a community service organization run by students. The major goal it to provide opportunities to serve (serving dinner at Highland Center, local charity runs, fundraisers, making blankets for Children's Hospital, decorating food bags for Meals on Wheels). Another aspect of the club is interacting with other Key Clubs in the Division and beyond. This is an opportunity to get to know new people, share ideas, and collaborate. At the end of the year there is an opportunity to attend the District Convention (DCON). For more information about PNW Key Clubs go to https://www.pnwkeyclub.org/
Knight Pics Photo ClubEvery Other Monday 3:302406Andrew Foti (fotia@bsd405.org)Adaline Witz and Emily ShetzlineCalling all aspiring photographers! Join Photo Club! We learn the basics and the advanced techniques of photography. Every photographer learns and collaborates with others. Everyone brings their own artistic style to the portrait. We cover all the wonderful styles of photography such as, landscapes, macro, animal, portrait, and even more! Photo Club is open to everyone! No photography experience required.
Knights Who CodeMondays 3:301404John Walter (walkerj@bsd405.org) and Meng Yang (yangm@bsd405.org)Alayna Li and Samskrithi SivakumarKnights Who Code, partnered with international organization Girls Who Code, aims to introduce Java and other coding languages in a less intimidating environment. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender identity and the primary work we do is focused on closing the gender gap in technology. No experience is required to join!
Knowledge BowlMondays 3:30 - 4:301111Matthew Dirks (dirksm@bsd405.org)Arohan AgateKnowledge Bowl is a team-based academic sport. We ask questions from a variety of academic fields. If you like science, we have that. Humanities? We have that. Beliefs like mythology and religion? We have that too. Questions are organized with hard clues early in the question and easier clues later. This is nice because if you are really invested in a specific subject, then you get the benefit of being able to answer those questions early. Even if you are not specialized in the question’s topic, you still get the satisfaction of 1) learning something new and 2) being able to buzz and answer a question correctly. We are a low-stakes club. There are no expectations or judgments on how often you come to practices or tournaments We believe that a free environment is what makes Knowledge Bowl so enjoyable for all.
K-pop ClubFridays at 3:402122Wendy Lin (linche@bsd405.org)Meher Anklesaria and Rina GuoK-pop club consists of a community of bright and diverse individuals who are curious about exploring the art and aspects of K-pop. We are mindful and respectful of the culture as fans are passionate in sharin gthe joy of K-pop with others. We are a safe and inclusive community, welcoming all listeners and all fandoms alike. Some activities this year inclue listening parties, DIY merch, discussions about race and culture in the music industry, K-pop games and projects.
LatinXWednesdays at 1pmTBDSavannah AtabeloJazmin Chirino-Melgarejo and Daniela Sanchez HernandezLatinx club provides a safe environment for Latinx students at Newport High school. This is a space for Latinx students to get together to talk about, learn and partcipate in culturally relevant activities. Latinx aims to educate and increase the awareness at NHS about the history and culture of the Latinx community. All students are welcome.
Link CrewThursdays 12:40 - 1:102117Jake Nonis (nonisj@bsd405.org)Lucy McSherry, Candace Warner, Chloe Mai, Hannah Ketchum, David Kim, Gavin Rhatigan Link Crew is a student leadership group where upperclassmen mentor freshmen to help make the transition to high school as easy as possible. We put on a variety of events throughout the year, including freshmen orientation, so that the new class of students feels welcome at Newport
Math ClubFridays 3:30 - 4:301106Michelle Neises (neisesm@bsd405.org)Kavin Nam, Jeenah Gwak, Minghan Sun, Alex Niu, Ryan ZhangWelcome to Newport Math Club! In our weekly meetings, we provide a fun, thoughtful environment to discuss the beautiful subject of mathematics. We talk about all sorts of topics, ranging from applied mathematics to competition math and beyond. Math club participates in multiple competitions each year, the biggest one being the AMC 10/12. We host the annual Knights of Pi Math Tournament, one of the largest regional middle school math competitions around, as well as a pi party on 3/14 with real pi(e)s! Students who need help with math homework/concepts may also come for support, as we organize math review sessions for semester finals.
Model UNTuesdays 3:30 - 4:302106Florsheim (florsheima@bsd405.org)Isabella WangNewport Model United Nations is a great way to strengthen your leadership and communication skills through collaboration and community. Navigate the Cuban Missile Crisis as John F. Kennedy, or better yet, Fidel Castro himself through passionate debate. Be Emperor Darius and control the Persian Empire with directives and rapid-fire discussions. More interested in the traditional United Nations? Represent countries in committees like the WHO, UNEP, and UNHRC in conferences around the Pacific Northwest. Feeling nervous because you know absolutely nothing about Model United Nations? We’ll take you through the basics (and host a mock committee) so you’ll feel well prepared for you first conference, where you can debate with students from other schools and win awards.
Music 4 EveryoneEvery other Friday at 3:301225Blough (bloughb@bsd405.org)Emerson Shelby and Xin CenA platform for young musicians to come together and perform for the community of Bellevue. Members will submit videos and an editor will compile them into playlists; we will distribute them to nursing homes and places that want music. During meetings, members will have the opportunity to play music of their own choosing as a solo or as a small ensemble. Occasionally, a club-wide ensemble will be assembled where students will produce music as a large group.
Music Creators ClubTuesdays 3:30 1233Cory Edwards (edwardsc@bsd405.org)Christopher ShangA club devoted to everything related to music composition! Open to students of all skill levels and all genres. Each month we hold prompts to inspire creation!
National History DayEvery other Monday 3:40Portable 6Valaas (valaasr@bsd405.org)Josephina Stocks and Antonia KwanA club to prepare for National History Day competition in the spring. Meetings will include coaching and guidance on how to compete/prepare projects for competition. We will create a space where students may work with peers to deepen and share passion for history.
New GenThursdays 3:30 - 4:45Portable 5Rick Kilcup (kilcupr@bsd405.org) Kendrick Mangmati
Lucas Zha
Janet Chang
Jonah Choi
Catie Liu
We are a casual Christian fellowship club where students are welcome to hang out, worship, play games, make new friends and grow in their love of Christ and others. All are welcome!
Newport BakesMondays 3:452106Chef Choi (choia@bsd405.org)Natalie LohNewport Bakes is a baking club. We welcome stduents of all abilities and provide and opportunity to learn about the culinary industry. Most of all, we bake new recipes every month.
Newport Knives CulinaryTBDTBDTracy Green (greent@bsd405.org)TBDThe Newport Knives are a multifaceted club that focuses on: Preparing, practicing, and honing skills for culinary competitions, service to the community by organizing dinners for the homeless, an annual fundraiser / donation to the Seattle Milk Fund / Goodwin Connection through our Cookiefest event, and catering throughout the school year that extend our classroom learning through real world catering events.
Nighthawk Writing ClubTuesdays 3:402124Sandra Lopez (lopezs@bsd405.org)Matthew NguyenA club to offer a safe and fun environment for people to learn about current events, explore creativity, create artwork, and WRITE!
NRG (Newport Robotics)Tuesday/Thurs 6:00 - 8:00 PMESC West (District Offices)Rob Doran (doranr@bsd405.org)Adhvitha Sivaganesh, Samskrithi Sivakumar, Samriddhi Sivakumar, Armand Meyer, Vanu Rao, Lucus Zha, Nathaniel Mercer-Garber and Taylor LaiThe Robotics Club at Newport High School is team #948 NRG in the FIRST Robotics Organization. We train students in their choisen subgroup in the fall (Business, Marketing, Mechanical, CAD, Electrical Systems, and Programming). We then build a robot and compete in the Winter/Spring. The opportunities to learn valuable STEM career skills are plentiful.
Ocean Science ClubThursdays 3:303111Megan Gray (graym@bsd405.org)Rachel Wu and William LiuOcean Science Club at NHS is a great place to make new friends, learn all about the oceans, and join a great team. We are a strong competitive team that has made it to the National Level of National Ocean Sciences Bowl Competition multiple times. In addition to our competitive prowess, we also like to have fun and share with each other our passion for the ocean and all things living in it!
Physics ClubMondays 3:303115Dr. Leff (leffs@bsd405.org)Eric LiuThis club has two main purposes: (1) to prepare for the F=ma exam in January and (2) to do physics and have fun!
Programming ClubThursdays 3:401403Yang (yangm@bsd405.org)Alex Niu, Eric Liu, Kevin Lieue, Josh XieThe Programming Club strives to promote programming knowledge in our Newport community. We hope to empower all members of all levels to succeed in programming competitions and develop their own programming and teamwork skills. We will participate in the ACSL contest and host weekly meetings to prepare for programming competitions such as USACO and TeamsCode. Outside of competitive programming, we plan on participating in hackathons and working on group projects. We may have guest speaker events as well. For anyone taking Special Topics in Computer Science or AP Computer Science, we offer tutoring and opportunities to learn more beyond the classroom. There are also volunteer opportunities. We are planning on hosting our own programming contest, and volunteers are always helpful. The Programming Club is partnered with the Tyee Middle School Programming Competition Club, in fact, many of our members are volunteers and staff there. We want to provide a welcoming and friendly community for programmers of all levels.
Project LotusNikula (nikulam@bsd405.org)Catherine Leininger, Jenny Ni, Hana SugiharaProject Lotus is an organization dedicated to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health, specifically in AAPI communities. During meeting we participate in activities promoting mental health, have open discussions, and raise awareness and educate the community. Everyone is welcome to join!
Red Cross ClubEvery other Monday 3:301233Fisher (fishern@bsd405.org)Adilene Valdovinos, Heidi Nguyen, Angel Xie, Yiqing LiuJoin us every other Monday to learn how to donate blood, save people, and earn volunteer hours and other fun experiences. Help your community!!!
Rocketry ClubTuesday and Thursday 3:40 - 5:003106Thompson (thompsonde@bsd405.org)Rosie LiuNewport Rocketry is a club that provides NHS students with enriching experiences in aerospace engineering. Students will design, build, and test model rockets that compete annually in The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC). Members can learn through on-on-one experiences with experts in the field and other students who share a similar passion. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to visit professionals in industry through tours (i.e. Rocketdyne). From this experience, a student has the freedom to go as deeply as they wish into a certain area of aerospace. These may include emphasis in rocket building, design, or the mathematics and physics of rocktes.
Scarlet Knights PercussionWednesdays and Fridays1221Corey Edwards (edwardsc@bsd405.org)Teagan Lacoste, Sarada Lakshmanan, Scarlet Knights Percussion is Newport's competitive marching drumline. We teach marching and playing fundamentals to prepare shows to compete in drumline events throughout Washington.
SEPIATBDTBDClaire McGee (mcgeec@bsd405.org)
Speech and DebateMondays and Thursdays 3:30 - 5:00LibraryTracy Croisier (croisiert@bsd405.org)Cynthia Lei, Maggie Li, Katrina LiSpeech and Debate offers a wide range of events such as performing a published work, improving your public speaking skills and, of course, bettering your argumentation skills with debate or public forum. No matter what , in speech and debate there is an event for you & a community that will welcome and support you through it all.
STEM LeagueFirst Monday of the month 3:35 - 4:203118Nehring (nehrings@bsd405.org)Amy Jung, Rina Guo, Sophia LinSTEM League's mission is to expand STEM education by educating students through community outreach and inspiring them to pursue opportunities in STEM fields. We strive to promote STEM education towards the students of Newport and our community through interactive activities such as hands-on experiments, hearing from guest speakers in a variety of career fields, and community outreach at local libraries. Our club hopes to foster an inclusive and collaborative community where students can interact with others who share an interest and passion for STEM.
SEPIA (Students Educating Peers in Autism Acceptance)Mondays 3:35 - 4:202124Claire McGee (mcgeec@bsd405.org)Riley KirbySEPIA is a social and educational club that supports creating a safe space for all neurodivergent individuals and their allies. Each week we do education on a different disability followed by game and social time. Our goal is to create a safe space for students at Newport.
Teen ReachTuesdays 3:303119Feder (federm@bsd405.org)Maddie Pham, Adilene ValdovinosProviding students with a safe space to discuss mental health topics and build skills to deal with challenges they face, as well as educating other students and their families on how to help themselves and others around them.
Tri-M National Music Honors SocietyFirst Wednesday of the Month 1pmBand RoomTodd Mahaffey (mahaffeyt@bsd405.org)Jeenah GwakTri-M is a nationally recognized honors society for high school music students As a music honors society, Tri-M provides recognition for those who excel in music, academics. and service, promoting our music programs in the community through service. We serve our community through annual events and volunteering.
Ultimate Frisbee ClubTBDTBDHeckendorn (heckendornm@bsd405.org)Calvin NiuA co-ed intramural club focused on teamwork and meeting new people. We play ultimate frisbee with teams formed on the spot.
UNICEF ClubTuesdays 3:40Portable 6Valaas (valaasr@bsd405.org)Jonah Choi, Angela Song, Cody You, Amy JungThe purpose of the N.H.S. UNICEF Club is to build community and connections between Newport students while supporting UNICEF’s efforts to promote the health, safety, and welfare of children worldwide.
Unified RoboticsThursdays 3:302118Channita (channitaa@bsd405.org)Owen LaiUnified Robotics is an inclusive robotics program open to students with a variety of learning levels. It brings the world of STEM and robotics to high school students with special needs during a 6-week after school program.
Youth LegislationTuesdays 3:30Portable 7Brett Munsell (munsellb@bsd405.org)Sabrina LimThe purpose of the club is to provide leadership opportunities to students that wish to understand, modify or create legislation at the city, county or state level.  The club will provide additional opportunities beyond what is covered in the CTE Business Law Class at Newport High School.  Students will work with peers and community members to identify issues legislative action are required to fix to serve the community.  Students will then create groups to study issues and how to develop those ideas into a legislative bill.  Students will then work in conjunction with State Legislator(s) to refine the bill, and work through hurdles that can keep the legislation from being enacted. 

The Bellevue School District offers students opportunities to extend their learning through extracurricular and after school activity programs. It is the District’s intention to provide high quality opportunities for student participation in extracurricular and after school activity programs. Questions or comments? Let’s Talk.

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