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**All Bellevue schools will be closed Monday, February 19-Friday, February 23.**
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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take less than 7 periods and request a late arrival/early dismissal?

If you are a junior or senior, you may request to have 1st or 7th period open without a class. You cannot have an open period in the middle of the day. All 9th and 10th graders must have 7 classes.

What if I do not submit my course requests by the deadline?

Your classes will be selected for you by your counselor based on what you need for graduation. It is important for you to submit your course requests by the deadline!

What is AP? AP (Advanced Placement) is a program run by College Board.

AP courses are high-level courses designed to prepare students for a test in May of the year you have taken the course. Test scores may determine if you receive credit or move to a higher-level course in college (highly selective colleges do not generally provide these options and we recommend you look at individual college websites for college specific information). AP courses are individually selected according to student interest. The tests are optional, but one focus of the class will be preparing for the test.

If I want to take an Advanced Placement class, are there things I need to do in addition to adding the class to my course requests?

AP classes are rigorous classes and are a commitment. On average, an AP course will add a minimum of 30 minutes per day, per class, of homework. We strongly recommend using Course Planning for Balance and Wellness as you plan out your schedule. Please know that if you are placed in an AP class, you will be expected to remain in the class for the year. We always recommend that students consult with current teachers, guardians, and their counselor about course selection.

What are electives and how do I get 3.5 credits of them?

Any class that you take beyond the core requirements. Example: After taking 3 credits of math, any additional math courses will be considered electives.

What can I list for “course alternates”? Do I really need 4-6?

Any class that you would be okay taking in place of a 1st choice elective. These are used to fill a schedule when 1st choices do not work. Please choose several alternates and be prepared to have one or more in your schedule.

Can I change my course requests after registration and/or courses at the beginning of the school year?

The master schedule is created based upon student course requests during registration in the spring. Teachers are hired, course sections are added based upon request numbers. Students will be held accountable to take requested courses (both first choices AND Alternate choices). Changes will only be made under specific, extenuating circumstances (incorrect level, missing graduation required course, missing pre-requisite course).

How do I know what my remaining graduation requirements are?

The easiest way to find what your graduation requirements are and what you have remaining is by going to the “Course History” tab in StudentVue.

Since there is a difference between graduation requirements and college entrance requirements and I want to go to college, how do I know what I should take for college admission?

In the BSD Course Catalog, on the NHS College, and Career Center page you will find information in multiple locations about the recommendations for what to take for college admission. Another great reference is our BSD college conference webpage. https://bsd405.org/about/initiatives/college/college-conference/ In addition, students are strongly advised to reference individual college admission websites. Use the University of Washington Seattle campus as a good baseline of college admissions expectations University of WA-Seattle: https://admit.washington.edu/apply/freshman/. You may also want to check out the WSAC website’s section on college admissions: https://wsac.wa.gov/college-admissions. A good general response is that a student should sign up for as rigorous a program as they are capable of successfully completing, while maintaining a healthy life balance.

I am behind on credits or need to go to summer school. How can I earn more credits or sign up for summer school? You should also set up an appointment to work with your counselor on how you will obtain additional credits. Summer school information will be available later in the spring. https://bsd405.org/programs/summer-programs/

How do I know my total number of credits earned and my overall grade point average (GPA)?

Students can find this information in StudentVue under the “documents” tab. There is a copy of the most recent transcript which will show total number of credits earned and GPA to date. Students can also access course history in StudentVue.

What do I need to do for the WA State History requirement?

Washington State History is a graduation requirement that is often completed in middle school in the state of Washington. You can check your most recent transcript to see if this has been met. If it has not, connect with your counselor about the online WA state history course through BSD.

Do I have to take 2 credits of art and 2 credits of language to graduate?

To graduate, students must take a minimum of 1.0 credits of art. If the remaining art credits and language credits are not aligned with their personal pathway, they can work with their counselor to fill out a personal pathway form which allows them to earn credits in the area most aligned to their graduation pathway. For example, if you are hoping to major in Networking and want to take CISCO Networking, but do not appear to have room for it because of your second 1.0 of Fine Arts, you can fill out a PPR form using CISCO Networking for 1.0 of Fine Arts. Or, if you are planning to do the Welding program at Lake Washington Tech after high school and not attend a four-year college, you could substitute the 2.0 credit Welding class at for the 2.0 of World Language credit. To use the PPR, you will consult with your counselor to make sure your plan meets the requirements. Your counselor will give you a PPR form. We do not generally submit the PPR until late junior or early senior year, after making sure there was no room for the expected requirements.

How can I use my sport for PE credit?

You can use a sport for PE credit AFTER 9th grade. All 9th graders must take Foundations of Fitness for 1.0 credit (an entire year). You need an additional .5 of PE credit after 9th grade, which is usually done through one of our PE courses (Net and Wall Sports, Territory Sports, Yoga, Weight Training, Recreational or Competitive Multiple Sports, Personal Fitness, Walking For Fitness). However, if would like to use a sport instead you may use either a school sport or an outside sport by documenting your hours (you must do 80 hours within 90 school days) and getting a coach’s signature, and by taking a self-study fitness knowledge test through the district. The sport and test must be completed within the same academic year—summer hours will not count. Talk to your counselor to verify that your sport will be accepted (i.e.: gym visits and running clubs will not work). Please go to this website for more information. https://bsd405.org/departments/athletics-activities/earn-pe-credit/

Incoming Freshman Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add my middle school grades to my transcript?

For students who entered high school prior to the 2019-2020 school year, the student, or student’s family, may request that credit (and grade earned), for high school courses taken in middle school, be posted to the high school transcript, at any time up to the point a student graduates from high school. It is strongly recommended, though, that this request be made prior to the end of a student’s junior year. Requests to post individual semester grades will not be granted. Please note that once the grades are recorded on the high school transcript, the grade cannot be removed and are included in the calculation of the student’s grade point average. Students or the student’s family must complete the Grade for High School Course Request Form (Procedure 2410P Exhibit F). High school is defined as grades 9-12. Procedure 2410P Exhibit F

For students who complete high school courses prior to high school, beginning with the 2019-20 school year, all credit-bearing courses with a passing grade will automatically be given high school credit and a grade that will be applied to fulfilling high school graduation requirements, unless requested otherwise by the student and/or the student’s parent/guardian.

  • A student and/or a parent/guardian, may request that high school credit earned before high school be assigned a non-numerical grade. A non-numerical grade will be reported as “Credit” and will not be included in the student’s grade point average calculation.
  • A student and/or parent/guardian may also request that the course and credit earned before high school to be completely removed from the transcript.
  • If student and/or parent/guardian does not want credit for the course(s) taken before attending high school or wants to request that credit be transcribed with a non-numerical grade, they must make their request to the school before completion of the 11th grade year.

Student and/or a parent/guardian must complete the Request to Remove Credit and/or Grade form (Procedure 2410P Exhibit J) to request a non-numerical grade or credit to be removed from the transcript. Students who completed high school courses taken prior to high school, prior 2019-20, in school districts other than BSD, are required to submit a transcript from that district. Procedure 2410P Exhibit J

Can I take a math class over the summer to get ahead?

Students can take math over the summer; however, this is not recommended by the NHS math department for several reasons (the curriculum will not align; summer course are abbreviated; most strong students who advance in the summer struggle to get Cs in the next level class, etc.). Most students are on track to complete Calculus in 12th grade without any acceleration. Students must complete the outside learning process for approval prior to taking a course: BSD Outside Learning process. Please connect with your middle school counselor if you have questions.

Can I retake a class that I took in middle school?

Yes, if you took a high school class in middle school (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, World Language) you can choose to retake the class at the high school if you wish. Please connect with your middle school counselor if you have questions about repeating a class.

Can I take AP classes in 9th grade?

Yes, all 9th graders take AP Human Geography in the 9th grade to fulfill the 9th grade social studies requirement. Students can begin to take more AP level courses in 10th grade if they meet the course prerequisites.

Where can I do community service hours and how do I submit them?

Starting the summer after 8th grade, you may begin accruing community service hours towards graduation. You need 40 hours to graduate (please do not wait until senior year). Your community service hours must be done at a nonprofit such as Goodwill, Jubilee Reach, foodbank, Humane Society, etc. You may also do the hours at government institutions such as a public library, school, city parks dept., etc. You may search for opportunities through x2Vol, https://www.volunteermatch.org/, our counseling website, and in the emails from our College & Career Advisor. Please verify with your service supervisor that the organization is a nonprofit (ex: teaching swim lessons at your local swim club will not count UNLESS the swim club is a nonprofit). Please get your supervisor’s email (particularly important) before you are finished with your hours. Parents cannot sign off on student’s hours. Community service hours are submitted through x2Vol, which is accessed through Naviance (it is the bottom right of the home page). Students can start logging hours in the fall of 9th grade. NHS Counselors will teach students the process during a lesson in the fall of 9th grade. When you are entering your community service information you will be asked for a brief description, the name and email of your supervisor, the date and hours of your service, and a reflection on what you learned. If it is an ongoing commitment, you can submit hours in bulk.

Will my 504/IEP transfer to high school?

Yes, if you have an IEP you will have an IEP case manager and they will be your point person for your IEP and goals. If you have a 504 plan, you will be working with your high school counselor who will be your point person for your 504 updates. Please connect with your middle school counselor or your current IEP case manager with questions.

What classes should I register for if I have an IEP?

Your middle school IEP case manager and/or middle school counselor should be able to help you with this process. Any necessary edits will be made later with your IEP case manager’s guidance.

Do I need to audition for Band or Orchestra?

No, but you must already play an instrument used in Band or Orchestra (unless you sign up for Introductory Band & Orchestra). Please see the BSD course catalog for more information.

What is a High School and Beyond Plan?

The High School & Beyond Plan is a state graduation requirement that BSD meets through the activity’s students do in Naviance. These include, but are not limited to, career assessments, resume, college research, game plan, and more. Each year counselors will come to your social studies class and lead you through Naviance activities. If you are not present, you will need to complete these independently. These must be completed before graduation, so please feel free to work on them over the summer or when you have extra time.

If we already know how to speak a different language, do we need to still take a language class?

This is entirely up to the student, but BSD does offer world language tests for credit. Some students elect to take this test along with taking a world language class, while others simply just use the credit earned from the test to fulfill their graduation requirement. Be aware that some colleges do require that you take high school world language classes. More info about the test can be found here: https://bsd405.org/departments/curriculum/world-language/competency-credits/


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