Welcome Back Knights!

Friday, Sept. 3, is our first home football game at 7pm against Nathan Hale High School.

Before attending the game here are some things you should know:

  1. Students who have purchased ASB membership do not pay to attend games if they have their student ID with ASB membership sticker in hand. We do not accept a photo of your card, you must have the card and you must have the sticker to use the pass gate.
  2. If you purchased ASB membership you will be able to pick it up at lunches or after school on Thursday and Friday or at the game Friday.
  3. If you do not have an ASB membership the cost of attending the game is $7
  4. Bags will not be allowed into the stadium and our stadium staff will not be responsible for storing a bag should try to bring one to the games
  5. Prior to and after the game security staff and administration will be patrolling the parking lot to ensure that any tailgate gatherings are alcohol and drug free.
  6. At Newport we cheer for the Knights and not against our opponents. Fans that target players from the opposing team, use inappropriate language, harass the officials, or engage in abusive behavior will be given a single warning and then removed from the game.
  7. Parking on campus is extremely difficult for a home football game. Please use alternative transportation or carpool.
Newport policies

  1. Students must have ASB sticker on their student ID card for free entry, no exceptions
  2. Only gate passes noted on the approved list accepted
  3. No bags allowed
  4. Unaccompanied elementary-age students not allowed
  5. Children (who are NOT NHS students) must be under parent supervision at the game
  6. Horseplay or kids playing ball not allowed
  7. No spectators allowed on the playing field before, during, or after game




KingCo Regulations

(KingCo is NHS’s division of the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association -WIAA, which governs high school competition.)

  1. No artificial noisemakers
  2. No chants or cheers directed at opponents or that target individuals
  3. Face paint must not conceal identity
  4. Body Paint not allowed – clothes on!
  5. No signs
  6. Students remain on home side



If  you have questions, our athletic director Jesse Snyder always enjoys meeting Knights.

Jesse Snyder, Director of Athletics and Activities
Newport High School

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