Students may request a locker at Newport High School. It is not required and many students do not use lockers.

The PE and Music departments also assign lockers, but this form DOES NOT cover those assignments. Students will receive information about these storage spaces in their classes or from their coach.

To request a student locker in our hallways:

  • Select the hyperlink below using your district-issued laptop.
  • This will open a new email, titled NHS Student Locker Request.
  • Add your Student ID#, indicate a floor preference (1st-3rd), if you have one, hit send on the email.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate the floor and locker request.
  • If you plan to share a locker, submit one student email using the link below (on your school account) and send a copy of the email to your chosen partner.
  • You will receive an e-mail response with your new locker number and combination.

Student Locker Request

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