**All Bellevue schools will be closed Monday, February 19-Friday, February 23.**
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**All Bellevue schools will be closed Monday, February 19-Friday, February 23.**
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Share one or two traits of successful students from this list of standouts from each department at Newport.

  • Ask your student to pick one habit that they want to work on.
  • Make a plan and keep focused on that one until it sticks.
  • Then pick another.


Art:  “This student goes above and beyond classroom expectations in 3D Art.  He meticulously plans out engaging ideas and carries them out at a high level.  He works hard each class and brings his work home to achieve even higher levels of detail within the given time frame.” ~Ms. Miles


CTE: “This student took on a project to refurbish and setup 30 computers for Food Banks within the State of Washington.  He was able to develop a licensing program so all the machines got legally licensed and new software installed.  He consistently puts others ahead of himself and thinks how he can actively make a difference in the lives of others.” ~Mr. Mason


Music: “This student has been outstanding for our band and piano classes, going above and beyond as a rank leader for the clarinets during the fall season and stepping up as a TA for the piano class. In working with other students, she shows consistent effort, initiative, and patience on a daily basis.” ~Mr. Edwards


P.E.:  “This student in Foundations of Fitness class and I really appreciate the amount of effort she is willing to put forth.  Not every sport comes naturally to her, but her willingness to apply what she is learning and her competitive nature (mostly with herself) makes for an ideal student to have in PE.  As teamwork is also an essential component, she works well with the wide variety of individuals we have in class and makes them all feel at ease with her positive, encouraging nature.” ~Mr. Oliver


Math:  “This student always comes to Math Models with a smile on his face, grabs the class work, completes it efficiently, and then spends the rest of class helping his peers work through the material.” ~Mr. Dirks


Science: “This student enthusiastically puts in 100% effort on a daily basis. She is a great student who participates in class, encourages classmates, and is always eager to learn more.  Additionally, she consistently displays her leadership skills by helping her team with challenging concepts and procedures. She understands the meaning of effort, responsibility, and integrity.” ~Ms. Bohlinger


Leadership: “This student is a quiet, kind and helpful person. He is eager to learn new things and share thoughts that support the learning environment in math class. He participates in group activities with peers and shows great self-management skills by initiating and staying on task.” ~Ms. McGee


Science: “This student is a BLAST to have in chemistry class—pun intended! He asks deep & thoughtful questions and actively seeks out peers he can help understand the content (what?!!! Who does that??!). He always seems to have a TON of energy and he’s quickly getting to know everyone in the class, even though it’s his first year at Newport!” ~Ms. Baker


Health: “This student is an ultra-positive presence to have as a member of our Health class.  She’s always willing to be inclusive of the entire group and takes the time to listen to others’ viewpoints before adding her own strong and well-reasoned thoughts.  Conscientious toward her work, she’s an example in which others can/should follow.” Mr. Oliver


English: “This student is an influential, positive leader in our class. He greets everyone and makes his table mates feel welcome. He is a very effective listener and peer editor, and he always asks great questions.” -Ms. Mack and Ms. Ries


Leadership: “This girl is a soft spoken but passionate student.  She is always engaged in learning and supports the learning of others through group work and discussions in class.” ~Ms. McGee


ELL: “This student has shown great leadership skills.  He actively participates in his group, discussing and sharing ideas.  He did a great job in his Literature Circle in Senior English.  He always tries his best and helps other students in class.  Great work!” ~Ms. Ries


Social Studies: “This student has worked hard this year to understand all key concepts in our class, often asking valuable clarifying questions in class and really paying attention to all parts of the rubric and consistently striving to Exceed Expectations. His work is thoughtful and detail oriented. And in class, I can consistently rely on him to have a rich response to whole-group questions. I appreciate how he strives after goals.” ~Ms. Heckendorn


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