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Interlake Staff

Staff NameEmailDepartment
Allen, Phil[email protected]Science
Alvarez, Chris[email protected]English
Alvarez, Lindzee[email protected]Health
Asplund, Abigail[email protected]MHAT
Baggen, Brittney[email protected]Social Studies
Baldassin, Kris[email protected]Para - Pacific
Banu, Asma[email protected]GSA - CAS
Bawden, Peter[email protected]Para - Pacific
Beattie, Michelle[email protected]PE
Bennett, Megan[email protected]IB
Bio, Mitchell[email protected]Para - Pacific
Blakemore, Julie [email protected]Para - Pacific
Blowers, William[email protected]CTE
Bobadilla, Damariz[email protected]Summit
Brown, Sarah[email protected]Office
Cabaloue, Sophie[email protected]World Language
Calvert, Doug[email protected]English
Carpenter, Kylie[email protected]English
Celis Botero, Maria[email protected]World Language
Clarkson, Chelsea[email protected]Pacific
Cochrun, Bret [email protected]Administrator
Collomb, Sandrine[email protected]World Language
Cominski, Nicole[email protected]Math
Connor, Brad[email protected]Resource
Constans, Marco[email protected]English
Cook, Emma[email protected]English
Corso, Marisa[email protected]ITCL
Costarella, Kaarin[email protected]Social Studies
Crowson, Holly[email protected]Science
Cuffin, Shaun[email protected]Social Studies
Daniels, Matt[email protected]Social Studies
Deme, Bizuayehu[email protected]Custodian
Desmond, Dan[email protected]PE
Donnerberg, Corinna[email protected]Social Worker
Dossett, Lisa[email protected]Science
Esparza, Sandra[email protected]World Language
Evans, Jeff[email protected]Math
Fischer, Johanna[email protected]Social Studies
Flaherty, Alyssa[email protected]Counselor
Forbes, Marie[email protected]Family Connections
Foster, Dante[email protected]Grad Success
Friedle, Reggie[email protected]Art
Galvan, Elizabeth[email protected]Counselor
Galvin, Angela[email protected]Science
Garcia, Alexander[email protected]Social Studies
Gentry, Derek[email protected]Resource
Gillespie, Paul[email protected]Music
Giuffrida, Allie[email protected]MLL
Glover, Alex[email protected]English
Gower, Torry[email protected]Office
Gunde, Asha[email protected]Para - Pacific
Gutierrez, Miguel[email protected]Administrator
Halligan, Noreen[email protected]World Language
Hanson, Lori[email protected]Office
Harger, Amy[email protected]Para - Pacific
Heuker, Weston[email protected]CTE
Hickman, Christine[email protected]Science
Higgins, Krystyn[email protected]Office
Hope, Taryn [email protected]Math
Hutcherson, Sherman[email protected]Social Studies
Jankowski, Diane[email protected]Math
Jiang, Hong[email protected]World Language
Katsman, Shira[email protected]Music
Kearns, Chelsea [email protected]Counselor
Kessler, Vincent[email protected]Math
Kickham, Rheannon[email protected]Science
Kim, David[email protected]Music
King, Michael[email protected]Music
King, Stephanie[email protected]Science
Kreiling, Kirk[email protected]Math
Lallemand, Ciera[email protected]GSA - CTE
Lathrop, Rene[email protected]English
Legros, Katherine[email protected]OT - Transitions
Leguennec, Agnes[email protected]World Language
Lin, Janice[email protected]Office
Lindholm, Lisa[email protected]CTE
Link, Alex[email protected]English
Liput, Melissa[email protected]Resource
Lockett, Matt[email protected]Science
Marcum, Scott [email protected]Counselor
Marcum, Tori[email protected]PE
Martin, Danielle[email protected]World Language
Martinez, Alberto[email protected]MLL
Mast, Ben[email protected]Psych
McDermott, Carri [email protected]Counselor
Mckenna, Kyle[email protected]Athletic Director
McLean, Heather[email protected]Pacific
McReynolds, Jennifer[email protected]Math
Miller, Deanna[email protected]Para - Pacific
Monfeda, Luis [email protected]Summit
Morgan, Kelsey[email protected]Pacific
Murphy, Brian[email protected]Social Studies
Mussa, Amina[email protected]Para - Pacific
Nielsen, Katy[email protected]Library
Nordloef-Pedersen, Meribeth[email protected]GSA - Testing
O’Byrne, Michael[email protected]Science
Oliveira, Michael[email protected]Social Studies
Ong, Sheila[email protected]Nurse Assistant
Papadopulos, Alex[email protected]Para - Pacific
Parker, Catyann[email protected]PT
Perez, Jaime[email protected]Custodian
Peterson, Brad[email protected]PE
Peterson, Dan[email protected]CTE
Quinones-Rezin, Marie [email protected]English
Radford, KC [email protected]SLP
Rahlfs, Ryan [email protected]Social Studies
Rallos, Maria[email protected]Math
Ramos, Amalia[email protected]English
Ramos, Michael[email protected]English
Rice, Tina[email protected]Para - Pacific
Rierson, Jeff[email protected]Science
Rockwell, Loma[email protected]Office
Romero, Christina[email protected]Social Studies
Rosas, Ruth[email protected]MHAT
Sanchez, Veronica[email protected]Custodian
Schiehser, Mike[email protected]Administrator
Schrenk, Jonathan[email protected]Resource
Schultz, Kyle[email protected]Math
Selset, Billy[email protected]CTE
Shahbazian, Stella[email protected]Office
Shaw, Kristi[email protected]ITCL
Shemwell, Melissa[email protected]Science
Silvy, Min Soo[email protected]Para - Pacific
Singh, Sybil[email protected]Nurse
Snow, Katherine[email protected]OT
Sorenson, Esther[email protected]Para - Pacific
Stern, Savanna[email protected]Para - Pacific
Stevensen, Louise[email protected]Psych
Stone, Susan[email protected]Tech
Strombom, Emma[email protected]SLP
Sullivan, Traci[email protected]Administrator
Tate, Esther[email protected]Office
Thompson, Tanner [email protected]Para - Pacific
Thoreson, Lasinnda[email protected]CTE
Ton, Carl[email protected]Science
Unwin, Dave[email protected]PE
Valdez, Jose[email protected]Career Specialist
Van Devanter, Wesley[email protected]Math
Vergien, Maya [email protected]Counselor
Villagomez, Josh [email protected]English
Wang, Ruihua[email protected]World Language
Weber-Cantrell, Amy[email protected]Art
Weiker, Aric[email protected]CTE
Wheeler, Jackie [email protected]Para - Pacific
Wu, John [email protected]MLL
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.